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Clock Town deed:

Go to the Astral Observatory and pick up the Moon’s Tear. Bring it to the Business Scrub near the Clock Tower and present the stone to him. He will give you the land’s title deed and return home. Use the Deku Flower as Deku Link and jump to the platform before the doors of the Clock Tower, and collect the Heart Piece here.

Swamp Deed:

Buy the Magic beans from him and come back later as Link. Present the deed and as Deku Link, jump above the house and get the Piece of Heart that is up here.

Mountain Deed:

Upgrade your bomb bag to the Big Bomb Bag, and then speak to this merchant as Deku Link. Present the Swamp Deed and jump into the flower. Jump up high and collect the Piece of Heart from up here.

Ocean Deed:

As Zora Link, talk to the Zora at the far-left end of the band rooms. He’s trying to get a look at Lulu, who isn’t there. Scare him off and enter as Goron Link. Talk to the Deku Businessman here and trade the Deeds. Give him deed, jump into the flower as Deku Link, and collect the Heart Piece up here.

Canyon Deed:

Talk to the Business Scrub near the front of Sakon’s Hideout as Zora Link. Trade the deed for 200 rupees and jump into the flower. Fly across to the other side as Deku Link and collect the last Piece of Heart in this small trade sequence. By now, you should have a new Heart Container.

??? in Inn toilet:

If you have done all this already, you can give ??? the deed you have now and get yet another Piece of Heart. Be sure to wipe your hands after getting it.

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