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By Mr. Watch

Chapter 3: The Ranch Boy

Kokiri Forest, a few minutes before nightfall.

Terra let out deep breath as she finished the last notes of The Song of Healing. The Kokiri children began to clap wildly, and cheer for the Hylian princess, who humbly smiled and bowed for the audience of children. The kids started to dance around attempting to sing The Song of Healing just as Terra did; sadly most of them were off pitch or not even singing the correct song.

Saria smiled up at the Hylian girl who sat above her. "That's really a beautiful song." Saria chirped "Did your father say exactly where he learned it?"

"Sadly no, I would've liked to meet the person who created it; it's by far my favorite piece or music to sing. It just…Makes me feel...Well…It makes me feel whole. It's like a new life swells up inside me whenever I sing it." Terra replied gleefully look down to the Green haired Kokiri girl with a wide grin.

"That's great!" Saria replied. "But hey, I think your dad wants us to get a move on; I think we may have stayed just a bit too long." She pointed up to the sky which was already going dark orange, showing signs of the fast approaching night.

Terra looked up at the sky; the sun was already beginning to set, and sighed. "I guess…Come on, let's go Saria." She got up, followed closely by her forest companion, the Kokiri Saria.


Outside the Kokiri Forest.

Terra led Saria across the wooden bridge and began in the direction out of the forest. They walked side by side, talking, joking, and laughing much like they did when Terra was still just a young child. Saria began to speak "I wish I had parents, just to see what it was like, you know?" the Kokiri began to playfully skip around Terra, humming the familiar tune she always played on her ocarina, a popular song within the forest known as Saria's Song.

"Having parents…it's a hassle…" Terra responded coldly "They always hiding…" Terra's smiling expression changed into one of sadness and distrust.

"Yeah?" Saria questioned in her usual jolly voice. "What's the matter…?"

Terra stopped walking as they reached the edge of the forest, it was almost nightfall and the sun was still barely above the tree line. "My parents, they are hiding a great deal of information from me…aren't they Saria?"

Saria stopped next to Terra. "I wouldn't say 'hiding' things from you, but I guess they think it's best for you not to know about them…Not yet…Not all times in this world were happy and peaceful like it is now."

Terra looked down and rolled her eyes at the Kokiri. "I've heard that before, but I just want to know. There are so many things I want to know about Hyrule's past, the adventures my Mother and Father took…All of that! I keeping hearing about this adventure my dad took in a faraway land, that kind of stuff!"

"I'm sure they will tell you when you're ready." Saria grumbled, knowing exactly which adventure Terra was talking about.

"When I'm ready? I'm eighteen years old! I'm pretty sure I'm ready for just about anything!" Terra boasted proudly.

Saria let out a sigh. "Maybe not to them… Come on; let's get a move on, it's almost dark." She began to walk again in the direction of Castle Town.

Terra couldn't help but accept the comment from the Kokiri child, and she sped up to get up to Saria, Continuing on the dirt path.

"I can't wait for the carnival! It's been so long since I was in town last." Saria chirped, skipping playfully ahead of Terra. "Promise me you'll play some fun games with me Terra!"

Terra laughed at the child "I promise, Saria. Don't worry." She called out with a grin, thinking of the fun both used to have when Terra was a little kid at the same carnival.

Terra looked up at the night sky; they have indeed taken to long. The stars began to glimmer with a mystic glow, slowly coming out one by one to light the dark night. Now they were stuck with no light source except the stars and the full moon. She looked onto the horizon and noticed small amount of yellow light peaking over the hilltops, coming from the market place still bustling with activity of preparing the summer carnival.

A soft wind blow over the hill, but the once crisp and lively air seemed stale and lifeless, not like the breezes Terra had come to know from living in Hyrule, something was off. Her gaze swept over the hilltops. Something was wrong.

Instantly silhouette slowly crept over the peak of the hill in front of them. It stopped on the summit, seeming to have noticed the two girls in the dark landscape, and seemed to begin to move in their direction, disappearing on the black side of the hill.

"Saria wait!" Terra shouted out, attempting to get a hold of the child. Saria came skipping back playfully. "What's wrong Terra? You see a g-g-ghost?" The Kokiri joked waving her hands out in front of her mocking the Hylian princess.

