Part 4: Dodongo's Cavern

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Dungeon Map

Start off by running into the center of the first room. Jump across to the platform and wait until it raises up. Jump over to the center and then travel to the ledge on the left side of the room. Use the Bomb Flower on the cracked wall to open up a Big Chest that contains the Dungeon Map.

Travel back to the center and across to the right ledge with more cracked walls. Use the Bomb Flower to blow up the wall nearest the Beamos. Travel down the nearly opened corridor to find a locked door and a switch. Push one of the statues onto the switch and go through the door. Continue until you reach the next room.

Kill off the Lizalfos and go through the newly unlocked door. Travel down and light a Deku Stick with the torch. Run around the room and light the 3 unlit torches, which will unlock the door forward. Go through the door and jump on the switch. Now go travel to the newly unlocked door and enter it.


Bomb the wall near the single Bomb Flower and go through it. Kill off the Armos with the bomb flower and open the Big Chest for the Compass. Now go back to the previous room. Pick up the bomb flower and place it at the front of the giant stairs in order to blow up both rows of bomb flowers.

Climb up the stairs and travel around the room to the top. Go through the door and kill the Fire Keese with the slingshot. Now pull the Armos away from the ladder in the center of the room. Climb up and step on the switch. Go through the newly opened door and across the rope bridge.

Enter the next room and hop down - continue running forward while looking out for the Blade Traps. Climb onto the block and up the ladder to find a blocked passage. Jump across to the bomb flower and toss it at the door to blow up the rocks. Jump back over and go through the door.

Hit the eye switch in the next room with the slingshot to disable the fire. Jump across to the other side and continue down the path. Enter the door at the end of the corridor to find 2 more Lizalfos. Kill them off like earlier and go through the newly opened door.

Bomb Bag

Hit the eye switch with the slingshot and hop across. Now look at the wall near Link and hit the second eye switch. Hop across and enter the next room. Jump across to find a Big Chest, which contains the Bomb Bag. Now go through the doorway near the Big Chest and hit the switch.

Now travel around the wall to find another bridge. Drop bombs down both of the gaps in the bridge to open up the large skull in the bottom layer of the room. Hop down and go through the large skull and the door within. Hop down and climb up the path opposite of the locked door.

Go through the next room and climb up the blocks near the end. Travel west and go through the door. Continue down the path and push the block off the ledge. Continue pushing the block into the hole in the center of the room. This will unlock the door to the boss forward. Bomb the floor in the next room and jump down for the fight with King Dodongo.

Dodongo's Cavern Boss: King Dodongo

L-target Dodongo and when he opens his mouth, toss a Bomb into it. This will stun the creature. Take out the sword and use a Jump Attack on it. It will start rolling, run the opposite direction and it will stop after hitting two walls. Repeat from the beginning and after 3 Jump Attacks, Dodongo is defeated.

Grab the Heart Container and go through the portal. Darunia will appear and after a short cutscene - Link will receive the Goron's Ruby. Now climb back up the mountain and use the Bombs to go towards the top of the mountain - not the path to Goron City. Continue up the mountain while dodging the falling rocks.

Kill the Skulltulas on the wall ahead and climb up to the top. Bomb the wall near Kaepora Gaebora and enter to find the Great Fairy's Fountain. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce to summon forth the Great Fairy of Power, which will teach Link the Spin Attack. Exit the fountain and talk with Kaepora Gaebora to fly back to Kakariko Village.

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