Part 1: Great Deku Tree

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Kokiri Forest

After the initial cutscenes – exit out of Link's house. Climb down the ladder and talk to Saria. Now go west and climb up the small hill next to Link's house. Travel through the small assortment of picket fence and enter the small hole. Travel through to the other side and follow the boulder until you see a Big Chest. Open the chest for the Kokiri Sword.  Collect all the rupees in the area then exit through the small hole.

Travel around the village collecting rupees by finding them scattered, throwing rocks, or cutting grass. Once 40 rupees have been collected – go to the shop, which is the house with the girl sitting on top. The girl will show Link how to L-target. Now enter the shop and purchase the Deku Shield for 40 rupees. Exit the shop and go left. Talk with Mido after making sure to equip the sword and shield.

Continue pass Mido and down the path to meet with the Great Deku Tree. After talking with the Great Deku Tree – go inside for the first dungeon of the game.

Inside the Deku Tree

Once inside the Deku Tree – kill a few Deku Babas to acquire some Deku Nuts and Deku Sticks. Now climb up the ladder and run around the edge until Navi mentions the vines near a Big Chest. Open the chest for the Dungeon Map. Do not climb the vines yet – instead, travel around some more to find a door. Enter the door for a fight with a Deku Scrub.

To win this fight – simply L-target the Deku Scrub and hold out the shield. Be sure to stay far away and the Deku Scrub will shoot a Deku Nut at Link. The Deku Nut will bounce off the shield and hit the Deku Scrub. Now chase it down and get a tip about long falls. Go through the newly opened door to find another Big Chest that is across a small gap.

Fall down and climb up the vines to get to the chest, which contains the Fairy Slingshot. Equip the slingshot and L-target the ladder above the door. Use the slingshot to make it fall down and exit through the door. Continue through the next room and into the first room. Travel back towards the vines to the right.

Use the slingshot to shoot down the Skulltulas and climb up the vines. At the top will be a lot of web and Big Skulltulas. Do not worry about them yet. Travel around and go through the door. Now jump onto the switch and travel across the small platforms to get to the Big Chest, which contains the Compass. Travel back through the door to find the Big Skulltulas once more.

Kill any of them by waiting until they turn and shooting them with the slingshot. Once the Big Skulltula is defeated – jump off the ledge onto the large web below. After falling through – climb onto the ledge and hit the switch to ignite a torch. Light a Deku Stick with the torch and travel across the small gap towards the south.

Use the Deku Stick to burn the web and enter the door. Defeat the Deku Scrub to get a secret order. Remember this order. Now shoot the eye above the door with the slingshot. Enter the door to find a small pool of water. Dive into the water and press the switch. Climb out and jump onto the moving platform.

Travel across and jump to the next ledge. Kill the Big Skulltula and push the block over. Climb up and go through the door. Use a Deku Stick to light both torches and continue through the door. Kill the Big Skulltula and use a Deku Stick to burn the web blocking a small tunnel. Enter the tunnel and travel through to the other side.

Once here – push the block on the left down to the bottom. Jump across to the torch and ignite a Deku Stick. Now jump back across to the small block and climb up. Roll across the large web to burn it. After falling down – swim across to find 3 Deku Scrubs. Kill them in the order that earlier Deku Scrub told you. Now enter the final door and get ready to fight Gohma.

Inside the Deku Tree Boss: Gohma

Once inside – use the slingshot to look at Gohma. She will fall from the ceiling. L-target her and wait until the eye turns red. Once red – hit the eye with the slingshot to paralyze Gohma. Now continue attacking the eye with the sword.

Eventually, Gohma will get up and climb back up. Simply wait until her eye is red once more and hit it with the slingshot. Gohma will fall down – now repeat the previous steps. After doing so successfully a couple times, Gohma will be defeated. Grab the Heart Container and exit through the portal.

Getting the Kokiri's Emerald

Upon exiting the Deku Tree – a cutscene will ensue. The Great Deku Tree will tell Link a brief history of Hyrule and about the impending evil that resides in a single man. After giving Link a mission – the Deku Tree will bestow the Kokiri's Emerald to Link. Travel back to Kokiri Forest and speak with Mido. After doing so – leave Kokiri Forest. A cutscene with happen with Saria, who will give Link the Fairy Ocarina.

Part 2: Hyrule Castle

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