"Shhh…W-we aren't alone out here…Something is out her with us…" Terra muttered a small amount of fear in her voice.

Saria's smile left her playfully face, she began to look around worried. "I didn't see anyone. Are you sure you just aren't imaging things?"

Just then the faint sounds of feet hitting ground slowly became audible, slowly getting louder.

"Come on…" Terra took a hold of Saria and held her tightly against her waist as they began to walk in direction in which they came, back into the forest. Terra knew if they could enter the boundary of protection of the Kokiri Forest they would be safe from whatever it was that stalked them.

Saria didn't say a word, she simply held her breath. When Terra looked down, she could tell the Kokiri child was afraid. Stopping only for a second Terra could hear the footsteps drawing closer; whatever was following them was clearly in full sprint. The two girls paced quickened. "Hurry!" She whispered down to her small Kokiri companion.

All of a sudden Terra stopped. She didn't hear the footsteps anymore. Saria continued on for a few meters ahead then stopped, leaving Terra's side. "Come on Terra! We have to move!" the Kokiri pleaded.

"Wait…I don't hear anything anymore. Maybe it gave up?" Terra felt the same small stale breeze flow through her hair. Taking in a deep breath of the air she almost gagged. The once sweet air was rank with the smell of decomposing flesh and death. A chill ran down her spine, Terra could sense the aura of darkness behind her.

Saria stood trembling in the darkness looking not at Terra but behind her, over the princess's shoulder. Terra, now almost paralyzed with fear, pivoted her head to see what was behind her.

What stood there was the same cloaked man from the Market she had accidentally ran into. It breathed heavily but didn't move still emitting the rancid stench she smelled before. Terra now turned her entire body to face the figure and moved some of her blonde hair out of her eyes. She couldn't see anything but the faint outline of the black cloak. She took a small step backward, the creature twitched, as if Terra had stepped on one of its nerves. "Saria…" Terra whispered. "I want you to run, you got that?" Behind her she heard the Kokiri whimper with agreement. "Go get help." Terra unhooked her royal cloak and tossed behind her to Saria. "Show this to the people in Castle Town. Take it to my father."

Saria began to take small steps away after grabbing the cloak, the creature didn't seem take notice or bother with the Kokiri child and still stood deathly still seemingly having it's gaze locked onto Terra. The princess spoke, trembling, "W-w-what do you want?" The thing moved its hand; razing it level to the ground it pointed its rotten fleshy fingers at Terra. A crimson liquid dripped from the rotten fingertip which pointed to her, it was blood.

Terra gasped in fear, feeling like she wanted to vomit she looked away. Terra thought to herself. "Me? What could it possibly want with me?"

Lowering its rotten hand the creature began to take steps toward Terra. On instinct Terra took off at a dead sprint toward the forest tree line hoping to evade her pursuer. Saria took off in the other direction heading toward a group of trees and fences she has seen before, Lon Lon Ranch. Terra was running as fast as she could. Having the wrong shoes for running she kicked off her royal dress slippers and continued on, barefoot.

She suddenly felt a large pain in the back of her head, like she was hit with a piece of an iron rod. Terra tumbled over onto the ground crying in pain and terror; she rolled onto her back and put her hands up against the spot where she felt the strike. Looking up into the starry night sky she saw the cloaked man creep over her. The creature had orange eyes and skull like face rotting green flesh still attached to it. The orange eyes brought back memories of the dream she had as a child. The thing brought its metal staff up and brought it down onto her soft gut. Terra let out a cry of agony, and rolled over onto her stomach. Using her hands she attempted to crawl away. Another strike from the metal staff, this time on the back of her head, drove the princess into unconsciousness.

Lon Lon Ranch.

Alec awoke to a faint scream in the distance. Lifting his head out of the straw he glanced around the barn then out the window to the Hylian night sky. "Great, I overslept…it's night time already." Noticing a bit of extra weight on his chest he looked down to see an orange colored kitten curled up on his belly, obliviously look for warmth in the night. Picking up the tiny kitten in his hand he got up then set the kitten down in the warm spot in the straw where he once lay. Alec couldn't help but let a grin cross his face. He loved the ranch, and everything little thing on it. He walked happily outside into the crisp night air.

