The Story of Ganondorf (Rise and Fall of the Dark King) - Part 4

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The morning sun broke over the sand dunes of the desert with fierce speed, as if it wanted Ganondorf to leave his home and endure the training. Ganondorf lay in his bed staring at the stone roof of his room. The dream would not leave him but he found himself more energetic than ever. He swung his legs over the side of his bed and ran his fingers through his black hair letting out a sigh. If he succeeded in his training he would have an assignment to attend to and this fact reached out in his head above all else. He stood from his bed and stretched and grunted as his joints let out a pleasant pop. "Well the morning of the test has arrived," he sighed, "am I ready though?" he asked himself as he walked out of his room and into the hot chamber of his home.

Hashmura awaited him with a hot breakfast ready. "Son eat up plentiful ok? Don't want you getting hungry during the test!" she said as she set out some wheat cakes on his plate and covered them in Deku sap. Ganondorf looked down at his delicious breakfast as hungry as he was, he was filled to the brim with a sense of calamity. As if today was the final day he would remember of his life here. "Mother I'm not hungry", he lied, and "I really must get going." Standing from the table he leaned in and pecked his mother on her tanned cheek. He smiled placing his hand on her face then turned and walked out the door of his home. He didn't see his mother fall to her knees and burst into tears…

Nabooru was in her chamber where she met Ganondorf for the training. "So you actually showed up?" she seemed surprised. "I wish to take the training and prove myself as a thief and a king." He said lowering his head and getting on one knee. Nabooru put her finger under his chin and lifted his head up slowly. "There is no need for formalities here anymore." she whispered, her face so close to his he could smell her sweet breath. He stood up and dusted off his knees, he never noticed how tall he was until now Nabooru was at least 2 or 3 inches shorter than he was and she stood at least 5 feet and 11 inches.

He began to say something when Nabooru embraced him, her arms around his waist and her head resting on his chest. "Ganondorf, this may seem out of place but I've never fallen for someone before," she said through tears. "Since the first day I laid eyes upon you I knew there was something in you and my heart was pulled to you by some unexplainable force… please come back to me alive. King or not, just come back alive." Ganondorf placed his hand on the back of her head and rested his own against the top of hers. "Nabooru I will come back and when I do I will make you my queen." She smiled and held him ever tighter. Ganondorf had always felt a deep attraction to Nabooru but never in a thousand years did he ever expect this to happen. Then from behind him he could hear two familiar voices "Now what do we have here" Kotake and Koume had arrived. Nabooru released Ganondorf and he turned to face the two witches. "Nothing, shall we begin the training?" Ganondorf asked. Koume and Kotake both nodded. "Yes, follow us" they both turned around in unison and floated out the door, following their order he followed and noticed something, both of the witches floated on little brooms.

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