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This page will show you all the Kinstone Fusions you can get in the game. This will be in order of location and order of time. This page is currently under construction, so it will be left mostly unformated until another time in the future.

Please note: Some Kinstone fusions will not happen with a specific person and may switch to another. It is best to try and look around the area and try to find people to fuse with. Please also note: When Hyrule Castle is taken over, many of the citizens in Hyrule Castle Town will flee, so you'll need to fuse with other people in Hyrule.

Note to European players: If you do not have the right Kinstone Fusion for Eenie, DO NOT KINSTONE FUSION WITH HIM. There is a bug in the game that will prevent you from trading with him ever again!

Here are a Legend of the of different types of Kinstones:

Blue 1 - A soft cut Blue Kinstone.

Blue 2 - A slight 90 degree cut Blue Kinstone.

Green 1 - A Green Kinstone with a < cut into it.

Green 2 - A Green Kinstone with a rounded square cut into it.

Green 3 - A Green Kinstone with an uneven cut.

Red 1 - A Red Kinstone with two > cuts into it.

Red 2 - A Red Kinstone cut into a pizza slice.

Red 3 - A Red Kinstone cut into finger-like pieces.

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