Part 6: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

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Finding Princess Ruto

Walk forward and use the slingshot on the yellowish switch above Link. This will unblock the door ahead. Travel through it and continue down the path. Go through the next door and continue forward for a short cutscene. Follow Princess Ruto through the hole and she will make Link carry her around the dungeon after a few dialogs.

Ruto will return here if you ever lose track of her. Pick up Ruto and head through the nearest door. Travel down the path dodging the bubbles. Jump down into the water and toss Ruto onto the opposite ledge. Hit the switch to raise the water level. Swim over and climb up to Ruto. Pick her up and continue down the corridor.

Hit the switch above Link with the slingshot and continue through the next door with Ruto. Hop onto the platform that lowers down after a small time. Jump off the platform at the top and go through the door with the two crates. Continue through the room and go into the next door. Head down the path to the right. Jump onto the switch while carrying Ruto.

Head through the next door and prepare for a small fight. Kill off the three Stingers to make a Big Chest appear, which contains the Boomerang. Carry Ruto back out of the room and go back the entrance of the next room. Continue down the newly unlocked path and place Ruto on the switch. Enter through the unlocked door for a fight.

Target the tentacle and use the Boomerang to hit the weak spot. Repeat this a few times and it will be defeated. A Big Chest will appear, which contains the Dungeon Map. Exit the room and pick up Ruto. Continue down the path that was previously blocked by the red tentacle. Open the door and head inside. Defeat all of the bubbles before the timer runs out.

A Big Chest will appear that contains the Compass. Pick Ruto back up and head out of the room. Head all the way down the path and through the door to the left - the one that is to the right of the three circle rooms on the map. Defeat the blue tentacle and exit the room with Ruto. Continue to the center circle room and defeat the green tentacle.

Pick Ruto up and exit the room. Continue down the path and enter back into the room where Ruto was located. Drop down the hole closest to the right wall if looking from the door Link just came through. After falling down the hole - go through the door and toss Ruto onto the platform. Head towards the platform and prepare to fight the mini-boss of the dungeon - Big Octo.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly Mini-Boss: Big Octo

Run away from Big Octo when he is chasing after Link. Once the platform stops and starting rotating the opposite way - Big Octo will turn around. Chase after Big Octo with the Boomerang. Roll after him in order to catch up. Hit his weak spot with the Boomerang to stun him. Attack him with the sword and then repeat this process several times in order to defeat Big Octo.

Walk onto the lowered platform and it will raise up to the top. Travel through the door and use the Boomerang to stun the pulsating jellies. Hop across and stun the second one. Travel across and go through the door. Jump across the small gap onto the ledge, which will lower down. Travel around and grab a small crate. Go back around and drop the small crate on the switch.

Enter the door and hop down into the water. Climb up the vines to find a switch blocked by a barrier. Use the Boomerang to travel around the barrier and hit the switch. Go through the door and prepare for the boss fight of Jabu-Jabu's Belly - Barinade.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly Boss: Barinade

 There will be a green, red, and blue tongue attached from the top of Barinade to the ceiling. L-target each one and use the Boomerang to detach it. After detaching them, Barinade will spawn jellyfish and start rotating them. Target Barinade's center and hit it with the Boomerang. Jump Attack the center several times and it will come out of the ground and start moving about once more.

Wait for it to stop and hit it with the Boomerang. This will stun it and all of the jellyfish. Destroy all of the jellyfish and it will start spinning around the room unprotected. Hit it with the Boomerang as it gets close. Jump Attack it several times and it will implant itself into the ground. Run around, dodging its attack's, and it will start moving again. Repeat a few times and it will be defeated.

Pick up the Heart Container and enter the portal with Ruto. After a short cutscene - Princess Ruto gives Link the Zora's Sapphire. Now exit Zora's Domain and head towards Hyrule Castle. A cutscene will ensue in which Princess Zelda throws an ocarina into the moat. Dive down and grab it. Link now has the Ocarina of Time.

During a cutscene - Link will now learn the Song of Time. Cross the drawbridge and continue to the Market. Take the path on the right to find a large temple. Enter it and Link will be inside the Temple of Time. Play the Song of Time in front of the altar in the back of the temple to place the Spiritual Stones into the altar, which will open a path forward. Travel inside and pull out the sword - the Master Sword.

Part 5: Zora's Domain

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