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Our Breath of the Wild Shrine Quests guide will cover all 42 shrine quests in the game. These quests are required in order to be able to enter certain Shrines of Trials located throughout the game.

Breath of the Wild Shrine Quest Guide

Note: Guide is still being updated. Please check back for more information!

The Gut Check Challenge

Travel to the top of the pillar at Gut Check Rock and talk with the Goron named Bayge to get The Gut Check Challenge Shrine Quest.

The Eye of the Sandstorm

Speak with Nobiro in the Kara Kara Bazaar to start The Eye of the Sandstorm Shrine Quest.

Shrouded Shrine

Travel to the Thyphlo Ruins to get the Shrouded Shrine Shrine Quest.

Into the Vortex

Head to the ruins south of Rist Peninsula to find a metal ball. Examine the stone in front of it to get the Into the Vortex Shrine Quest. Pick up the metal ball and make your way down the long spiraling path to the north. Place the ball on the switch to activate the Ritaag Zumo Shrine.

Trial on the Cliff

Head to the North Lomei Labyrinth and walk inside the entrance to get the Trial on the Cliff Shrine Quest. Head inside until you reach the part of the path where the Shrine is blocked off. Look around to find some goo. Climb up the wall and over it. Glide across to get passed it.

Shoot the eyeball in the room to remove the goo. Head back to the entrance, facing the shrine, and follow this path:

  • Head north until the path splits and you cannot go north any further
  • Turn left and head this direction until another split
  • Head right and then right again
  • Continue and make a left and an immediate right
  • Take the next right and the next left
  • Take the second right – since the first is a dead end – to find a chest on your left
  • Head east and continue until the path ends, which will take you slightly to the left
  • Now turn left and head this direction (north) until you reach the northern part of the maze with a chest and 3 torches
  • Turn south to see a single torch down a path and head to it
  • Head east all the way down the path until you reach a split
  • Go directly south and around the hallway to find 2 torches with a ladder
  • Climb up the ladder and go straight to reach some stairs
  • Turn and go up the stairs
  • Continue down the path into a large room and drop down to find the Qaza Tokki Shrine

Now all you have to do is activate the shrine to complete the Trial on the Cliff Shrine Quest.

Watch Out for the Flowers

Head to the Floret Sandbar to the northeast of Batrea Lake and walk through the flowers near the shrine or speak with Magda to get the Watch Out for the Flowers Shrine Quest. Travel the winding path around the shrine to reach the Hila Rao Shrine. Activate it to complete the Watch Out for Flowers Shrine Quest.

Trial of the Labyrinth

Head to Lomei Labyrinth Island and upon entering the maze, you will get the Trial of the Labyrinth Shrine Quest.

Stranded on Eventide

Travel to Eventide Island to receive the Stranded on Eventide Shrine Quest. You start out without any items. So run around the island opening chests and gathering other items and supplies. There is a chest located in the murky water in the center of the island if you use the Magnesis Rune.

Once you have gathered supplies, it is time to find the metal balls for the holes. One is located on the east side of the island. Run over and defeat the enemies and open the chests. Now pick up the ball and head to the north of the island to find a hole for the metal ball.

Defeat any Octorok you come across to get some Octo Balloons. Now continue to the hole. Toss the metal ball across to make it float in the water. Use the Cryonis Rune to travel across and raise the metal ball up. Place it in the hole and head to the southern part of the island.

Skip the Hinox battle for now, so be sure not to wake it up. Travel to the hill here and defeat the enemies. Gather supplies and run over to the large boulders. Use the Stasis Rune to freeze their time and hit them with a weapon to make them fly off and into the Hinox.

Do this with the second boulder as well. Now jump down and attack the Hinox head on. Be sure to dodge any attacks and shoot its eye to stun it. If you run out of weapons, you can toss bombs at it. Once it is defeated, grab the metal ball and head to the top of the hill.

Break the crates and drop the ball into the hole. Now climb up the tall hill on the east side of the island. Defeat the enemies here and pick up the ball. Carry it over to the hole and sit it on the ground. Use an Octo Balloon on the object blocking the hole.

This will move the object off the hole. Now pick up the metal ball and place it in the hole. This will cause a brief dialog and you will also get your items back. This will complete the Stranded on Eventide Shrine Quest and unlock the Korgu Chideh Shrine.

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