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The two witches floated greedily as Ganondorf handed over the triangles. "Now that we have the Triforce you are no longer needed!" Hurt as he was Ganondorf could say nothing against them. "Then I am king, and my first order as king is that the Gerudo patch things up with the Kingdom of Hyrule..." Kotake and Koume did not seem to care for his words; they passed over them like running water over a pebble on the river floor. With that said Ganondorf turned and walked out of the chamber... "I leave at dawn..."

And leave he did, mounted among his powerful black steed he rode long and hard for Hyrule Castle. His arrival did not go unnoticed; the townsfolk all gawked and stared as the behemoth of a man he was walked with monstrous strides toward the castle. His footfalls carried an air of power, his red cape merely added to his aura of awe, dressed in leather as black as night, he was a figure carved out of dark marble. "Deliah, Get out of the man's way!" a shrill voice echoed from a crowd gathered near a shop stand as a small girl fell in front of Ganondorf's feet. Her eyes met his and they were filled with fear and awe, she was sure she was going to be crushed by his powerful stride but instead, he stopped. Crouched down in her sight, he extended his hand, "Surely a pretty little girl like you wouldn't choose to be on the ground voluntarily, please allow me." She took his hand in her own, size paling in comparison, but her pale face lit up as the blood rushed to it in a blush. He smiled and that was enough to send her into a frenzy of frantic squeaks and squeals. "I'm sorry sir! I won't bother you again!" away she dashed into the still awestruck faces of the townspeople. He stood, all six feet of him, and dusted himself off. The castle was still his goal.

The guards were on him as soon as he appeared at the gate. "What is your business here?!" one of them screamed at him, spear pointed, but the fear around him was almost tangible. "I'm here to see the king... I am the king of Gerudo valley to the north east of Hyrule being the king of said domain I have come to discuss a treaty of peace among the Hylian and Gerudo." His voice seemed to calm the guard but it did not lower his spear. "There is no quarrel amongst the two... not that I know of..." said the guard. "Aye, but neither is there communication. We do not wish to isolate ourselves any longer. In order for there to be prosperity there must be trade, learning, and peace." Ganondorf spoke with authority, even a new king knew there was much to be gained from an alliance with Hyrule's true ruler. The guard lowered his spear and extended his hand "My name is Vincent. I shall alert the king right away of your arrival." Ganondorf shook his hand graciously, "You have a bright future ahead of you Vincent, I know it" Vincent smiled and dashed away to pass along the message to the king.

In no longer than two minutes Ganondorf was inside the walls of Hyrule castle, his cape was taken and hung in the coat room, his thirst nourished by the finest wine, and he was lead to the king's chamber. It was a long narrow room that seemed more like a hallway than a throne room, he was sure he was going to be led to another door and sent into the chamber proper. "Hello, there Ganondorf, King Of The Gerudo! Please come close!" a hearty voice emerged from a stout man, sat squarely upon a throne lined in gold just as he was lined in armor, from head to toe. "I am the King of Hyrule, as you may already know. I hear tell you come to speak of a treaty amongst our two races?" Ganondorf fell to the floor quickly in a bow, "Yes Your Majesty, I have." He could hear the armored king walking toward him; he was ready for a laugh of disgust. "Get up off the floor! That is no place to discuss peace." A smile broke over Ganondorf's face, "Of course not." The two walked and talked for what seemed like eternity, but it passed as mere minutes for Ganondorf. He was enjoying himself, laughing and discussing things with Hyrule's King, drinking heavy of Hylian wine, making the king laugh until he we sure to run out of breath. It was the most fun Ganondorf had in a while and he was filled with sorrow when it came time to finally depart. "Ganondorf, I like you, let's not bring ink and paper into this, I am at peace with you and all your peoples. Hyrule and Gerudo Valley are as one!" The King thrust out an armored hand and Ganondorf took it with authority and happiness. "To peace" He said. "Yes, to peace" Ganondorf said in return.

His ride back to Gerudo Valley was filled with joy, he was tired but happy. He was anxious to see his love, Nabooru, and tell her of his first duty as king. He smiled as large as his face could bear, but an ominous cloud rolled over him. He was sure he was just paranoid, but he felt a feeling of deep evil under his happiness. Right under the surface.

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