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Ganondorf stood with his company of thieves, scoping out the surrounding area looking for some kind of sign to advance him onward toward his objective, but to no avail… He began to doubt his chances of finding his way around here. He looked at the horizon… the sun stood solidly still in the sky. Ganondorf looked at the ground. The grass waved at him like a long lost friend. He smirked and then called out to his thieves. "GATHER THE GEAR! WE ARE MOVING!" he screamed and his thieves had the gear together faster than ever.

Ganondorf pointed toward an indifferent looking mountain off in the distance. "That is our objective" Ganondorf said, his voice carrying an evil rumble of authority. "Sir how do you know?" asked one of the thieves, her voice carrying a twinge and pang of fear. Ganondorf turned quickly and said in a voice so milky sweet that he could be confused for a lover, "I think that mountain looks pretty" he said, the thieves laughed a little. He smiled a little smile and could tell that the mood was lightened. He turned back toward the mountains and began to walk forward, the thieves following.

They walked for what seemed like hours the sun overhead beating down on them like some natural slave driver. Ganondorf was feeling the same pain as he was in the desert wastes he was feeling the stamina leave his body quickly. Suddenly one of the thieves collapsed right next to him. He held up his hand and the group stopped their forward march. He knelt down and lifted the tired thief's head. "Can you go on?" Ganondorf asked his voice filled with concern. "I…I… I think so," she said. He smiled. "I'll be glad to help you out." Ganondorf said.

Now the entire company was in much greater spirit. The way Ganondorf had helped that Gerudo was by putting her on his back and carrying her piggyback style up the steep mountainside. The company had begun to sing a tune passed down for eons in the Gerudo culture.


We are the thieves of the night!

We plunder and steal with all our might!

No man or beast can challenge our word!

Or they will face the wrath of our sword!

Death befall those who rise against us!

We are the thieves of the night!


Ganondorf sang along his mighty voice almost overpowering those of the women. He smiled and then the thief on his back lowered her head onto his shoulder and he felt her soft breath on his neck. He looked at her and noticed she had fallen asleep on his back. He laughed to himself and looked up at the sky. The peak of the mountain was almost in touching distance. He turned and yelled to his group. "ALMOST THERE!!!" He raised his hand and the group joined in with smiles and shouts of victory. He turned and began to walk faster the group followed his example. The peak now seemed a small obstacle in his way.

After a few minutes they had reached it, the peak, and their ultimate goal. Ganondorf had to smile. They looked over the top and there stood a pedestal and atop it… three golden triangles. Ganondorf laid the thief on his back gently down on the ground. She was still fast asleep. He walked up and laid his hand on the triangles then he whispered to himself "The Triforce…" the thieves all looked on in wonder and awe. One walked up and put her hand on them as well. Ganondorf smiled, not his usual soft smile… a wicked soulless grin. He began to feel something crawling up his spine, a chill, some sense of ominous pride. "Look at this wonderful thing…" he said, his voice cold and raspy.

The other thieves began to walk up and lay their hands on the Triforce. Ganondorf put both of his strong hands underneath it and lifted. The Triangles were surprisingly light. When he had them firmly gripped he yelled "KOTAKE, KOUME! WE HAVE THEM!" As soon as those words left his lips the sky darkened. Great storm clouds rolled over the green hills, life began to die. The grass began to turn into a sick brown color all the animals that bounded about all fell over at once, like some plague had hit the land. Trees toppled over on their sides crushing the maggot infested bodies of the dead animals all around.

Ganondorf looked to his company of thieves all of them had been taken to the ground and all of them were coughing out blood. "What the hell?" Ganondorf questioned, he knew no one would answer. He watched as all of his thieves had so painfully puked out everything they had inside them. Ganondorf drew in a deep breath, his mouth filled with dry air and lifeless oxygen.

Next to him the thief he had helped up the mountainside began to scream out in pain she looked at Ganondorf and pointed her finger at him, it was a weak lifeless gesture. "You…. Will….. Destroy……..all!" she rasped. Ganondorf then felt pure disgust toward her; he grimaced as she began to crawl toward him with her dagger drawn. She meant to kill him with no power left in her. He drew back his foot and then let loose with a powerful kick to her face. He felt the softness of her nose break under his foot, saw the blood pour from her mouth, and he couldn't help but smile as she yelled out in pain.

She rolled over on her side and let out more blood from her small mouth. Ganondorf stood above her and yelled at her "WHO ARE YOU TO THINK THAT I CAN BE KILLED BY YOUR MINISCULE WEAPONS?!" She had no answer to this all she did was spit on him. Blood and saliva ran down his greaves. Ganondorf felt immense rage inside him. He reached down and grabbed her by her red hair and lifted her off the ground. Her feet dangled helplessly a foot above the ground. "Look out there and tell me what you see." Ganondorf commanded.

The thief looked out at the immense wasteland and then back at him "All I see is what is left of your cursed heart" Ganondorf had had enough. He drew back his fist and punched the thief in her stomach, she hacked up more blood onto his gauntlet… he did not stop as she screamed out in pain. He let loose more punches each one more powerful than the last. He felt her warm blood splash his face, his fist had broken the skin of her stomach, and she was bleeding out of places that no blood should be coming from. He stopped when she went limp in his hand… her blood covered his hair, turning it from a dark black to a blood red.

He laughed out loud to the destroyed world that was once the Sacred Realm; he threw the thief onto the ground and turned away. He lifted the Triforce from its alter once again, but this time a surge of pain went through him, he felt immense power! He was knocked down to the ground he felt burning passing through each pore of his body, like everything inside him was bleeding out onto the cold ground. He could feel a change, something unholy inside him coming to light… When that immense burning pain left him he was left crippled and silent…

After what seemed like hours he finally blinked, that small motion was enough to drain him. Getting up was the next step. He took deep rasping breaths and that pain was slowly leaving him. More hours passed and he finally rolled over and but a blood stained hand in the dirt and began to lift himself up, his body felt as if it was a thousand times heavier. With the will power of a million warriors before him he rose from the dirt and stared long and hard at the dead place that was once the Sacred Realm. He couldn't stop a laugh that crawled from his lips.

His deep laugh echoed throughout the entirety of the wasteland. He looked around and saw those horrid triangles again… He stepped forward and placed his hand on the top triangle, a rush of power filled him and he smiled. "So this is the power of the Goddesses?" he asked himself. "KOTAKE, KOUME I KNOW YOU ARE STILL THERE! LET ME OUT OF HERE!!" he yelled to the darkened sky. The response was a great earthquake that split the sky like swamp water. He saw the face of Kotake and Koume staring down at him. All he did was smirk and grasp the Triforce. They smiled revealing broken and cracked teeth and with a wave of their hands they lifted him from his place and back out into the real world… his home… his new kingdom…

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