The Story of Ganondorf (Rise and Fall of the Dark King) - Part 5

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The two witches led Ganondorf to the gate of the desert that closed in the fortress on one side. "After you pass through this gate there will be no turning back, you understand this?" asked Kotake. Ganondorf nodded and stood ready as the giant gate was lifted from out of the sand and into the air. Kotake and Koume waited for Ganondorf to pass through before they followed. The hot desert air seemed to bite even harder here but the awaiting young man was expecting this. The sound of the gate being closed behind him signified that he was alone now, no Nabooru, no mother, no nothing but himself.

Kotake and Koume flew in front of him and started explaining the tasks. "First you must find your way through this desert and to the temple on the far side" Kotake said and Koume pointed in the direction. "Then you must survive the guards of the temple and make your way inside and there you will be bestowed with all the magic and knowledge of the Gerudo thieves!" Koume said. And then in unison they said "and then you can return home and take your first assignment!" Ganondorf nodded and watched as the two witches turned and flew away into the desert wastes, to the temple that he must find.

Ganondorf began to walk after the witches. He had to save his energy for the fight against those guards they mentioned. The sun seemed to beat down on him harder and harder as he walked. Soon he saw something in the distance it seemed to be a structure of some sort, the temple. Ganondorf began to break into a sprint, seeing the temple get ever closer but feeling all of his energy being drained from him by the sun. He seemed to be running for hours before he felt his dry, cracked face hit the stone steps of the temple. He lay there for many minutes before he heard footstep. He looked up to see a giant man clad in a gold suit of armor bearing a giant axe and a sword slung to his side.

"The guard" Ganondorf thought as he rolled to his feet. He looked at the man for a long while, the whipping and wailing of the wind behind him. "Why do you not attack?" asked Ganondorf. The guard stood silent staring not at Ganondorf but past him. Beyond him to the desert wastes he had just arrived from. Silence filled the space between the two of them. Ganondorf stood up and began to walk to the man's side and walk by him but as soon as he was in striking distance the guard swung his axe. Ganondorf barely caught the movement and only had time to slightly duck; the tip of his nose received a heavy gash. Ganondorf rolled back quickly and watched as the guard began to progress forward. Ganondorf leaped forward with his fist drawn back. When he was close enough, he let loose a punch that knocked the guard over denting the chestplate that covered the better half of his torso. Ganondorf immediately leapt on top of the man and began wailing madly each punch growing stronger, then after a few minutes of this he ripped the helmet from the face of the guard and saw he was dead. Ganondorf stood up, pulling the sword from the guard's sheath and walked, ready and alert, through the door. Out of the harsh biting air of the desert and into the darkened antechamber of the desert temple he walked.


A few torches lined the wall as he continued walking forward. Soon he saw another suit of armor like the one he saw outside. Only this time Ganondorf was ready for him. With the sword he stole by his side he charged into the room the guard stood in and stabbed him square in the chest. Ganondorf smiled with delight, expecting to feel warm blood caress his face but was met with horror, taken aback as the suit of armor he just stabbed fell to the floor in pieces. He looked around the room and saw all around the edges of the chamber stood more suits of armor, all identical in each respect.


Then all the suits moved forward in step. Left, right, left, right, stop, axes ready.

Ganondorf knew this wasn't going to be easy but it would be fun.

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