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Our Korok Seed Locations guide will cover every Korok location in Breath of the Wild. There are many Koroks located across the game. They each give you a Korok Seed. These can be traded in to Hestu, who is first located on the path to Kakariko Village.

The Priceless Maracas

Speak with Hestu to start The Priceless Maracas quest. Now head north through the archway shown during the cutscene. Defeat the Bokoblins here and head to the chest, which contains Hestu’s Maracas.

Head back south and speak with Hestu once more for some brief dialog. Now head out and find one of the Korok Seeds below. Talk to Hestu afterwards to be granted an expansion of one of your inventory slots.

Hestu will travel back to Korok Forest and make stops at the Riverside Stable, Wetland Stable, and Woodland Stable along the way. Once Hestu makes it back to the Korok Forest, he will forever be located here.

This is how you upgrade Link’s inventory limits throughout the game. There are 900 Korok Seeds in the game. The upgrades start at 1 seed for the first upgrade and increases each subsequent upgrade. Please see the table below:

Additional Slots Weapon Stash Bow Stash Shield Stash
1st 1 1 1
2nd 2 2 2
3rd 3 3 3
4th 5 5 4
5th 8 8 5
6th 12 12 10
7th 17 17 10
8th 25 25 (Max) 10
9th 35   10
10th 45   10
11th 55 (Max)   15
12th     15
13th     15
14th     15
15th     15
16th     20 (Max)
Totals 208 73 160

Korok Seed Location Guide

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