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The following Ocarina of Time 3D Fairy Fountains guide covers the locations of every Great Fairy Fountain in Ocarina of Time 3D.

Ocarina of Time 3D Great Fairy Fountains

Great Fairy Fountain #1

The very first Great Fairy fountain is located at the summit of Death Mountain. The entrance is blocked by rocks, just use one of your bombs and clear the way. Upon entering, you will notice the triforce symbol on the floor, play "Zelda's Lullaby" to call the fairy. The fairy will grant you with magic power along with a more powerful spin attack-- this attack will slightly drain your magic meter. If you wish to use this new spin attack hold down the "B" button and let your sword charge up before releasing, this will unleash the strong spin attack.

Great Fairy Fountain #2

You will find the next Great Fairy fountain on the road to Hyrule castle. Climb the vines on the right side and get to the top. You must travel until you find a sign, not too far from this sign you'll find a big boulder, bomb it. Play "Zelda's Lullaby" just like you did at the last fountain to call the fairy. You will get the spell Din's Fire. This attack unleashes a half sphere of flame around Link that can be used to burn things.

Great Fairy Fountain #3

The third fountain is to the southeast of Jabu-Jabu on a patch of land. Swim to it and you'll see several boulders; bomb the silver one and reveal the entrance. Play "Zelda's Lullaby" to call the fairy. You will get another spell called Farore's Wind; use it in dungeons to use warp points. Although this spell is efficient for travel, it is not required to get.

Great Fairy Fountain #4

The next fountain is located in Death Mountain Crater, after you beat the Fire Temple. You need to use the entrance in Goron City and go to the right and find boulders. Just use your hammer to rid these and the entrance will be open. Play "zelda"s Lullaby" on the triforce symbol in the fountain and call the fairy. Your magic meter will be doubled.

Great Fairy Fountain #5

The fifth fountain is in the Desert Colossus. Once you're in this location go to the right and find two palm trees. There is a crack that can be bombed in between them. Enter and play "Zelda's Lullaby" on the triforce symbol. This fairy will give you the spell Nayru's Love. Using this spell will act like a shield, a bubble surrounding Link to protect you from enemies and potential hazards. This spell is not required but very efficient for those unexpected encounters.

Great Fairy Fountain #6

The final fountain is just around the corner of Ganon's Tower. Use your golden gauntlets to move the pillar and enter. Play "Zelda's Lullaby" to call the fairy. The fairy will double your defense. Enemy attack will only do half as much damage as they usually do. This is very helpful, especially since you're right next to the aboad of the King of Evil!

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