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The Phantom Hourglass Boss Guide covers every main boss in Phantom Hourglass. Images will be added at a later date.

Phantom Hourglass Boss Guide

Blaaz, Master of Fire

When you first encounter Blaaz he will turn into 3 smaller clones of himself he will jump around and shoot fireballs at you. How do you take a out this flaming beast? Look at the top screen of your DS notice the 3 enemies show up on the map. Each one has horns on it's head 1, 2, and 3 respectively. Hit them with the boomerang in the order of 1, 2, 3. That will make the clones form the original Blaaz and then you can attack him with your sword. Continue this process and you will soon defeat the Master of Fire!

Cyclok, Stirrer of Winds

Cyclok will be flying around shooting cyclones, That will be your chance. Get out a bomb and throw it at the cyclone it will fly up and hit him. He will be knocked down and you can slash him with your sword. Continue this process and you will soon defeat The Stirrer of Winds!

Crayk, Bane of Courage

Crayk will become invisible through most of the battle. Look at the top screen of your DS, You will see Crayk hunting you down. When he gets in contact with you he will head straight for you. He will pick you up with his claws, rub your stylus to get out of his hold. To attack him, You can try out your Bow and shoot straight from his sight, If he gets hit he will tuck in his shell and circle around the arena. Catch him and slash him with your sword. Continue this process and soon you will defeat The Bane of Courage!

Diabolical Cubus Sisters

This boss will shoot balls of magic at you. You hit the magic back at them, But you have to be exact or they will miss and fly back to you. Each one takes 2 hits to defeat. After one of them is down they will pass the ball to each other and hit you with it. Once there is only one left she will mix up exploding magic and a solid magic in a ball and shoot it at you, Hit it back and you will defeat The Diabolical Cubus Sisters!

Dongorongo, Armored Lizard

This boss will involve you and Gongoron. As Gongoron, For the first part keep an eye on Link soon he will be attacked if he is unattended. Well use your Goron Roll and dodge the fire shot at you. Attack the middle of him with your roll and knock him over. As Link, Shoot a Bombchu at his open mouth. Continue this process. After that Gongoron will head to the temple where he pure metal is. As Link, You walk acroos the bridge it will disappear and the boss will revive itself! The boss will soon prepare to shoot fire at you, While his mouth is open throw a bomb in there. He will fall over much like he did when you were playing Gongoron, Slash the boss and continue this process and you will defeat The Armored Lizard!

Gleeok, Two-Headed Dragon

The red head will shoot fire, The blue head will shoot ice. Do you see the 4 post in the room? That is your weapon. Get out the Grappling Hook and line up the post to make the blasts hit the opposite dragon. When the dragon shakes it's head you will know where to set up the grappling hook. When they shoot tidal waves jump on the post and you will be fine. Once you hit both heads exactly 3 times their masks will crack, Laer on the dragons will break the 2 front posts. The dragons will lean forward and you shoot the grappling hook at the tongue and slam the dragon in the wall. Attack the head with your sword. Continue this process until you defeat The Two-Headed Dragon!

Eox, Ancient Stone Soldier

To defeat this boss, You will need to attack the bolts around his exterior. Dodge all of the attacks Eox throws at you and find a launch pad and use your hammer to launch in the air, While you're in the air use your hammer and pound in the bolts. After all the blue bolts are hammered in Red Bolts will appear. This is the same routine as the blue bolts except you have to hit the red bolts in order. Continue this process until you defeat The Ancient Stone Soldier!

Evil Phantom Bellum

Bellum will start out shooting ooze at you if you avoid it you will have to take it out with your sword. Use your Grappling Hook and take off the ooze around bellum in order. Now Bellum will raise up in the room get out your bow and shoot all of his eyes. Now he will fall into the pool, go down and attack him once again. he will raise to the second floor once again, This time he will have his eyes closed. Once you hit all 5 again he will head up to the third floor. Do the same you did before, He will crash down. Even though this time Bellum will shot a Glowing Ball and Oshus will say that Celia has powers. She will shot a Phantom Sphere at you it will allow you to stop time for awhile if you draw an hourglass on your screen, Freeze time and you will defeat Bellum!

Phantom Linebeck

Bellum possessed Linebeck and you will have to fight him, Just at first attack him a little bit. The Phantom will catch Celia you have to swordfight with him until you clash and then you slash him, Celia will give you a Phantom Sphere and you need to freeze time when the Phantom's eye opens on the top screen of your DS.
Continue this process and you will defeat Bellum once and for all!

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