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By Mr. Watch

Chapter 5: Phantoms and Dust

The beast in the dark cloak approached the Desert Colossus, the harsh desert sun beating down on the hooded figure. Small grains of sand, carried by a soft dry wind, hit the black piece of cloth and slid down its rough edges, some even passed through the numerous holes that filled the strong dark colored fabric. The beast breathed heavily, like a horse that had just finished a grueling race.

It approached the entrance of the giant stone woman sharped structure and with its glowing eyes looked into the darkness that was the doorway inside. Walking with its staff the creature felt as the bottom tip of his weapon went from the sandy surface of the desert to the hard tan smooth stone of the platform in front of the massive doorway. Its feet barely seemed to touch the ground as it quickly made its way through the massive stone doorway and into the black and silent darkness.

Silence filled the mausoleum like interior of the Colossus. The same dry soft wind pushed itself through the open doorway carrying with it the tan sand from the outside. The only sound came from the soft footsteps and metal staff of the walking beast that made its way deeper and deeper into the giant stone structure.

Hanging its head low the beast seemed to know which way to travel through memory. Its gaze was locked on the sandy floor beneath it. Rounding a corner the beast came to what was once a smooth stone wall but something had shifted the tan bricks…And an open dark chamber lay on the other side.

Without hesitation the beast crept over the debris and into the darkness once again…

What lay before the hooded creature was a massive stone circular table with ancient symbol carved and engraved into its surface, three rings separated the different sections of the huge slab of stone and in the center was a unmoving stone pedestal. Two of the table's outer rings slowly turned by way of some ancient magic, the other stone ring closest the center had recently come to a stop. The outer two rings seemed to move at different speeds and in the same direction as if counting down to some event.

Stepping onto the rotating platform the black hooded figure began to make its way across each moving ring and toward the center pedestal. As it stepped onto the center stone it knelt down, still holding its metal staff in its hand. For moments it knelt in silence, the only sound coming from the rotating rings the circled him and his heavy dry breathing.

"My shadow…You fail me yet again…" A voice boomed within the creature's head, the sound causing the phantom to twitch in pain.

"Fail! Fail! Fail!" Another childish voice mocked behind the booming one, still in the figures mind.

"Forgive me Master…There were…Complications." The hooded figure growled attempting to explain itself.

"Like what!" The loud voice boomed once again, demanding an answer.

"There was…A boy…"

"A Boy! A simply boy stopped you!" 

"Feeble! Feeble! Feeble!" The childish voice mocked, once again.

"…And…There was Link! That Sword!" The figure continued, still attempting to explain itself.

"It matters not who stopped your progress…What matters is when you had your chance to complete your task you failed, you let it slip from your boney grasp! You failed at killing that girl!" The loud voice howled in anger within the Phantom's head. "If I didn't need you, Phantom, I would banish you to the void…But consider yourself lucky…I still require your assistance."

 "I will obey…Ganondorf…" The figure murmured silently, lowering its head even lower in submission.

"As you can see…Our time is running low…We now have less than a year to complete our preparations. We lack but one item that will allow us to fulfill our plan…That mask…A mask within Hyrule's possession…Something that Link has hidden within the castle stone."

 "I will obey." The Phantom chanted again.

"My Mask! My Mask! My Mask! I need my Mask!" The childish voice shrieked insanely within the figures head, followed by maniacal laughter.

"Once you acquire the mask you must bring it back here…and then, and only then will we be able to fulfill our deed and carry out our purpose…And as for this 'Boy' make him regret that he even crossed your path."

"I will obey…"

"Go now…Remember that we are restricted by time…Bring back the mask!" The disembodied voice boomed once again.

With a ghost like motion the hooded figure turned and sprinted toward the exit, its long black cloak flowing behind him. It passed over the rotating rings and seemed to levitate through the hole in the wall…disappearing once again into blackness…

"Bring us…Majora's Mask…"


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