Never Give Up

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when the world leaves you to die
broken and bleeding
alone in darkness

you feel the need to reach out
and embrace cold death
anything is better than this

no one hears your cries
of agony and torment
uninviting black in all sides

this place so cold
so alien
yet so familiar


you wait for the light
of your soul to fade
and be snuffed out

like a candle in the wind
floating endlessly sudden warmth
fills you

your eyes heavy
still able to see something
an angel?

or death in disguise?
you try to move but your arms and legs
seem to weigh heavy on you

and there you wait
then the angel floats near you
her smile lights up the darkness

"fear not young one this is not your fate"
her warm hand embraces you
and you fly through the darkness

she swings a great blade
that slices the darkness
like it was a thin blanket

you see light ahead
then the warm sun touches and coaxes your flesh
you begin to close your eyes waiting for the sun

then you feel solid ground underneath you
grass a welcome feeling
then the angel speaks again

"young one I am Din"
her voice now like silk running over your ears
"this world is now in existance and you will live here"

you nod
she smiles
and then takes to the skies

you watch as she flies away
covered in flames
but showing no pain.....

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