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The following Oracle of Seaons Boss Guide contains tips and strategies for defeating each boss of the game.

Oracle of Seasons Boss Guide


Just like in the original Legend of Zelda. He will use two attacks to his advantage. First the fireballs, then the charge if you get too close. Just avoid these, and when the opportunity appears, strike his horn. After a few hits, he will go down.


You need the power bracelet and some bombs for this fight, so make sure you're stocked up. Dodongo will charge at you, but if you can avoid that, this fight is fairly easy. Donongo will take in a large breath and then spit out fire. When he inhales, throw a bomb down his throat. This will stun him and give you the opportunity to pick him up with the power bracelet, and throw him into the spikes in the middle of the room. Do this a few times, and down he goes.


All you need for this fight is Roc's Feather and your sword. The Dungeon has walkways along the walls, and islands in the center. Mothula will send small moths and fireballs at you. To avoid these, just jump onto one of the islands using Roc's Feather(If you're low on health, slash the moths to find recovery hearts). Also, if you fall into the pit, you will end up below the boss room. Just use the springboard to get back up, but the battle will start again from the beginning. Mothula will also try to collide with you, but he shields himself, making it impossible to harm him. Just wait for him to come to a stop over one of the islands, then move forward and attack. This can be a tricky fight, and may take some getting used to, but once you get it down, repeat the strategy until Mothula is defeated.


For this two part battle you will need the slingshot and your sword. For the first part Ghoma will try to attack you with her larger claw. The simple strategy here is to get behind the claw and slash away, and avoid her claw when she attacks(This can be attained by using Roc's Feather to jump out of the way). After you've defeated her claw, she will send spider larva at you. These are simple, just one hit with the sword, but there are a lot of them and proves to be a bit tedious. Once you have cleared the place up a bit, watch Gohma, wait for her to open her eye. When this happens use the slingshot to shoot her eye with a seed. Keep going through this pattern of slashing through larva and shooting her eye until she is vanquished.


This is a difficult fight, so be stocked up on supplies before you enter. For the battle all you will need is the Magnetic Glove. Digdogger jumps around the room trying to inflict damage. Avoid his jumps and his shadows and you should be fine. Now, use the Magnetic Glove to attract the spiked ball in the corner of the room. Don't attract it too close or you'll harm yourself. When you have a clean shot repel the spike ball into Digdogger, and keep moving the ball back and forth over him to inflict the most damage. After several hits, he will split into miniature Digdoggers. You can kill these using your sword, but the spike ball is much more efficient, and only takes one hit. Move quickly because Digdogger will reform after a short period. Repeat the process until he is done away with.


This fight requires the Magical boomerang. The dungeon floor is covered with moving sand, so try to stay on the tiles as much as possible. This fight is pretty simple. Each of the four heads will shoot fireballs at you. Just avoid these and get your Magical Boomerang ready. When one of the mouths opens up and is about to shoot, direct the path of your boomerang to hit it. Try to alternate hitting heads, because once a head falls off, Manhandla will strat moving faster. After a few hits each, all the heads should fall off, and the stem will fly across the room. Just keep hitting it with the boomerang until the core is exposed. When this happens, slash away, and the evil flower will blossom no more.


All you need for this fight is your sword and Roc's Feather. The two-headed dragon uses an arsenal of fire attacks. The first is four fire balls shot off into different directions, and the next is a fireball that is shot and ricochets of the wall into smaller pieces. Avoid these as much as possible. For the best results, stand in between the two heads of the dragon and charge your sword. Make sure you hit both heads, because if you only destroy one, after a short while, the first will regenerate. After the heads are defeated, his body will jump into the air. This is where Roc's Feather comes into play. Jump right before he lands, otherwise you will be stunned and will incur a massive amount of damage. After you land slash the body of Gleeok. Repeat this until he is defeated.

Medusa Head

For this battle you will need Roc's Cape, your sword, and possibly some Pegasus seeds. Her attacks are immense. She will send out waves of fire balls. Use Roc's cape to jump over the first set, and jump again midair to avoid the second set. She will also shoot lasers from the north side of the room. Just a simple jump will avoid these as well. Her last offensive tactic are the blue orbs. They move in a spiral pattern and if you are hit by these, you will be stunned and incur much damage from her next attacks. So avoid these by using a double jump with Roc's Cape. Basically all you have to do here is avoid her attacks and find the window to slash her with your sword. If you find this to be too difficult, you can use Pegasus seeds to stun her, that is, only if you have some to spare. After many hits in this fashion she will be conquered.


This is a two stage battle. I recommend Pegasus seeds and a full stock of everything. Other than that you need the sword, the Rod of Seasons, and Roc's cape.

Stage 1: In the first half of this battle Onox wields a heavy mace. He will use this, along with whirlwinds, to attack you. Here is where the Pegasus seeds are helpful. The speed helps you avoid Onox's attacks with ease. The only way to defeat Onox in this stage is to charge up your sword and then hit him. This takes planning and timing, but after several good hits he will start to use the crystal which Din is encased in as a shield. If you hit the crystal, you will be electrocuted. To work around this, just use the Rod of Seasons on the crystal, and it will fly across the room, leaving Onox vulnerable. Again, charge up your sword, and after a few more hits you'll move on to stage two.

Stage 2: This is it, the last battle. After a short dialogue, Onox will reveal his true form. He transforms into a giant flying serpent. He has many attacks in this form. He will spit out blue fire that hones in on you as you move. There is also a fireball attack, where he spits out many fireballs in every direction. Avoid his hands. He will do a sweep of the entire floor; to avoid this, just run to the other side of the screen (again a good time to use those Pegasus Seeds). His last attack is one where he tries to crush you with his hand. This is your window. Avoid the hand, and jump onto it when it hits the ground. Charge your sword up and right when you get near his face, use Roc's Cape to jump and hit the ruby on top of his head. Repeat this a few times, and the land of Holodrum is safe once again!

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