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The following Ocarina of Time 3D Song guide covers every song in the game. The button combination for each song is included beside the song's name.

Regular Songs

Saria's Song

R Y X R Y X – You learn this song from Saria in the Sacred Meadows of the Lost Woods.

Zelda's Lullaby

X A Y X A Y – Princess Zelda teaches you this song during your visit to Hyrule Castle.

Epona's Song

A X Y A X Y – Go visit Lon Lon Ranch during the daytime and you will find Malon in the middle of the horse track. Talk to her a couple times and then target her and pull out your ocarina. She will then teach you Epona's Song.

Song of Time

Y L R Y L R – After you pick up the Ocarina of Time, you will be taken into a cutscene with Princess Zelda. During the scene, Princess Zelda teaches you the song.

Sun's Song

Y R A Y R A – Go to Kakariko Graveyard. At the very back of the graveyard you will find three gravestones. The one in the middle is large. Stand on the triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby. A bolt of lightning will destroy the largest tombstone. Fall down the hole that appears. Continue into the tomb. The first room you come to will get locked upon entry. Kill all the enemies to continue. The next room is full of ReDeads and poisonous green gases. Dodge all of them and continue until you find two torches next to a sealed door. Read the inscription on the door and you will be taught the Sun's Song.

Song of Storms

L R A L R A – (As an adult) go to the windmill in Kakariko Village and talk to the person there. He will teach you the Song of Storms. It has the power to make it rain for a period of time.

Teleportation Songs

Minuet of Forest

L A X Y X Y – (As an adult) go to the Sacred Forest Meadows in the Lost Woods. Make you way down the pathway. You can use your hookshot to kill the enemies. At the top of the first set of stairs is another enemy. Just dodge each of his attacks and run pass it. Continue up the last set of stairs and you will get a cutscene. In the scene, Sheik teaches you the Minuet of Forest. This song lets you warp to the Sacred Forest Meadows.

Prelude of Light

A Y A Y X A – (As an adult) after finishing the Forest Temple, go back to the Temple of Time. You will receive a cutscene with Sheik, who will teach you this song. The song lets you warp to the Temple of Time.

Bolero of Fire

R L R L Y R Y R – (As an adult) go to the Goron City and take the secret path behind the statue in Darunia's chamber. You will come to a broken bridge. Use your hookshot to get across. Sheik will appear and teach you this song. The song lets you warp to the Death Mountain Crater.

Serenade of Water

L R Y Y X – (As an adult) go and beat the wolf in the Ice Cavern. You will receive a cutscene with Sheik, who will teach you this song. The song lets you warp to Lake Hylia.

Nocturne of Shadow

X Y Y L X Y R – (As an adult) after beating the water temple, go to Kakariko Village. A cutscene with Sheik will begin. Sheik will now teach you the Nocturne of Shadow. This song warps you to a pedestal in the back of the Kakariko Graveyard.

Requiem of Spirit

L R L Y R L – (As an adult) after entering the Spirit Temple, turn around and exit. Sheik will appear and teach you the Requiem of Spirit. It allows you to warp to the Desert Colossus.

Secret Songs

Scarecrow's Song

Customizable – (As a kid) go to Lake Hylia and head down to the ruins that go into the lake. Beside them you will notice two small plowed up spots of ground with 2 scarecrows. Play the ocarina for the one closest to the lake. Whatever notes you play will become the Scarecrow's Song. Now come back and play the same thing for the scarecrow as an adult. He will tell you that his friend Pierre will help you out whenever he is around and hears the song. The song will make Pierre appear in certain spots throughout the game.

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