Glancing around the ranch he attempted to figure out where the yells came from. Dusting straw from his shaggy brown hair and off of his cloths he set about to finish the jobs at the ranch before he checked in for the night.

Once again he heard a yell, now closer this time, getting Alec's full attention.

"What the…?" He murmured to himself. Looking down the path leading out of the ranch he saw a small girl with green hair running toward him holding a purple cloak.

"Mister, Mister!" the girl yelled erratically. "Help! My friend, she's in danger!"

Alec ran to the Kokiri child. "Who?" He stopped for a moment. "What's going on!" He wasn't exactly expecting to be woken up by a green haired Kokiri child looking for help.

The child nodded. "Me and my friend, we were in the forest for too long, a creature attacked her! Please help! I don't know what to do!" the young girl panted, placing her hands on her knees.

Alec paced for a second. "Forest?" The small green haired girl nodded. Alec began to pace back and forth again finally stopping a few moments after. "Where did you last see her?"

The girl replied with a point toward the forest. "That way, she was running that way."

Running into the barn Alec grabbed his brown horse and brought it outside to the Kokiri. "Here…Take this horse, ride to the castle, and get help. I'll do what I can from here."

Alec picked up the girl and settled her on the large horse. "You know the way?" the Kokiri child nodded. "Alright, Go!" he slapped the horse and off it went galloping at full speed.

Watching as the horse took off to the castle Alec began to plan what he was going to do about the situation. Running into the barn he picked up his own brown cloak and a large wooden pole. Exiting the barn he ran in the direction where the child had stated, not knowing what he was about to get into…


Somewhere on the edge of the forest

Terra awoke a few hours later, staring at a campfire with three men sitting around it. The rotten cloaked man was gone, nowhere in sight. She made an attempt to move but couldn't. Looking down she saw ropes, she was tied to a stump, hands, arms and legs bound together and her waist bound to the stump. There was a piece of cloth tied tightly around her mouth to restrict her from creating any loud noises for someone to hear. All of her jewelry was missing from her earrings to her bracelets. Terra's blonde hair hung loosely about her head, not long held together by the jewelry she one had worn. The three men began to speak, not noticing that the captive princess was awake.

"How long did he say we had to wait here?" One asked "I'm getting hungry and I forgot to bring something to eat, I'm starving!"

"Oh will you just shut up about food already!" the second man replied angrily. Tossing some dirt at his fellow man. "We're all hungry so shut up!"

Terra took a long look at them. They all look ragged and deranged, as if they haven't had a good bath for months. They all wore tattered cloths crudely patched and stitched in areas. Looking even closer she noticed each was covered in scars and that they were extremely skinny and under fed.

The third man spoke. "Once we finish this job, don't worry, we'll be swimming in food, gold…And women. This princess seemed of special interest to that skull face, so we must be getting a reward for watching her. We just need to wait till he gets back, trust me."

Terra could tell that the third man was the leader of the criminals. She watched them for some time, attempting to stay quiet and wiggle out of her bindings, with no success. Slowly she began to try harder and harder to get away.

"Hey! The girls awake!" The second man yelled, noticing Terra's movement "The things awake!" He began laughing hysterically.

One by one each of the men got up and went to Terra, who was still tied to the tree. They began to look her over in the fire light.

"Pretty little thing." The first man said. "How about we keep her?" He winked to the rest of them. "Shame to let such a b-e-a-utiful girl go to waste!" the man place his index finger on Terra's waist and ran it down the side of her slender body. He stared at her lustfully an evil look in his eyes, and licked his chops.

"We could sell her!" The second said. He ran his fingers through Terra's hair. "The slave market pays well for royalty."

Terra attempted to scream, but the cloth over her mouth prevented any sound from traveling far. She tried to trash and wiggle away in vain from the group, but her binds prevented her.

"No!" the third yelled, pushing his friends back away from Terra. "She is for the skull face. We best not piss him off." He glared at his fellow criminals. "He'll pay us, don't worry. Or we'll make him pay." The man pulled out a rusty blade and began to brandish it at his friends.

