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For many years Ganondorf visited the King of Hyrule, they had become like father and son. Nothing could tear them apart they were as the horizon and the ocean. They shared many good times and even when the Princess of Hyrule was born they still spent time together though The King's time was split between him and the newborn Zelda. One day Ganondorf rode out to visit The King and was surprised to find him in the castle sparring yard. "Ganondorf! How are you my good boy?" The King was holding a large wooden training sword in one hand and motioned him forward with the other. Ganondorf entered the sparring yard unsure of what to expect from this visit. "Grab up a weapon boy, let us go a few rounds while we talk." The King pointed over to a large rack filled to the brim with wooden replicas of many weapons like axes, halberds, swords, katanas, spears, daggers, and many others. "I prefer hand to hand combat, Your Majesty." Ganondorf said, a sly smile creeping onto his face. "Good Goddesses! Are you sure? These wooden things sting!" The King seemed desperate to have Ganondorf take one, concern filled his hearty voice. "Absolutely." Ganondorf said as he assumed his offensive pose, "Shall we?" The King smiled and lifted his sword above his head and charged!

Ganondorf lifted his right arm and blocked the incoming blow staggering The King, and using his left leg he sent him toppling to the ground. As soon as his armor hit the dirt Ganondorf went straight down with his fist and stopped centimeters above The King's neck. "Don't charge forward recklessly, you'll get yourself killed." Smiling, Ganondorf helped The King up. "AGAIN!" The King shouted. This time he crouched low and went for Ganondorf's heart. Sidestepping, Ganondorf kicked the blade out from in front of him and seized The King in a sleeper hold. "Another big mista..." no time left to let the last words escape his lips before Ganondorf was sent over The King's shoulders and into the dirt. He had just been fireman slammed... a painful sense of embarrassment raced through his head. "Don't celebrate victory just yet, not while your enemy is conscious or breathing." The King said with a triumphant smile on his face. "Yeah, well don't let your legs stayed unguarded!" Ganondorf screamed as he went to sweep his opponent's legs out from under him but his leg hit nothing and he felt a sharp crack of wood upon the back of his neck. "Decapitated... not the best way to go." Pain coursed through his blood and into his limbs, he was beaten and there was no way around that. The King held out his hand to his defeated opponent and Ganondorf took it as he was raised out of the dirt. "You fight well for an old man. I fear the life of any opponent who faces you in combat." Ganondorf said this comment jokingly of course and in return The King laughed his powerful bellow of a laugh. "Old man? I'm hardly 40! You're the one who fights like an old man, giving me advice on how to fight like some master and you're the one decapitated ha ha ha ha!" Ganondorf joined in on the laughter.

They talked for many hours until The Queen called The King away to tend to Zelda. "Ganondorf my boy... you are like a son to me... if I could muster enough strength I'd take my wife one final time and pray to the Goddesses I get an heir like you." Ganondorf felt a blush hit his face as he fought for words "Princess Zelda is the true heir to her father's seat and I'm sure she will make a wonderful ruler, I just hope she will keep our alliance as strong as it is now." The King smiled and nodded with one final comment before he vanished, "She will my boy. I know she will."

Ganondorf's ride home seemed even harder this time. He fought back tears, painful tears that stung worse than the wooden sword slamming into the back of his neck. He had a sickening feeling of what he had to do... he knew his mission had not changed even after all these years... he still had to kill The King... he still had to take his throne... he still had to obtain more and more power. Ever since he touched those cursed triangles he had a hunger for infinite might, something in him was changing... it was not only a mental change but a physical change. His skin had grown coarse and a sickly green, his hair turned a permanent shade of red, his eyes had become cold and evil, and his muscles had grown ever larger... a feat he thought impossible. He could find no comfort anywhere from his power urges not even in his chamber into which he now walked, tired from the road and tired from the pain.

"Ganondorf...? Is that you...?" Nabooru's voice was sweet and firm in the darkness. "Yes, my love, it's me..." Ganondorf sat upon his bed and undid his armor stripping down to his undergarments. "I was afraid something had happened to you..." he felt Nabooru's breathing against his neck as her arms rolled over his shoulders and her hands felt his firm abs. "No, just a long day... The King and I had much to discuss..." Nabooru kissed his neck gingerly over and over until she reached his ear and nibbled slightly on it. Ganondorf turned and kissed her hard and she returned the kisses. His powerful body had no issue adjusting hers to his favor. He had her on top of him and they continued to kiss for many moments. "I love you Ganondorf... I wish I could see Hyrule with you..." Nabooru said, resting her head on his shoulder. "It's not as beautiful as they say it is... and I would certainly love to stay here with the most beautiful woman in all of Hyrule" Ganondorf replied gently nuzzling her. "Oh? I had no idea you had another woman." Ganondorf snickered at her comment. He knew as well as she that there was no other for him. "If I have another woman, Goddesses strike me down now!" he said, Nabooru returned a snicker. "I couldn't live without you so please Goddesses, still your hand on this one." They laughed together and soon their laughter turned into passion, neither of them spoke a single word until the morning.

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