The Story of Ganondorf (Rise and Fall of the Dark King) - Part 3

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Ganondorf walked out of the room and stared off past the large gate blocking off the fortress from the desert, taking in the reflected sunlight that bounded off the sand. He pondered endlessly what that old woman said "My future is not to be a happy one…" He shook it off and walked to his chamber.

His mother was waiting there with a table of food prepared for their. "Good evening son, how was your day?" She asked. "It was ok I suppose, Nabooru called me into her chamber and I met these two strange witches." Hashmura stirred a large cauldron over the open fire pit in the middle of the chamber "Oh yes, Koume and Kotake, the witches from the desert," she poured a large ladle full of the liquid into a cup next to the cauldron and set it aside "So were they as strange as people have said?" She asked picking up another cup filled with the bubbling liquid and walked over to the table where Ganondorf sat. "Yes they were the strangest old women I have ever seen they both had these jewels on their heads and their eyes showed my future. The witches' strangeness paled in comparison to what I saw in those eyes. I looked as if I was evil beyond all compare with a heart of the blackest intent and a soul of pure malice." Ganondorf said as he cut up a piece of meat on his plate, his voice carrying a sense of warning and foreboding.

Hashmura sipped of the liquid she poured in her cup and ate a slice of bread. Ganondorf looked at his mother and said "Mother they also said that they will teach me the ways of the Kings from magic, sorcery, to necromancy, all of it." Suddenly Hashmura looked down at the table and Ganondorf saw a tear fall from her eyes and splash onto the table. "Mother what is the matter?" Ganondorf asked while he slowly raised her head up. "When you learn the magic they will send you off on your first assignment and they always chose the hardest task for the newcomers to see if they are the best." Hashmura let loose more tears and continued "and almost all the newcomers have died…" She laid her head on the table and excused Ganondorf to his room. He rose and embraced his mother, she had aged at least 20 years since having him and this had to have been the reason. She always knew that something else had to be done. Her tears soaked into his handmade garb and stained it deep gray with her tears. "I love you mother. I will not die but I will become the most powerful king that this valley had ever known." She looked up at him. Those diamonds still clinging fast to her face. "I know you will. I still have the right to worry." He smiled at her attempt at humor and kissed to cheek. "Save your tears for a more deserving occasion such as my inauguration as king of all thieves!" With that he released her from his arms and went to his chamber.

That night he did not sleep well he had a nightmare that would not leave him no matter how many time he fell asleep. This dream was of the burning of a great castle and of a pale brown man riding a great black steed, and in his hand he held a small child's head. Little did he know that tomorrow's training would trigger a chain of events that would change him forever…

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