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By Mr. Watch

Chapter 4: Alec's Awakening

Hyrule Castle

Alec rolled over in the soft castle bed, his brown hair laid spread about the pillow from his head digging itself into its feathery softness. Rays of summer sunlight traveled through the open balcony doors colliding with the bed in which the ranch boy lay. The light reflected off the pearly white sheets of the Hylian bed, filling the stone castle room with a bright ambience. Alec made no sound; he simply lay tucked tightly under the warm blankets.

The sound of the large wooden door closing caused Alec's eyes to snap open. Yawning, the young man sat himself up in the large soft bed. He stretched the morning stiffness out of his limbs by reaching his arms and legs out from his body. Looking around the room the ranch boy at first seemed surprised on where he was. He sat in a large wooden framed bed with a feathery soft mattress and white sheets. Light shown through the open balcony doors, and a cool morning breeze flowed gently into the room, the blue curtains moved like waves in the wind. The scents that traveled on the air of the Hylian countryside filled Alec's nose awakening him even more.

Getting up out of the comfortable bed Alec stretched his arms above his head. Looking over his body he noticed that all the wounds he had received the previous night had disappeared, each was completely gone from his body. The headache from the massive blow to the skull was gone entirely. Surprised and rubbing his head he attempted to remember what had happen last night when he returned to the castle.

From what he could piece together form his scattered thoughts and memories he knew that he was taken to Hyrule Castle for treatment of his wounds. He remembered being separated from Link and Princess Terra and taken to the room where he stood now. They made him drink an odd tasting red liquid, and after that…nothing…just blackness…

Looking over to the dark colored wooden dresser that sat in the front of the room next to the door he saw a silver tray with an assortment of food placed about it. Underneath the silver tray he saw a bundle of black clothes, a newly crafted set of a shirt and pants, freshly cleaned and folded. On the ground in front of the tray was a pair of black boots. Walking over across the smooth stone floor to the platter of fresh bread, cheese, and fruits he noticed a small noted written on tan paper, folded very neatly, and placed at the top of the mound of breakfast. Moving the note aside momentarily he swiftly picked up a bright juicy red apple. Holding it in his hands he lifted it into the bright sunlight coming in from the outside. The fruit gleamed like a ruby, making it look even more delectable. A soft dampness of the air caused Alec to turn around. In the back of the room was another smaller room. Inside was a metal bathtub, white steam rolled over its edges.

Setting the ruby red apple down Alec picked up the folded note. It read…

Eat up, take a bath, and get dressed in these clothes, Alec…Someone wishes to speak to you in the grand hall of the castle…I'm sure you can find your way on your own…We will be waiting...

Take your time…Mr. Hero…

Signed: Impa

Alec set the note back down on the wooden dresser.

"Mr. Hero?" He murmured as he raised his eyebrow in confusion.

Once again he looked at the apple and then back at the metal bathtub with its warm water. Moving the fruit up to his mouth he took a large bite, filling his mouth with the tart meat of the fruit. He didn't know what awaited him in the grand hall. But even so…Alec smiled…


Alec tightened the last leather tie on his new black shirt. Turning to a large mirror next to the dresser he modeled himself, never before had he had such a clean set of clothes. He turned himself around admiring the clean and fitting shirt and pants he had on. On the side of the collars of the shirt there was a small sewn in symbol of the golden Triforce, the only part of the clothing that wasn't black. Alec's pants fit around his waist; they were similar to ones he had worn before. Turning back slightly he pulled at his collar loosening the leather tie, thinking that he might look more stylish that way. Pulling on and tightening the black boots he modeled for himself once again. Nodding, satisfied with the way he looked, he opened the large wooden door and stepped out into the hallway of Hyrule Castle.

Closing the door softly behind him he looked both left and right. The corridor was almost identical on both sides, guest rooms, similar to his were systematically numbered down the hallway. He wasn't sure which way was the grand hall, so taking a leap of faith Alec turned to his left and began to walk.

"This place is huge!" Alec murmured to himself, as he ran his fingers through his still damp hair. He flicked away the moister with a motion of the hand. Coming to a corner he turned right, hoping it was the right direction to the grand hall.


The ranch boy fell backward onto the smooth floor as he felt himself impact what seemed like a warm yet fleshy stone wall. He closed his eyes as he fell, opening them only to look at an extremely large brown goron standing in front of him, its gaze staring intently at the young boy. This one was larger than any he had seen before. The goron had large tan bread and dark brown eyes….slowly…a grin came across the goron's face.

"Good to see you lad!" its voice boomed throughout the hallway, its smile turning into a large grin.

"Huh…What?" Alec responded, still dazed from the impact into the goron.

"Ha-Ha you are the talk of the town boy!" It boomed once again. It moved one of its large hands onto Alec's shoulder, gripping it tightly. And with one swift motion it picked Alec up by his shoulders and placed him on his two feet with ease. The strength of the gorons was immense.

