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First, fuses Kinstones with Eenie who tends to the farms just east of Hyrule Castle town. Fusing Kinstones will allow a Goron to bust through the first wall in a cave near Lon long Ranch. However the Goron is unable to bust through the next wall.

Second, find a mysterious wall in the wall near Eenie. Dig into the wall and find the Mysterious Wall. Fuse Kinstones to bring in another Goron.

Third, find another Mysterious Wall on Mt. Crenal. Climb the large wall on the western side of the mountain and all the way to the top of the mountain. There’s a ledge on the wall you can only access by going to the top of Mt. Crenal so go down there and dig into the wall with your Mole Mitts. Dig until you find the Mysterious Wall and then fuse Kinstones with it. The result will make another Goron appear in the cave mentioned earlier and all the Gorons will bust through the walls together.

Fourth, in Tribly Highlands, there is a wall you can dig into after you get the Flippers. Dig into the wall and make your way around the maze to find the Mysterious Wall. Another Goron will come in and help bust the walls down.

Fifth, find another Mysterious Wall near Syrup’s Hut in Minish Woods. Dig into the wall until you find the Mysterious Wall. Fuse Kinstones and a fifth Goron will come into the cave to help bust down a wall.

The final Mysterious Wall is found in the cave on the Northern Edge of Lake Hylia. Use the Roc’s Cape to get to the wall and then dig into the wall. In the maze, try to find the area where the Mysterious Wall is and fuse another Kinstone together. The last Goron will appear assist to take down the last wall.

Congrats on finding all the Mysterious Walls and gathering the Gorons. Your prize is a bottle!

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