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The following Oracle of Seasons Heart Pieces guide covers the locations and requirements for each of the games heart pieces. There are a total of 12 pieces of heart scattered throughout Holodrum, which gives the player a total of 3 extra heart containers if found.

Oracle of Seasons Heart Pieces Guide

Heart Piece #1

After you get the Ember Seeds in the First Dungeon, you can burn the sapling in Horon Village to gain access to this Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #2

After you've unlocked the Power of Winter for your Rod of Seasons, leave Horon Village's east exit, and keep going east to the next screen. Here there is a tree stump. Hop on and use the Power of Winter to make a bridge. Follow the new path west until you reach the cave. Enter here and find the Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #3

After you have the Power Bracelet, you can use the Power of Winter to gain access to the Heart Piece in southeastern corner of the Woods of Winter.

Heart Piece #4

When you gain access the Subrosian Shop, you can buy the Piece of Heart for 10 Ember Seeds and 20 Ore Chunks.

Heart Piece #5

After you have the Power of Summer, return to the first screen of the game, and use your Rod of Seasons. Now walk in the dried up lake and lift the stone you find there. You will gain access to a cave. There are some enemies down here, but nothing too bad. You'll receive the Heart Piece for your work.

Heart Piece #6

West of the Sunken City is the Moblin's Fortress. You can defeat the Great Moblin by throwing his own bombs back at him. If you can hit him while he has a bomb in his hand, it will detonate all of the other bombs, causing the fortress to collapse. What's left behind is your brand new Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #7

After you have the Power of Spring, go to the southeastern section of Spool Swamp. There is a Heart Piece on the island, but you cannot get to it. Go to the north and change the season to Spring. This allows for the currents to flow freely. Now just use the Zora Flippers to reach the island.

Heart Piece #8

If you enter the Dancing Dragon Dungeon on Mt. Cucco by changing the season to Spring and using the flower to reach the higher ledge to gain access, you can find the Heart Piece by dropping down to the ledge, where it was hidden out of plain sight.

Heart Piece #9

After you have earned Roc's Cape, go to the southwest of Holodrum and cross the ship. Find the stump in this area and turn the season to Autumn. Now you can enter the cave west of the ship. Use Roc's Cape to clear the gap, and when you emerge from the other side you will be in the Graveyard. From here head northwest and use the Power Bracelet to yank up the mushrooms, and head east to find your new Heart Piece.

Heart Piece #10

After you've taken care of the Temple Remains in Subrosia, return to the Temple Remains above and bomb the cracked wall to the north. Cross the lava with Roc's Cape to earn this Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece #11

One Piece of Heart can be found when Maple the Witch bumps into you, sadly the Piece only shows up at random. When she drops her items, make sure you grab the Heart Piece first!

Heart Piece #12

Another random Heart Piece is found in a Gasha Nut. Again, this is completely random, but the best results usually come from a Gasha Tree that has been there through a great part of the game.

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