The Story of Ganondorf (Rise and Fall of the Dark King) - Part 1

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Gerudo Valley, a dry desolate place closed in on one side by a desert and on the other a world the inhabitants could care less about. Today was a special day for within the walls of the desert fortress a miracle was taking place… the birth of a child. Nabooru, the leader of the Gerudo thieves was by the bedside of Hashmura the woman giving birth, the strange thing about this birth was, there was no father. The woman was praying for a child since she first arrived here and she had been blessed.

The room which was made into a makeshift medical wing was the room of Hashmura herself. This was the custom amongst the thieves who had to deliver children. From the dry beige brickwork to the twin cot made of straw and brick the room was prepared for the delivery.

Nabooru stood rigidly as the process began, Hashmura convulsed and screamed as the child was forced out into the world through a cloak of blood, a nurse was there to take the baby and identify its gender. She lost her breath as she said the following words "It´s a boy" The entire room shuddered at this a Nabooru turned her head away in disgust. Hashmura looked up and asked the nurse to let her hold her child. The nurse looked to Nabooru and asked with her eyes. Nabooru nodded her head toward Hashmura. Hashmura took the child in her arms its wails piercing the stiff desert air. "Ganondorf", she said, "His name is Ganondorf"

For the next few moments the entire room was silent except for the screaming of the child. Hashmura knew that there was something else to be done here. Never in a hundred years had there been a male child born to an inhabitant to the fortress and all that were born here were given over to a fate worse than death. The male child, if unfit, was tossed out like garbage into the vast desert wastes by the very mother that spawned them. Nabooru folded her arms and thought deep and long about the fate of this boy. "Hashmura, you know that this is an omen of the worst kind, do you not?" The new mother looked down at the boy, his pale skin still covered in a thin layer of blood and his cries tapering off into mere nothingness. "Yes I know but Nabooru please give him a chance to prove that he can be among the elite of the valley, I beg of you!"

More silence. Then a solemn nod from the red skinned Nabooru.

Hashmura had felt no greater joy.

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