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Kotake and Koume floated a few inches above the floor, its carpet as red as the blood of the guards freshly slain. Ganondorf bowed his face looking at the floor, "Have I proven myself?" His voice seemed drier than ever. "Yes you have young one," Kotake and Koume said in unison. Kotake floated down next to his ear and whispered; "Now we will teach you the ways of the gods of these peasants!" Ganondorf felt a smile crawl across his face. Koume laughed. Kotake soon rang in. "Stand up, Ganondorf, the future King of Gerudos!" Kotake screamed. Ganondorf was on his feet in a mere second. Kotake and Koume floated to a door in the back of the small room and directed Ganondorf toward it.

He walked toward the door and gripped its golden knob. When he pushed the door open he was staring into endless darkness. "Witches, what is this?" he asked. "This is your future young one!" they both said. Ganondorf was confused. This darkness was his future? He looked deeper into the darkness and saw something… small but unquestionably there. He dared a step forward, and then it came into view, clearer than sunlight. It was the dark man from the eyes of the witches! He smiled wickedly and then charged forward, arm help up and hand opened. Ganondorf jumped back but the man's hand was around his face instantly! He was taken to the floor before he could blink.

The dark man stood over him like some great beast out of Ganondorf's nightmares. But there was something oddly familiar about this man… something so familiar it seemed to hurt Ganondorf worse than being pinned down on the floor. Then he spotted it, the way this man appeared was just like… HIM?! Ganondorf was stunned beyond all compare he pushed off the arm of the man and rolled out from underneath, finishing his roll by getting up in one fluid motion. "Who is this man?" Ganondorf screamed. Kotake and Koume laughed like maniacs. "This is you boy! This is what you will become!" they shouted. Ganondorf paused. He knew this was true but he couldn't believe it, destined to become evil? He turned away and faced the witches. "If this is what I am destined to become so be it…"

Days passed in the Gerudo Fortress and the inhabitants were getting worried, Ganondorf was supposed to be back weeks ago but none were as worried as Nabooru, she had spent days pacing her throne room, a small line had been made by her feet passing over the rock floor. She had bitten her nails down to the fingertips, this behavior was unfit for a queen but she didn't care. The only man she has ever loved was out among the dunes and may not make it back alive. She had plenty of reasons to be falling to these habits. She looked out over her fortress grounds then she saw something lurch by the gate to the desert.

Suddenly she saw what was happening, the gate was opening! Nabooru turned on her heels to go greet the returning peoples. Kotake, Koume, and Ganondorf stood at the gate each one of them unshaken by the insane cheers from the Gerudo thieves. Ganondorf lifted his hand up and shouted "SILENCE!!" All the thieves stopped cheering. Koume and Kotake smiled with a devilish sheen as Ganondorf walked forward, He then looked at Nabooru and smiled. "Nabooru I am king!" he said happily. Nabooru quickly ran to him and embraced him. "Thank the goddesses!" she cried. Ganondorf lifted her head up and kissed her soft red lips, they stood there silent but their passion burned like the sun above.

They held each other in that moment for many long seconds when they ended Nabooru looked Ganondorf in the eyes. She smiled but something deep inside his eyes made her uneasy… like some demon had put its hand on her shoulder and was laughing in her ear. "Nabooru what is wrong?" Ganondorf asked. She just shook her head. "Nothing my dear" she replied. Ganondorf kissed her forehead and then said with a smile "Shall we retire to our chambers?" They both smiled mischievously and walked away both of them ordering to not be disturbed.

The next morning Ganondorf awaited his first orders in the Gerudo council chamber. Thirteen high ranked thieves sat around him in a circle. He was down on one knee with his face facing the floor. "Ganondorf, you have passed the test of the witches and proven yourself as a thief but now is the time to prove yourself as a true King of thieves!" The highest council member bellowed. Ganondorf looked up and said politely "What ever the will of the Council that will is also mine" The council stirred and rustled with conversation.

Ganondorf was beginning to feel tense, anxious to hear the assignment, but dreading it as well. Suddenly from the side doors flew in two familiar witches. "We have decided your assignment Ganondorf!" they shouted. The council stood and tried to argue but was quickly silenced by the witch's heartless stares. Ganondorf stood up and walked toward the pair. "What is it?" he asked. They snickered amongst themselves. "You will take a small unit of elite thieves to a place thought inaccessible to humans, but Ganondorf you are not human anymore" They said aloud then they both broke out into maniacal laughter. Ganondorf bowed his head and walked from the council chamber. He had to prepare for the task at hand.

His elite groups of thieves chosen and prepared Ganondorf and his troops returned to the council chamber. Kotake and Koume floated there awaiting his return. "So these are the troops you have chosen? They asked. Ganondorf nodded. "Then we shall open the portal to this holy place," They said. Ganondorf tensed and he could feel his troops do so as well. Kotake and Koume lifted their hands toward a wall and began to chant mysterious words, soon the wall before them crumbled revealing another world. A place filled with light and beauty.

Ganondorf took the first step forward, his foot passed into this place of light and he felt the ground under him caress his foot with silky welcome. He soon stood alone in that place, an intruder in this place of holiness. He motioned for his troops to follow, they did. Ganondorf and his company stood solidly awaiting orders from the witches. "Go to the center of this place and you will find three mystical triangles, this is your objective!" They shouted. The wall that allowed them entrance into this sacred place began to rebuild itself. Ganondorf and fifteen thieves alone in this alien place. He turned to face them. "Shall we go?" he asked with a smile…

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