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1. How many Gorons live on this island?

Answer: 14

2. How many homes are on this island?

Answer: 6

3. How many Gorons are in their homes right now?

Answer: 7

4. How many Gorons are outside right now?

Answer: 7

5. Of those Gorons outside, how many are adults?

Answer: 4

6. How many Goron children are on the island?

Answer: 3

7. How many rocks are in this home?

Answer: 3

8. The Goron at this spot! What is he staring at?

Answer: Ship

9. What color were the odd creatures on the cliff?

Answer: Yellow

10. What is on this spot?

Answer: Chest

11. Easy one, stranger! What number question is this?!

Answer: This one actually depends, Link gets asked these questions at random, but it’s either the 11th question or the 4th.

12. How many Rupees have you won so far? Easy!

Answer: Depending on what question you are and how many rupees you collected.

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