The Story of Ganondorf (Rise and Fall of the Dark King) - Part 6

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Ganondorf gripped the hilt of the sword tight, his knuckles popping. He smiled a strange smile that showed no fear. The guards all began to move forward at once, none of them missing a step. Ganondorf surveyed the situation. When plain as day he saw his moment to strike and gain his advantage. All the golden armor had very thin openings where the pieces of armor linked and one surgical blow with a blade could pierce those openings! He dashed forward and swung his sword, slicing through the flesh of the neck of one of the guards. A golden head fell from the shoulders and fell to the floor. Ganondorf didn't watch as blood spurted from the stub of a neck but quickly grabbed the removed head from its descent to the floor. He turned and threw it at the face of another guard hitting him dead in the visor. The guard recoiled from the blow. Ganondorf charged forward, stepping into the guard's rib cage through the armor and hoisting himself into the air onto the unprepared body of another golden guard.

His blade sunk deep into the chest of the surprised guard his blood splashing warm on Ganondorf's legs. The guards looked at him and all lifted their axes at once and charged forward. Ganondorf wrenched the sword from his last victim and charged forward to meet the axes. He sliced through two guards and stabbed another through a slit in his visor. Now only three guards remained and they didn't look like they were going to back down. They formed a triangle around Ganondorf, they had him trapped or so they thought. Two charged at him while the third drew his sword, Ganondorf side-stepped the axes of the other two causing them to decapitate each other. Now only he and the other guard remained. Golden armor covered in blood lay all over the floor. They stared each other down for many tense seconds each seeing who would make the first move.

After a few more moments the guard charged. Ganondorf lifted his blade and waited for the guard to fall upon it then without warning the guard vanished. Ganondorf's eyes widened with surprise. He quickly turned around many times; there was no sight of the guard anywhere. Then suddenly he felt cold steel pressed against the back of his neck. "Drop your weapon little thief" the guard's voice rumbled. Ganondorf quickly let go. The sword fell to the floor covered in blood knocking up dust when it hit. "Ha ha ha ha aha haaahaahaaah" the guard began to laugh, Ganondorf felt the coldness of the sword leave his neck for an instant and he dropped into a crouch to the floor and swept the legs out from under the guard. During the guard's fall Ganondorf grabbed his knife from his boot and when the guard hit the floor Ganondorf put it up to the man's neck.

The guard was silent and so was he. It seemed an eternity before either of them spoke "Now what little thief, do you have the guts it takes to kill another man?" the guard spoke up. "Listen to me you fool, I have to do this you must understand I am to be king!" Ganondorf said. The guard laughed "You're a funny kid well it's been fun boy, now finish me." And so with that Ganondorf slashed the man's throat. He began to walk away as he heard the guard's last breaths slowly slipping away.

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