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Sleep did not find him easily for his rest was tortured with nightmares; one that lasted an eternity was a horrid nightmare of The King of Hyrule hanging by his neck in front of the Gerudo fortress. He saw himself standing near the corpse of the slain king and on top of his head rested the crown of the Royal Family... he woke with a start as the Ganondorf of his dream made eye contact with him... Cold sweat beaded his entire body, he felt so real... so alive. "It was... just a dream... that's all... get a hold of yourself Ganondorf... it was just a dream..." he said this until his tired body found the comfort of sleep once more.

The dawn treaded quickly for the tired soul, his eyes adjusted slowly as did his heart. Ganondorf rose from his bed careful not to wake his lover and walked to the window. "Today is the day..." he said, his fear was noticeable underneath the firmness of his words. Nabooru shifted on the bed and he turned quickly to see if she was okay, upon seeing that she was he walked to the chamber door and with a heave of breath, stepped out into the world.

Kotake and Koume floated outside it seemed they were waiting for him. "Well look at him all powerful king in his underwear!" they laughed that horrible double laugh. Ganondorf ignored the comments and sharply asked "why are you two here? I'm fairly sure it was your mouths that spat the words "you are no longer needed!"" The witches seemed hurt by his reply but they showed no sign of that in their voices. "Yes, we did say that but was it not you that wanted to prove his worth as King Of Gerudos? It is time for you to prove yourself truly worthy; you must obtain the true Triforce!"

Shock was all that emerged from his heart! "The... t...t...true Triforce?!" he said, sputtering over his own tongue as if it were a stranger. Both witches grinned those maniacal grins. "YES, we had to see if you were willing to sacrifice to obtain it and our illusion worked just beautifully! Not only did you come back with our decoy Triforce but you came back stronger, more evil, and more willing." Kotake said, Koume's smile never leaving for a moment. He was hurt, he felt betrayed, but most of all he was furious. “You two are no longer allowed in Gerudo Valley..." his voice was powerful and his order was final. “Ganondorf! What are you saying?!" they both seemed to spit the words out. "I banish you two to that cursed temple where I first found my power... and you two shall remain there until you both die... but first..." Ganondorf reached with his voice as well as his hands. He seized the two jewels on their heads and they both felt weak as if all their life was being drained from them but little did they know, it was. "You two now have no power over me... neither do you have power left at all, NOW GO!" he said as he pointed toward the gate leading to the great desert beyond. The witches obeyed and they vanished into the harsh desert wind, gone forever.

He wrestled with the things he had just learned, there was no Triforce here, he had killed a fellow thief, he was no warrior king he was no more than a common murderer. "Well... a murderer must do one thing, he must murder." It was at this moment something snapped inside his head... he felt cold, numb, calculating, most of all... he felt powerful. He knew what he had to do, and he knew how to get it done. With his armor on and his steed fed, he rode hard for the castle. He had many things to discuss with The King but his new concern was not the death of Hyrule's leader but to find the entrance to the Sacred Realm... the true Sacred Realm.

Vincent greeted him as usual, a tip of his soldier's cap and he let Ganondorf in. The castle drawbridge crashed down in front of him but this old routine seemed all new to Ganondorf, because at this moment he was not the same man who endured this cycle before he was a man with a mission. The King was sat upon his throne already smelling heavy of wine. This saved Ganondorf some time, but he still had to intoxicate him further. "Your Majesty, how are you this fine day?" Ganondorf asked his smile spread over his face with such ease that it was like breathing. "Not too good old boy... seems I am going to have to go to war soon... a civil war... the people have already separated amongst themselves... all that is left is for someone to fire an arrow... I'm too old for all of this..." The King paused to drink further of his chalice of wine and continued to speak, "I don't want this... but what can a man do to stop a war? There is nothing to be done except let this battle take its course and watch as blood fills our streets..." another heavy drink and The King began to laugh loudly.

"Can't you hear it old boy?! The screams of innocents burning alive?! The sounds of arrows ripping and tearing through muscles?! The screeching of swords slicing through flesh and smashing bones?!" arms thrown in the air The King has lost himself in the thought of war. Ganondorf knew this was his opportunity, "Your Majesty, should we not try to keep the entrance to the Sacred Realm guarded? Why not entrust me with this task? I have sworn my allegiance to you, I have just been waiting for a time to prove it!" His words seemed to have an obvious effect on The King for he replied quickly, "The Temple Of Time is guarded very well! We have separated the four needed keys all over Hyrule! No one but me knows where we keep those nicely silent little secrets... but I trust you Ganondorf... I'll tell you where they reside, if you ever need them. One piece is hidden deep in a forest to the south, another in the mountains to the east, and the third piece is hidden in Zora's Domain to the southeast... and the last piece... the Ocarina Of Time... even I don't know where that is..." The King slumped in his chair as Ganondorf silently celebrated his victory.

"My King... my ruler, I shall keep these things a secret... now you must be left alone to think of your plans, I leave you now." Ganondorf said, turning quickly and walked out of the throne room, passing by a tall, well built, gray haired woman. "Watch yourself Ganondorf, I'll be keeping my eyes on you..." the woman said. "I have no doubts about that... Impa." his sly smile was the last thing she saw before he left the castle.

The time had finally come everything was now falling into place and soon he would have the true Triforce, he would be King of The World, and nothing could stop him... not even the rage of the civil war that tore the world into pieces days after Ganondorf's visit. Gerudo Valley shut itself off from the outside, no one heard anything from them until after the The Great War had finally ceased. It had lasted seven years and in these seven years Ganondorf's plan had been devised and now it was just time to unfurl it onto the world. The sound of his steed entering the forest to the south marked the beginning of the end of peace in Hyrule...

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