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Time Manipulation & Money
Locate the Traveler's Ship, which is the guy who gives you all of the treasure. Then kill all of the enemies on board hist ship and talk to him. After receiving the treasure, leave his ship and save your game. Turn off and on your DS and go into settings. Adjust the time and date forward one day or so and restart your game. Return to the Traveler's Ship and repeat for more treasure. After you have done this a few times go sell all of your good.

Fast Rupees
If you have not challenged Jolene to a final duel, go and find her. Battle her a couple of times and you will be rewarded with a large red rupee, thats worth two hundred rupees, each time you do.

Fire Sword
To get the Fire Sword you must get ten fairies. Then, head to the Fairy Princess near the Sun Temple and you should receive the sword.

Prince of the Red Lion
Go to the ship The Prince of the Red Lion. Go fight the enemy there. If you get enought hits on him in the time limit you could get a ship part or a heart container.

Golden Ship Parts
If you take the time to become a VIP Member of Beedle's Shop, you will get fourty percent off his goods. Sometimes he will have golden ship parts available which are easier to afford with the steep discount.

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