"You aren't going to get away with this!" Terra attempted to say through the cloth, but only mumbles came through.

The third man laughed. "What was that?" He put his face in front of Terra's. He pulled the cloth off of her mouth allowing her to speak.

Terra shrank away from the man's foul breath. "You aren't going to get away with this, my father will…"

"Your father will what?" the first criminal shouted. "We have you; he can't touch us while we have you. He won't dare have his little girl harmed!" He laughed and went back to sit by the fire.

"Yeah, He can't even find you anyway, no one can." The second stated as he followed his friend back to the fire.

The third kneeled down in front of Terra. "Now…Since I took that cloth off your mouth do us a favor and don't say anything! I won't think twice about putting it back on. If you don't…I'll let my boys over there have their 'Fun' with you. He winked and took a hold of his knife, putting it on Terra's soft skin, dangerously close to Terra's face. "We wouldn't want daddy's girl to be harmed now will we." He gave an evil smirk. "You'll get what's coming to you, and so will we." He began to chuckle evilly. "But I wouldn't say what's planned for you is good!"

Terra couldn't help but let a tear drop from her eye. She was terrified about her situation. "I hope Saria got help…" She thought to herself as she attempted to relax herself against the tree, letting the bindings take most of her wait. She could feel the ropes on her hands and ankles beginning to dig into her soft skin. Slowly more tears began to form.

The third man laughed manically at the beautiful young women. "Aww, look, she is sad." He began to walk away. "Oh well!" He lay down against a fallen tree closing his eyes.

Terra sat, crying, letting herself settle against the cold dirt. She couldn't help but think that she was alone. Her only hope was Saria, the hope that Saria found someone to help her…


Alec darted into the forest, pushing through bushes and dodging trees. He skidded to a halt, to take note of his surroundings. Silence filled the dark forest. He held the wooden pole tightly enough that his knuckles began to turn white. Concentrating he listened in the silence for anything unordinary. Alec took a knee and rested for only a few moments.

The scent of smoke filled Alec's nostrils. "A Campfire!" he mumbled quietly to himself. Judging in the general direction of the smoke he slowly began to move, crouched. After a short while he saw an orange light coming from a small clearing. Moving closer he took cover behind a bush and looked out in the grassy area which was illuminated by a soft orange light.

He pulled the hood up over his head to help hide him in the dark woods. He looked out onto the clearing. Two skinny and dirty men sat by a campfire arguing, another was sleeping a few meters away against a fallen tree. Then he saw the girl. She was bound against a tree, her hands and ankles bound tightly, while around her waist was a rope holding her against the tree. The girl was crying, her tears glimmered in the orange firelight. The girl wore strange cloths to him, not something he would think a woman out here in the field should be wearing

Alec kneeled down peeking through the bushes. He looked down at his simple weapon. "What I wouldn't do for a real sword." Alec thought to himself. Taking a gulp of courage he darted from the bushes, heading for the sleeping man who was sleeping against a log.

Alec sprinted to the sleeping man. Lifting his pole up into the air, he brought it down with all of his might. The third man awoke suddenly, he eyes snapping open. The wooden pole struck the man on the head before he could get up. The pole cracked and splintered, a half of the pole went flying into the brush. The man let out a yell of pain, before going unconscious a torrent of red liquid emerged from the man's head where Alec had split it open.

Terra awoke to a scream or pain. She saw the third man laying oddly against the dirt, a cloaked figure standing over him. It reminded her for a second of the orange eyed beast, but this figure was smaller, human, and didn't have the signature glowing eyes. Her tears quickly dried up as she watched the figures head pivot to her. The hood fell off, revealing a boy, her age, with shaggy brown hair. The boy was wide eyed, in shock of what action he just committed against a fellow human. The two figures on sitting against the campfire stared at the figure, surprised and shocked.

"What the?" one said as he looked to the other.

"It's a kid…" the second stated.

Looking at each other they smirked evilly. Both got up and began to charge the boy.

"Watch Out!" Terra yelled.

