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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is the 12th Zelda game and was released on the Game Boy Advance in 2004 in Japan and Europe. The game saw North American release in early 2005. The Minish Cap is part of the Four Swords saga but does not follow the same multiplayer focus as the other games.


At the start of the game - Link is tasked with delivering a sword to Hyrule Castle to be given to Vaati who won a sword-fighting tournament. Vaati is the antagonist and turns Princess Zelda into stone during the sword presentation ceremony. Vaati - a Minish - is the same race as Ezlo, who created the magical cap that allowed Vaati to gain his powers. Link finds Ezlo who is being attacked by Octoroks. After defeating the Octoroks, Ezlo teams up with Link in order to defeat Vaati. Ezlo gives Link the ability to shrink down to Minish-size using certain pots and tree stumps.


The Minish Cap plays similiar to the other handheld-games. The player is given a sword and shield very early in the game. Using the sword and shield - the player is able to obtain various other weapons and items such as the Mole Mitts. The Mole Mitts are unique because they allow the player to dig through certain types of dirt and other terrain. Link also learns new sword techniques from various Dojo's throughout the overworld. These techniques allow the player to perform various useful attack on his foes.


The pages below are guides for The Minish Cap to help you with any challenges you come across in the game.

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