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All of the bosses in the Legend of Zelda are classics, yet they still seem to provide enjoyment and entertainment to fans everywhere. Having problems beating them? Then let us help you out with our Legend of Zelda boss guide.

Legend of Zelda Bosses

Aguamentus Aquamentus

This boss is like a mix between a dragon and a unicorn. He shoots three balls of plasma at you. If you have full health you can stand back and swing you sword at him and let the beams hit him. If you do not have full health you can go up and hit him with your sword in the general area of his horn.

Dodongo Dondongo

This dinosaur like creature has a tough outer skin that makes it not able to be hurt with the sword. So to kill him you will need to place a bomb in front of him. He will eat the bomb and it will explode. After you feed him two bombs he will die.

Manhandla Manhandle

This boss is like a flower with four heads. The quickest way to kill it would have to be a well placed bomb in the center which will kill it instantly. More then likely though, you will not be able to pull that one off. So ou must go around and attack each head until each of them are dead. Be warned though, with each head it loses it moves much faster.

Gleeok Gleeok

This boss is a dragon that has multiple heads. To kill it you must attack each head until it falls off. After each head is gone though it will fly around the room shooting fireballs at you and you will not be able to harm it. The heads will go away after the whole dragon is defeated.

Digdogger Digdogger

This thing is pretty much just a eye with spikes around it. To kill it, you must use your whistle to make it split into three parts. You must then attack each one with your sword.

Gohma Gohma

This boss is a huge crab. The only place where it can be harmed is its eye. So to kill it, you will have to aim your bow just right and fire away at it.

Ganon Ganon

This boss is the prince of darkness and is the source behind all the evil thats plaguing Hyrule. He has in his control the Triforce of Power. At the start of the battle he is invisible but the statues he sends are not. You must stab him four times with your sword to make him appear. After he appears you can swiftly finish him off with a silver arrow.

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