"Wait…I'm…what?" the ranch boy responded, obviously very confused by the situation.

The goron smirked at the young lad and folded its arms. "Alec…My name is Darunia, chief of the gorons and Sage of Fire."

Alec snapped back to reality at the words 'Sage of Fire'. Instinctively he began to bow at the goron, attempting to show as much respect as he could. "I'm so sorry Sage; forgive me for bumping into you!" Alec trembled.

Darunia held out his hand and stopped Alec's bow. "No need for that Alec..." The goron pulled his hand back. "…No need to bow to me."

Regaining his composure Alec began to smile, easing his nerves. "Y-You know my name?" Alec stuttered, his eyes locked on the imposing form of the goron chief.

Nodding the goron sage responded. "Indeed I do Alec…Link mentioned to me of your deeds last night defending the princess…Mighty fine heroics for a ranch boy like you with no formal training."

"Uh…Yeah…I guess." Alec mumbled, not sure what to say. He ran his hand through his hair once again.

"But you are the talk of all of Castle Town…words travel fast around here Mr. Hero!" Darunia laughed, the vibrations of his voice echoed down the stone hallway. The sound made decorations on the wall tremble.

"I am?" Alec questioned raising an eyebrow.

"Like I said lad, word of your heroics defending the princess last night spread like wide fire!"

Alec's mind snapped back to Terra. "Terra? I-Is she alright?" he blurted interrupting Darunia's speech on how everyone was blabbing about him.

Darunia raised an eyebrow. "Of course she is…thanks to you!" the goron started to laugh once again, placing his hands on his belly.

The ranch boy breathed a sigh of relief; he didn't remember much after the return to the castle, especially about the princess.

"But lad…I'm afraid I must cut our conversation short…Link and Queen Zelda are waiting for you in the grand hall…I must not keep you from them, they have a special surprise waiting for you…And I'm sure your mother would love to see you as well, she's around the Castle somewhere."

"Oh right!" Alec's mind flashed back to the note back in the guest room. Alec turned and looked down both directions of the long tone corridor. "Which way is it?" he asked somewhat ashamed of not knowing his way about the castle.

Darunia grinned and stepped aside. "Straight down the hallway…Large wooden doors…You can't miss it!"

Alec gave the goron a nodded and began to step away in the direction in which he was told.

"…And boy!" Darunia called out, grabbing Alec's attention. "I hope we can get to know each other more in the future, I know I'll be seeing you around the castle!" the goron gave a hinting wink at the lad. Darunia turned around and began in his own direction through Hyrule Castle.

Nodding with a smile Alec turned around again. Something about the last thing the goron said to him seemed a bit off. "What did he mean by he'll see me around the castle?" he thought to himself as he walked down the large stone hallway.


Soon he came to the large door which Darunia was talking about. Placing both hands on the wood Alec pushed it open. The hinges turned with ease and didn't squeal, obviously well taken care of. The boy stepped into an enormous white stone room. Large columns stood in rows holding up the great ceiling. On the far end were two large marble thrones and the walls and ceiling were adorned with colorful banners and tapestries.

Around the closest column to the thrones stood a group of people, an old woman with white hair wearing a purple dress was talking to some number of attendants. Next to the old woman was a couple, a tall man wearing green with sandy blonde hair, the man Alec had seen the night before, Link. And holding onto Link's hand tightly was a slightly shorter blond woman, the queen, Zelda.

"Ah!" The old woman shouted, noticing Alec enter the grand hall. "There he is!"

The groups gaze shifted over to the ranch boy who had entered the room. Walking swiftly over to him the old woman grabbed Alec by the arm and began to drag him over to the other two and the attendants.

"No need to be shy Alec…Link and Zelda are dying to meet you when you're actually conscious!" The woman babbled happily, continuing to drag Alec across the grand hall.

Swiftly she pushed him in front the couple of Link and Zelda. For moments they simply stared at each other. Link and Zelda smiling at Alec, who only gave a blank and surprised stare in reply. The ranch boy was obviously stunned that he was standing in front of the Queen and Link. In his mind he wanted to say something, but his vocal chords didn't move.

Zelda finally broke the silence. "You must be Alec?" Her smooth voice said.

Alec nodded slightly, his vocal chords still frozen.

"Your mother has told me much about you! I'm glad I'm finally able to see what you've become…Oh…I remember when you were still such a small boy…The cutest thing I've ever seen."

Snapping out of his trance Alec finally responded. "Wait…You know my mother?" his words tumbled out of his mouth like a landslide.

Link chuckled slightly and playfully nudged at his wife.

Zelda giggled happily. "Well of course! Malon and I actually go back a long time, to when we were only children!"

"A-and you knew me?" the ranch boy stuttered.

Zelda closed her eyes and smiled, the memories filling her mind. "Oh yes…I can't say I've seen you around…It's been a good many years…And boy have you grown into such a 'handsome' young man."

