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Rota Ooh Shrine

Location: Central Hyrule

Reward: Feathered Edge, Spirit Orb

Trial: Passing of the Gates


Enter Rota Ooh Shrine and hit the orange switch. Head to the left side of the room and go down the path to find a chest, which contains the Small Key. Head back to the start and grab the metal ball. Move it towards the portal you used to come in the shrine.

Now use an arrow to hit the blue switch at the top right of the room. The platform will flip and you need to unlock the door with the key. Toss the metal ball into the front part of the platform that is shaped like a basket. Hit the orange switch to flip the platform again to make the metal ball fall into the hole.

This will activate a raising platform. Use it to be thrown into the air. Glide over to the chest to the north, which contains a Feathered Edge. Glide over towards the area with the metal ball and hole. Climb up the ladder and hop down. Head back up top using the raising platform.

Place a bomb near the blue switch and drop down to the metal portion below towards the ball and hole. Detonate the bomb to be taken to the top. Now climb and travel to the end of the shrine. Examine the structure to get the Spirit Orb and to be transported back outside.

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