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Katosa Aug Shrine

Location: Akkala

Reward: Great Frostblade, Spirit Orb

Trial: Katosa Aug Apparatus


Once inside Katosa Aug Shrine, head towards the pedestal to the right. Examine it to take control of a swinging hammer. Tilt it back and forward to hit the ball across and into the hole. If the ball falls off, just press cancel and re-examine the pedestal. Use the platform to cross the gap.

Travel behind the finishing structure to find another pedestal. Use it to take control of another hammer. Swing it to make the ball go north and it will go around back to the hole. Now use the platform to reach a chest. Open it to get the Great Frostblade.

Head back across and to the structure in the center of the shrine. Examine it to get another Spirit Orb and to be transported back outside.

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