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Our Breath of the Wild Boss Guide will cover every boss in the game. Breath of the Wild Bosses can appear inside Divine Beasts or other areas of the game. This guide will include strategy on how to defeat them as well as where they are located. Be sure to check back soon as we will be updating this page to include more information!

Breath of the Wild Boss Guide

Divine Beast Vah Ruta Boss: Waterblight Ganon

Waterblight Ganon will appear and is the boss of the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Waterblight Ganon can be difficult if you do not know how to beat him. You will want to stay far away from him and quickly shoot arrows at the head of the beast anything he materializes.

After a few successful attacks, Waterblight Ganon will be stunned. Run over and attack him as many times as possible. He will teleport to the other side of the room. Repeat this process a few times until Waterblight Ganon raises the water level in the room.

The concept is the same except this time – Waterblight Ganon will also toss giant cubes of ice at you. Shoot them with your arrow and shoot him as well. After a few successful attacks, the creature will be stunned. Swim over and attack him. Repeat this several times and the foe will start aiming a red laser at you.

This is your que to quickly finish him off with as many arrows as possible. Once defeated, a short cutscene will happen followed by a Heart Container dropping to the floor.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania Boss: Fireblight Ganon

The fight with Divine Beast Vah Rudania boss Fireblight Ganon will only take a few minutes if you are fast; however, you will need to have a fireproof elixir active during the fight. If you do not have any left and are lower on time, we recommend leaving the Divine Beast and acquiring more elixir.

Fireblight Ganon Stage 1

Fireblight Ganon will start off by throwing fireballs at you or attacking with his sword. Simply dodge either attack and shoot arrows at the boss. Ice Arrows work well here. The creature will occasionally be stunned, which lets you run up an attack it if the boss is low enough in the air.

This phase continues like this for several rounds. Once Fireblight Ganon is at half health, it will teleport to the center of Divine Beast Vah Rudania. This will begin stage 2 of the fight. Make sure you have a fireproof elixir active during both stages or you will get damaged due to the heat.

Fireblight Ganon Stage 2

This stage starts off with Fireblight Ganon sucking a lot of fire into his large flame. Simply toss a bomb at him during this and be sure to detonate it once it gets close to him. This will stun the boss. Now run up and deal as much damage as possible.

Fireblight Ganon will either do this process again or start following you around the battlefield. If the boss is following you around, just do like stage 1 and use arrows against it. Be sure to deal lots of damage whenever it is stunned. Repeat until the foe is vanquished, leaving behind a Heart Container.

Yiga Clan Hideout Boss: Master Kohga

The Yiga Clan Hideout boss fight is rather straightforward. Master Kohga will start the fight by spawning a ball above his head. Quickly shoot him with an arrow to make it fall down and stun the boss. Run up and do as much damage as possible. Repeat this a few more times.

Master Kohga will eventually begin stage 2 of the fight. Simply wait until one of the balls is above his head and shoot him with an arrow. Run over and deal as much damage as possible. This stage is pretty short and only takes a couple repetitions.

Finally, Master Kohga will start controlling a large spiked ball and rolling it around the area. Use the Magnesis Rune to take control and hit Master Kohga with it. After a couple hits, this boss fight will be over with a cutscene.

Divine Beast Vah Naboris Boss: Thunderblight Ganon

The boss of Divine Beast Vah Naboris is Thunderblight Ganon. This boss can be rather difficult due to its speed. There are roughly 3 stages to the fight and each one has its own challenges.

Stage 1

Stage 1 is arguably the easiest stage of the fight. Thunderblight Ganon will throw lighting balls at you and travel quickly up beside you to attack. You will to have a shield equipped and target the boss at all times. Dodge the lightning and use the shield to block the fast attack.

Quickly attack the creature after blocking to break the shield of the beast. Now do as much damage as possible. The creature should become stunned, so run over and do more damage. Repeat until Thunderblight Ganon is at half health. This will start stage 2.

Stage 2

Thunderblight Ganon will now start tossing pillars down on the ground around you. Stay away from them to keep from being damaged by the lighting. Now use the Magnesis Rune to pick up one of the pillars and position it near Thunderblight Ganon.

Lightning will eventually strike the pillar. This will destroy the pillar and also damage the boss. Thunderblight Ganon will fall down and be stunned. Run over and attack the foe as much as possible. This process may or may not have to be repeated before stage 3 starts.

Stage 3

Thunderblight Ganon will now start another round similar to stage 1 of the fight. This variant will be faster paced and more crucial that you use food to raise the max health of Link. You will need to dodge or block quickly, being sure to heal fully between attacks.

Simply attack Thunderblight Ganon similar to stage 1 and do as much damage as possible whenever the boss is stunned. Be sure to hide if the creature starts aiming the red laser at you. Simply keep attacking to finish the fight. Pick up the Heart Container that is dropped after the cutscene.

Divine Beast Vah Medoh Boss: Windblight Ganon

The Divine Beast Vah Medoh boss is Windblight Ganon. This boss is rather straightforward if you have lots of arrows or weapons to throw. Simply target Windblight Ganon and shoot the boss with arrows. At half health, Windblight Ganon start with a new attack that is easily avoided.

Simply stay out of the path of the objects and keep shooting arrows at the boss or throwing weapons. Windlight Ganon will eventually start aiming the red laser at you. Now run up and attack the boss as much as possible to defeat it. Grab the Heart Container after the cutscene.

Hyrule Castle Boss: Calamity Ganon

Calamity Ganon can be a tricky fight. If you have gotten all 4 Divine Beasts, they will attack at the start of the fight and take away half of the Hyrule Castle bosses life. Your job is to take away the second half. You will have to face the boss of any Divine Beast you have not completed.

Calamity Ganon’s health will also reflect this, so we strong recommend defeating all of the bosses prior to this fight to give you the best edge possible. Once you are fighting Calamity Ganon, dodge all of the attacks and be sure to counter attack when the beast uses a sword attack.

This will deal the most damage if you have the Master Sword. Calamity Ganon will occasionally climb on the walls. Dodge all of the attacks until it falls back to the ground. Now repeat this process several times until Calamity Ganon is at half of its starting health.

A second stage will start now that is very similar to the first stage except Calamity Ganon will now be protected from attacks unless you counter attack or stun it. Just keep repeating the previous process and Calamity Ganon will be defeated. A cutscene will ensue now followed by Dark Beast Ganon.

Final Boss: Dark Beast Ganon

Dark Beast Ganon is a rather straightforward fight. Run over and acquire the Bow of Light. The Bow of Light has infinite arrows. Now circle around Dark Beast Ganon and wait until Princess Zelda gives the que to attack. Hit as many of the light circles on Dark Beast Ganon as possible with the Bow of Light.

Repeat this process several times until you have taken care of all of the light circles. Now Dark Beast Ganon will have an eyeball that occasionally opens on the top of its head. Shoot this eyeball with arrows and, using Revali’s Gale, you can glide upwards and attack head on.

This will defeat Dark Beast Ganon and complete the Destroy Ganon quest. A cutscene will now happen and the credits will rolls. Another cutscene will happen after the credits and the game will return to the main menu. You have now completed Breath of the Wild!

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