Alec noticed the two other men charging him. He took a side step as they got close. Alec slammed the blunt end of what was left of his pole into one of the men's bellies. The other grabbed Alec by the arm and threw him against the ground, and began to punch wildly at the boy. Alec received a powerful punch to the gut, dropping what was left of the wooden pole, before rolling over, out of the man's grip. He stood up again with clinched fists to face the criminals.

Both criminals once again got together. "Damn, that kid hits hard!" one said rubbing the area of his stomach where Alec hit him with the pole. "Well…" the other said. "Let's just cut him up, then we'll take care of the girl, she's the one who got his attention."

Terra fidgeted, watching the brawl, and once again attempted to get out of her binds.

Alec stood between the two criminals and the girl. He watched as one pulled out a rusted blade, and began to charge once again, followed closely by his companion. Alec attempted to dodge the knife but took a slash to his upper right arm in the process. Dark red blood began to swell from the wound, slowly dripping down Alec's arm. He lost his balance and then was caught in the holds of the other man, who grabbed him tightly behind his back.

"Hurry up! Stick him! Spill this dopes guts all over the ground!" The man holding Alec shouted.

"With pleasure…" the other replied as he slowly crept toward Alec.

Terra watched in horror as the boy struggled in vain against the man's grip. She trashed about wildly, attempting to free herself once again.

When the man with the knife got into range Alec jumped off the ground using the man holding him as a support and kicked the other square in the face.

Red mist sprayed into the air as blood began to ooze from the criminals cracked nose, and he began to stumble back. The man holding Alec released him and jumped over to his friend.

"Screw this…" The bleeding criminal growled. "I'm out of here!" He took off into the bushes holding his hand against his forehead, dropping his knife behind him.

The second criminal looked at the knife his partner left and picked it up. He ran at Alec and slashed widely missing by a good margin. Alec stumbled over and picked up the other half of his broken wood pole. The criminal charged again and stabbed his knife in Alec's brown cloak and then stumbled over the Hylian boy, getting entangled and punching widely. In a desperate attempt to rid himself of his attacker Alec stabbed the sharp broken end of the pole into his attacker's stomach. Alec could feel as his weapon entered the man's gut. Rolling off of Alec the man dropped his blade and took off stumbling into the woods, leaving droplets of crimson blood trailing behind him.

Terra took a sigh of relief when the fight was over. She was saved, saved by an unknown boy. The boy picked up the knife and ran over to her, beginning to cut Terra binds. As the binds were released Terra launched herself at the boy, tightly wrapping her arms around him.

"A-Are you ok?" The boy stammered, still in shock of the fight. "Are you hurt?"

"No…No I'm fine, thanks to you." She tightened her grip around the boy.

"Here take this." Alec said taking his large cloak off he wrapped it around Terra who was shivering from all the excitement. He looked at Terra and smiled, urging her to take it.

Terra took the cloak and pulled it tightly around herself. "Thank you…Thank you so much…" She began to break down into tears. Closing her eyes she placed her head against Alec's shoulder.

Alec, surprised by the girl took his arm around her rubbing her back to calm her down. "Uh…You're safe now, d-don't worry."

"Still...T-Thank you…" Terra said through the sobs.

Alec moved Terra closer to the fire to warm her. They sat for a while, letting the shock wear off of what just occurred.

After regaining some of her composure and wiping her blonde bangs out of her eyes Terra asked. "What's your name?"

"Alec, My name is Alec." He replied simply giving a warm smile which seemed to immediately comfort Terra.

"Thank you Alec…For saving my life. I'm Terra" Terra replied humbly, but yet with thankfulness.

Terra smiled. Noticing the cut on Alec's arm she moved in closer to get a better look.

She ripped off a piece of her white dress and moved in closer to the boy.

"I-it's fine…" Alec mumbled pulling away, attempting to act tough even though there was a large wound on his arm and blood still poured from it.

"No, I insist."

Terra took a hold of Alec's arm, and began to wrap the piece of cloth around the wound, pulling in tight. Alec could feel the girl's soft hands against his arm.

Letting go Terra said "There, that should hold until we make it back to Castle Town." She took a step back and tilted her head at Alec. "I haven't seen you around, where are you from?"

