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In Majora's Mask there are four frogs that you need gather up in order to get a Piece of Heart. These four Majora's Mask frogs are scattered about in Termina, with two being hidden in two different dungeons. Below is how to gain all four frogs, following our Majora's Mask Walkthrough.

Frog Locations

Great Bay Temple frog Clock Town Frog Southern Swamp Frog Woodfall Temple Frog Begin the frog chorus Piece of Heart #45
  1. This frog is found in Great Bay Temple. Head for Gekko's Room near the Compass Room and defeat Gekko to turn it back into a frog. Talk to the frog with Don Gero's Mask in order for it to go back to the Mountain Village.
  2. The next frog is found in the Laundry Pool in Clock Town. Talk to it with Don Gero's Mask and it will head for the mountains.
  3. In the Southern Swamp, this frog is found on the route to the Deku Palace and before the Big Octorok. Use Deku Link to get to the frog and talk to it with Don Gero's Mask to bring it to the Mountain Village.
  4. The last frog is found in Gekko's room in Woodfall Temple. Defeat it and talk to the frog to bring it to Mountain Village.

After you retrieved the four Frogs, defeat Goht again to bring back spring to the mountains. Talk to the Frogs in Mountain Village with the Don Gero's Mask and Link will conduct a song with the frogs. Happy with the performance, the frogs give you Piece of Heart #45.

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