The Story of Ganondorf (Rise and Fall of the Dark King) - Part 2

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The entire fortress was in an uproar, Nabooru had decided to allow this male to join the ranks of the Gerudo thieves. With much resistance from the council she had been allowed to have this boy trained under the thieves of the valley. Hashmura was delighted and treated her son like that of a king he was trained in all the ways of the world from grammar, math, and of course the skills it takes to be a great thief. Ganondorf had grown to be a rather handsome young man and Hashmura was proud of him as was Nabooru.

One day while Ganondorf was practicing his skills he was called to the chamber of Nabooru. He proceeded as fast as he could and when he arrived he was greeted by Nabooru and two strange old women. Each one of the women had a different colored jewel in their forehead. The one on the left had a red jewel and the one on the right had a blue jewel. "Ganondorf, child of Hashmura these are the great witches of the desert they have taught all the leaders of this fortress all of the skill they have ever possessed and they will now teach you those skills." Nabooru said. Ganondorf was overcome with joy and he bowed deeply "But leader Nabooru aren´t only the leaders and future leaders of this fortress to know of this magic?" Ganondorf asked rigidly as he was taught.

Then the witch on the right solidly said "well then you should be able to conclude why we brought you here then" Ganondorf looked up and saw both the witches floating in front of him. "My name is Kotake" the witch with the blue jewel said. "And I am Koume" said the red jeweled witch. Ganondorf looked into the eyes of the witches and saw his reflection cast back at him but it was not him… the person staring back at him had pale brown skin and red facial hair.

Suddenly Kotake spoke up "You must see yourself of the future." Ganondorf responded "Why does this man not look as I do?" Ganondorf was a tan boy with black hair, a thin layer of black facial scruff, and a good looking face. Koume laughed a raspy laugh and began coughing right near the end "Boy your future is not to be a happy one." Nabooru moved forward and put her hand on Ganondorf´s shoulder "OK it's time to go. Your lessons will begin tomorrow" Ganondorf nodded and walked out the door. Kotake and Koume looked at Nabooru and smiled together, pale green skin crackling like old paper. "Did we go too far?" They asked in unison

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