"The ranch, I work at Lon Lon Ranch…I-I'm Malon's son." Alec replied as he set himself next to the fire, looking at Terra. "Your name…It's familiar…" he mumbled. And in an instant it hit him. Terra was the name of Hyrule's princess; he had just saved Princess Terra

Both seemed to stare at each other's eyes for an unknown amount of time. Not knowing what to say or what to do.

Alec was the first to notice and quickly looked away. "Sorry…You're Highness" He whispered and ran his fingers through his hair ashamed of his manners in front of royalty.

Terra also looked away, she began to blush. "No, It's my fault Alec…" she replied silently.

Looking back up with a smile he noticed a small movement in the brush behind Terra. The movement caught Terra's attention also. Both looked into the darkness of the forest wondering what was just beyond the tree line.

A cloaked figure emerged holding metal rod. Its orange eyes glared at the two sitting by the campfire. It slowly made its way out into the clearing not taking its gaze off of the pair.

Terra shrank away and moved behind Alec who stood up and took a defensive position in front of the princess. Terra whispered into Alec's ear. "That's him…that's what attacked me." Alec could sense the sheer terror in his new friend's voice.

The figure stopped suddenly. Its head twisted with a crack to look into the darkness and then back at the two, seeming to take interest in Alec who was defending the princess.

"You…Will…Burn…Boy…" It hissed, as it sprinted at Alec metal rod held high.

Alec ran forward and ran into the creature's waist knocking it backward. He could feel the metal rod brought down onto his spine, he cringed in pain, and this thing hit much hard then the lackeys he fought earlier. Alec backed up and raised his fist again to face the beast.

"Ha-Ha-Ha!" The cloaked creature laughed manically at Alec. "You foolish boy…How dare you come between me and the princess, now your fate will be the same as hers."

The creature once again brought up his metal staff, spinning it around with great speed; it slammed its weapon in the side of Alec head with a 'crack' and sent him spinning through the air like a rag doll. The ranch boy collided with the ground and skidded to a halt in a heap.

Alec flopped himself onto his back, dazed. "Terra…" He yelled out in agony. "Run!"

The princess seemed too paralyzed with fear to move and sat on the ground watching the horrific scene in front of her.

The beast tapped his weapon against the ground. Three dirty blades grew from the other end; a coat of dried red blood was smeared against the steel. He flipped his weapon over and brought it above his head, preparing to bring the points of his weapon down onto Alec.

Suddenly the creature twitched and look to the princess. "Next time girl!" It hissed angrily and sprinted off into the forest, vanishing in the darkness. It left Alec on the ground, mostly unharmed and alive.

There was the sound of galloping horses. From the brushes Link emerged, Master Sword drawn and followed closely by a group of Hylian Knights. They began to circle the clearing. Some dismounted and grabbed a hold of the unconscious man lying next to the fallen tree.

Link dismounted and ran to his daughter. Terra was still sitting on the ground, and seemed to snap out of her fear as her father arrived to the area.

"You're not hurt! Thank the Goddesses!" Link stated, holding his daughter tightly. "Next time come home when I tell you!"

"I will…I will…I'm so sorry dad, I'm sorry!" Terra whimpered as she began to break down into tears again. She buried her head into her father's shoulder.

A group of knight's began to circle the dazed Alec, who was attempting to stand. The knights began drawing their swords. Alec stumbled back onto the ground sending a puff of dust into the air.

Link looked up from his daughter. "Who are you? Why are you here with my daughter?"

He demanded, pointing the Master Sword at the boy.

Alec began to open his mouth but was interrupted by Terra. "His name is Alec, He saved me. Knight's, Lower your weapons."

One by one each knight lowered his weapon and backed away from Alec.

"Alec? Malon's son?" Link said surprised. "You saved her?"

Alec nodded humbly, remaining silent and rocking back and forth from the blow he received to his head.

Link smirked. "Well it looks like I've met you earlier than I thought." He let go of his daughter and walked over to the dazed ranch boy. Link kneeled down to inspect the wound.

"Knights! Get this boy to the castle, he needs aid!"

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