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Majora's Mask Boss Guide


Red Potions may help you if you get caught in the wasp swarms later, so don't go into battle without them. Go to the Deku Flower as Deku Link in the middle of the room and use it to fly whilst dropping Deku Nuts on him. Once this is done, quickly drop back down and revert to back to Link to slash him with your sword. If you have received the Deku Magic Balls from the Great Fairy it will be easier to stun Oldawa and slash him in a shorter time frame. When Oldawa calls for the wasp swarm run to the Deku Flower and repeat the process of dropping Deku Nuts.


Before heading into battle be sure to have Fairies or Red Potions on you. After you shoot a Fire Arrow to melt the ice, become Goron Link and use Spike Roll to deal damage. Don't worry too much about magic usage as you can find plenty of pots lying around. After a few cycles of this Goht will begin to drop bombs and fire electric shots. To dodge the electric shots just keep rolling, but it may be best to roll opposite of Goht and ram him with Spike Roll head on. This will help you dodge the bombs and save you a few hearts.


Before battling Gyorg, make sure you are fully stocked with arrows. As Link, shoot an arrow at Gyorg and stun him. Immedietly switch to Zora Link and dive into the water, attacking the stunned boss with melee attacks. Be sure to get to the platform fast so not to be chewed and spat. If you think you have the skills or if you run out of arrows, you may use your Zora Fins to stun him as well. After a while Gyorg will jump up onto the platform, so be prepared.


Before attempting this boss stock up on Blue Potions from the Southern Swamp or capture some Fairies. Magic usage is hefty in this battle, so be prepared. When fighting Twinmold, use the Giant's Mask you got from Stone Tower Temple and attack his head and tail. Giant's Mask will constantly drain your magic, so be careful.

Majora's Mask, Majora's Incarnation, & Majora's Wrath

Be sure to be well stocked on arrows. When Majora's Mask charges up to do it's spin attack run under it and fire an arrow. When Majora's Mask falls slash it with your sword, rinse and repeat. After a few cycles the masks of the past 4 bosses you encountered will be summoned. Shoot the masks down quickly before Majora's Mask begins firing beams at you. Use your shield to reflect the beams back at it. Now Majora's Mask will transform into Majora's Incarnation, simply slash him with your sword or hit him with your Zora Fin's with Zora Link. Once Majora's Incarnation transforms into Majora's Wrath, keep using a similar battle style as before. Simply add dodging the long whips Majora's Wrath has grown to the list, which may be unavoidable at times. After a few cycles and enough damage, the battle will come to an end.

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