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The Legend of Zelda was the first game of the series and was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and was developed and published by Nintendo. It is set in a fantasy land called Hyrule. The plot centers on a young boy named Link, who is the main protagonist of the story, who has to try to rescue Princess Zelda from the main antagonist Ganon. Along his journey he has to face several challenging dungeons and puzzles while collecting the eight fragments of the powerful artifact called the Triforce.

As the first in the Legend of Zelda series, it was first released in Japan as a launch title for the Famicom Disk System (FDS) accessory on February 21, 1986. It took another year and five months before it was finally released in the United State. Even though it was originally released for the FDS, which was not released outside of Japan, the game was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System's (NES) cartridge format in 1987 internationally and used an internal battery for data saving.

Currently the game has been released on the following formats: FDS (1986), NES (1987), FC (1994), GCN (2002 AC), GCN (2003 CE), GBA (2004), and VC (2006).

Abbreviation: LoZ

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