Alec turned red and attempted to speak, his voice was frozen once again.

Link and Zelda simply replied with wide smile. "Oh forgive us…This is Impa. My daughter's and my attendant, I've known her since I was a small child."

Impa motioned with her head to the attendants who were standing silently behind the group. Instantly they converged onto the young man like vultures. Using measuring string and other tools they began to take notes on Alec's body form. They looked Alec over like a bird inspecting its prey, taking in every single little detail. On small pieces of parchment they scribbled down small numbers and notes. Surprised by the attendant's sudden appearance next to him Alec almost shouted.

"W-what's going on?" He blurted, not sure what to make of the situation. Alec looked to Impa for answers.

She grinned at Alec and continued to take notes herself.

As soon as they began, moments later the attendants took off in another direction, their notes on Alec's body in hand. Passing by the fleeing attendant another came running up to the group, and holding something very long and wrapped in royal purple cloth. The man stopped right behind Link and held it out with bone straight arms.

"Oh…You'll see Alec…" Impa cackled, she turned to walk out, still scribbling notes on her parchment.

Link grabbed the huge package that the newly arrived attendant was holding. And turned and stepped forward to Alec holding the package out in front of him. "Alec…I'm eternally grateful for what you did for my family last night…Your actions echoed that of heroes, not only did you take on numerous foes single handedly, but you did it without worry for your own safety…"

Alec could feel his muscles tense up as Link spoke about his actions. He was left speechless.

"And for your courage I want to give you a gift…and an offer."

The ranch boy stood motionless in the grand hall of Hyrule Castle, his eyes locked upon the package that Link was holding.

Zelda stood behind Link, her hands folded politely in front of her. In her face was a look of happiness but yet had a serious tone. Her golden blonde hair slowly moved in the breeze that floated through the large hall.

"…You saved my daughter, my family, the blood of the royal family…and for that…My wife, myself, and all of Hyrule are eternally grateful for your actions of selflessness…You have shined a great light upon your family…Alec step forward please." Link stated, attempting to keep back emotion.

Without hesitation Alec took a step forward.

Link placed his hand on the large package and pulled on a small blue string that held the cloth to the contents. As the string fell away so did the cloth…

A sword…Link was holding out a shining blade to Alec. The weapon had a decorative black two handed handle with a yellow gem encrusted right below the shining blade. A black falcon was the decoration for the hilt, its wings spread wide as protection to the hands. The hilts design was based off the handle of the Master Sword. The yellow jewel gleamed as the sunlight hit it. Alec switched his eyes to the long shining metal that was the blade. It was freshly polished and the suns light reflected off of it like a smooth mirror. Sitting below the blade was a sheath; it was just as dark as the blades dark handle.

"This sword…It was your fathers." Link said softly, closing his eyes in remembrance. "…Your father was a good friend of mine…He would of wanted you to have it."

Alec shook his head, stunned by the offering that Link was holding out in front of him. It was his father's Hylian Knight Sword.

Lifting both his hands Alec reached out slowly. He ran his fingers across the swords smooth surface. Putting both of his hands around the handle Alec lifted the mighty blade out of Link's hands. It was surprisingly light; it almost felt natural to be in Alec's fingers. Lifting the blade into the air he let the sun reflect of the silver like surface of the cutting edge, rays of light shot across the grand hall. Holding it for countless moments Alec felt the extremely light weight of the two handed sword, it was astonishing that such a large blade could be wielded so easily by someone who had never even held a sword before.

"It…It's so light!" Alec mumbled in surprise as he switched the blade from hand from hand.

Link nodded. "Your father forged this blade with Darunia the Sage of Fire…Together they forged this masterful cutting edge…It was forged in Death Mountain Crater out of the purest of metals…No blade has been ever made like it."

Nodding while Link was talking Alec continued to run his eyes up and down the simmering blade.

"Alec…" Link continued "…I give you this sword…If you accept it…You will become a Knight of Hyrule, a protector of the Royal Family."

Alec's eyes dart to swiftly Link.

"Keep in mind Alec…" Link continued once again "…If you choose this path it will change your life forever…Choose wisely…"

Alec slowly picked up the black sheath, still holding the light two-handed sword with his other hand. The ranch boy examined the sheath. On it was a decoration of small black vines, almost unable to be seen without closer examination of the weapon holder.
"Alec…Do you accept this offer?"

With one swift motion Alec slid the shining blade into the dark colored sheath. The light that once reflected of the shimmering metal suddenly vanished and the grand hall of Hyrule Castle seemed a bit darker.

Looking up from his sheathed blade Alec turned to Link with a stern and determined face.

"I do."


Malon slowly walked into the grand hall of Hyrule Castle. She was accompanied by an older Knight who followed her closely. The ranch owner turned and saw a group of people gathered around one of the great standing columns that held the ceiling. One of them was Alec, her son. Her eyes grew wide when she saw what was grasped tightly in his hand…A sword with a black falcon hilt.


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