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By Mr. Watch

(This story takes place years after the events in Majora's Mask and after Link has returned to Hyrule and Zelda.)


Terra has been here before. She knew that she was having a nightmare. It was the same hellish nightmare that she has been having for years, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't wake up from her slumber. What she saw was always a blur, almost indiscernible.

What stood before her was the grand hall of Hyrule Castle. But it wasn't the hall she's come to know. It was in ruin, the great stone columns that once held up the giant painted ceilings were fallen over, the colorful banners that once adorned the walls were burned, tattered, and ripped, and holes in the ceiling from where the columns once stood let in hazy red-orange rays of light.

She stood in the back, unable to move, paralyzed as if some will was set against her own. In front of the two white marble thrones of the king and queen was a slouching body, the figure was on its knees, slumped over, a pool of dark red blood, that glistened in the light, surrounding it. The shape was still alive, breathing heavily, the inhales and exhales were deep and yet weak at the same time. The figure seemed to be struggling to stay alive, almost as if it was clinging to life by a quickly breaking thread. Her parents, Link and Zelda, were, as always, nowhere to be found. Every time she had this horrid nightmare they were never present.

She shifted her eyes to the ornate wooden doors at the front of the hall. Like every time before it, there was always an ominous pounding against the doors. Slowly growing louder and louder with each passing thud. Suddenly the great doors would burst open. Each would be blown off its metal hinges and flung to either side of the figure on the hall floor, as wooden splinters showered the ground around it. A great muscular black shape stepped fourth from the black void behind the gate. The monster stepped closer with two great metal swords, large glowing fire-like orange eyes, horns ornate around its face, and flesh-like dreadlocks that dragged along the floor, leaving a trail of thick crimson blood behind them.

It always ended the same way. The great black shape with orange eyes would creep up to the kneeling figure, as if savoring the moment like a long awaited meal. Her left hand would always begin to burn as the creature crept slowly across the hall, the beast slowly getting closer to its prize. As soon as it arrived in front of the figure slouching on the floor, it would bring its great swords above its head and would begin to swing downward. She felt an odd connection to whatever it was on the hall floor. Each time as the swords would begin to come down she would reach out and scream, even though her screams would emit no sound. But finally, just before the blows were struck, the dream would end in a flash of bright white light…


Terra awoke with a harsh gasp. She was back in her bedroom in Hyrule Castle, breathing heavily trying to catch her breath, slowly breaking into small pitiful sobs. The young Hylian Princess pulled her purple blankets around her which she violently kicked off in her nightmare. Sitting up she pulled them as close to her tiny body as she could, even in Hyrule, summers nights can be chilly.

Zelda swiftly opened Terra's bedroom door. Still in her white and silver nightgown she rushed over to the side of the bed and clutched her daughter tightly. "What's wrong sweet-heart? I heard you screaming from my room, what's wrong?" Zelda asked, looking down on her ten year old daughter with concern.

Terra replied "The dream again mommy, the creature with the glowing orange eyes!" She began to sob harder.

"Oh dear..." Zelda whispered back laying her head onto her daughters, rubbing her hand through the girl's long blonde hair. Many times before Terra had told her parents about the hellish nightmare.

Link strode into the room and took an empty place on the bed, wrapping his arms around his family. "Zelda, Terra…What's the matter" his voice had the same tone as Zelda's, full of concern.

Zelda tilted her head back at her husband. "The dream…"

For a second there was a look of alarm on Links face, which quickly melted into a face of compassion for his frightened daughter. "There there… I'm sure it was only a nightmare." he replied trying to comfort Terra. The child couldn't help but give a nod, her face still buried in Zelda's nightgown.


After a long while, both Zelda and Link walked out of the room. They completed the task of putting Terra back to sleep. As they both walked back to their chamber Zelda wrapped her arms around Link's chest, causing him to stop.

"Link…" She whispered into his ear "…Does it seem strange to you that she keeps having these dreams?"

Link ran his muscular fingers through his sandy blonde hair and sighed. "I…I don't know…" He leaned over and picked Zelda up with both arms, even in times like this he enjoyed begin charming as he possible could.

Zelda giggled, "But Link…What if she is seeing something, what if…"

Link cut her off "I'm sure it was only a nightmare…" he whispered back. They arrived the Royal chamber. Still carrying his wife he stepped in, softly shutting the wood door behind him.


Somewhere in the dark void between worlds a man moved, creeping slowly around a great pool of smooth clear water which was acting as mirror into the other world.

The man spoke "That girl, Zelda's daughter…" He gritted his teeth, annoyed.

Childish cackles sounded behind him, as a bodiless entity also wandered onto the water causing small ripples through the once smooth surface of the liquid. "She sees our plot, she sees our plan!" It moved around the man. "She will undo us all!"

"Silence!" The man screamed creating larger ripples in the pool. "No…I will not let our work be foiled by a small girl…Our pawns are already in motion, she can do nothing to stop us!"

"But what if… What if she does?" The entity replied floating above the pool casting a small shadow.

The man scoffed. "No 'ifs', Her parents only believe it to be nightmares, nothing can stop us…"

"Don't be so sure, Even if we strike now I cannot take physical form, not until we get the item the Link possesses."

"All in due time," The man chuckled "All in due time..."


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