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By Mr. Watch

Chapter 1: Dawn of a New Day

The Following takes place eight years after the Prologue.

Terra's eyes snapped open. Her room was already full of light flowing in from one of the open windows of her chamber in the castle. She knew what today was, the first day of summer. Leaping out of her bed she quickly drew back the balcony curtains to her room, letting the golden afternoon light fill her once shadowed chamber. The warm and bright rays reflected off the mirrors and the royal purple tapestries that adorned her room in Hyrule Castle, creating a comforting ambience which Terra enjoyed.

Striding out onto the balcony she breathed in, filling her lungs with the fresh clean summer air.

"It's a wonderful day, just wonderful!" she said twirling around giggling happily to herself.

Placing her hands on the weathered but smooth stone railings of her balcony she looked over onto Castle Town, she knew it was already ripe with activity getting ready for the summer carnival, which would take place in only two days' time. The summer carnival was to celebrate the years of peace Hyrule has enjoyed since the defeat of Ganondorf and is evil minions. It was the highlight of the year for the kingdom of Hyrule and the surrounding areas. Many diverse people from different lands would assemble at the Castle to enjoy the carnival and celebrate the peace and prosperity. Some of the most notable people to come were the six sages and of course the queen herself and her husband.

Stepping back into her room she began to get ready for the day, by dressing in some of her finest cloths and jewelry. Walking over to her closest she pulled out a formfitting purple and white dress given to her by her mother, Zelda, it was a symbol for Hyrule's female royalty, much like the gown her mother wore many years ago, but since updated to Terra's liking and style. Giggling to herself she slipped away into a side dressing room to put it on.

Impa knocked on the door. "Terra, Are you awake?" Impa was one of Zelda closest companions. Even in her old age she keeps watch over the young princess of Hyrule. "Terra, are you here?" she said again, this time walking into the princess's room.

"Impa, Good morning!" Terra sang walking out from the side dressing room, finishing putting on her left earring, "It's a wonderful day!" She was already dressed, her slim body fit perfectly in the dress she picked out earlier. Terra continued back onto the balcony again, followed closely by Impa.

"Your mother and father have already gone down to market to help with preparations" Impa stated eagerly, taking a seat on a white stone bench. She looked up at Terra. Her brilliant blonde hair glowed in the morning sun, and the light highlighted her curves giving her an appearance of a golden goddess. "You become quite a beautiful young women Terra" Impa said bluntly admiring the young beauty of the kingdom.

Terra laughed "Oh stop Impa!" She looked down with her bright, almost glowing, blue eyes, a trait she picked up from her father.

"But it's true young lady, most say you are even more beautiful than your mother." Impa insisted. "Remember the way the boys in town look at you?" The attendant gave the young woman a suggestive yet comedic look.

Terra took a seat next to Impa on the bench, laughing. "What are you getting at?" She poked at Impa's side playfully.

"Well…If you have to ask" Impa said letting out a small chuckle. "You haven't found yourself…a boy yet."

Terra's happy expression quickly faded away. "Psh...Impa…Boys are snobs…It seems all of the young men my parents find for me are only interested in…well…you know…That stuff…"

Impa laughed "Well…Even so…It's a part of growing up; someday your parents won't be around. You'll have the kingdom to be in charge of…And it helps to have someone around to help you!"

Terra leaned against the stone railing. "Well…there is just no one I'm interested in…not yet…not here at least…" She blew some of her blonde bangs out of her eyes.

"That…Or you're just not looking hard enough…" Impa said, taking Terra's hands in hers, holding them gently.

"I'm serious!"

"Oh, I believe you. I'm sure you'll find 'Mister Right' sometime." Impa joked, letting go of Terra's hands and getting up off the bench, starting out to the door. "I'm also sure your father and mother would like to see you. Now get a move on princess, it's a busy day!"

Terra laughed "Yeah, I guess you're your right Impa…" She glanced over her shoulder at the busy town, walked to the door, and picked up her royal hooded cloak as she exited the room. She flung the cloak over her shoulders, closed the wooden door behind her, and started to the Marketplace.


Lon Lon Ranch

Alec ran across the dusty ground of Lon Lon Ranch. In both hands he tightly clutched a wooden two-handed sword, a weapon he crafted himself. Launching himself over a fence he performed a series of rolls on the ground and continued toward a set of post on which he set an assortment of empty glass and clay milk bottles. Even though he was eighteen, he always enjoyed messing around between his jobs on the ranch. After all, fun was something he rarely ever had nowadays. Still in full sprint he arrived at the first post, slashing from the side he turned the former milk bottle into shards, which flew about the air and onto the ground. Maneuvering between each post he took out each bottle systematically, one by one until only one final jug remained. Farther away from the rest he began to charge at the last post. Leaping into the air he began to bring the wooden sword down at the bottle. "Alec, I need your help!" a voice called from the barn. Startled he lost his balance and missed the post, hitting himself with his own swing. Colliding with the ground he heard a snap as he rolled to a stop.

Alec groaned painfully as he stood up onto two feet, patting himself over making sure his body was still in one piece. He brushed some grass and dirt out of his dark brown hair. Looking down at the ground he found what was the cause of the snapping sound. Lying at his feet he saw his crafted wooden sword snapped clean into two parts. "Great…" he mumbled. "Hours of work gone." Groaning and rubbing his back he walked over to the barn to help his mother.

Malon was in the process of moving a crate of full glass milk bottles onto a horse cart. "Here, help me move these." She said, straining her words as she grabbed a heavy crate.

Alec ran over to help his mother. "Here, let me." He said taking the crate out of his mother's hands with ease and stacking it onto the cart. Malon sat down onto a small wooden stool.

"Alec" She sighed "When are you going to stop messing around…"

Alec turned after placing the final crate onto the cart. "I'm not messing around mother; I'm simply enjoying my free time, something 'you' should do more often." He said looking back at his mother with his deep brown eyes.

"I work to keep this place running, if I don't do my job, no more Lon Lon Milk, no more money, no more food." Malon said smiling, easily winning the debate between her and her son. "And yes, I enjoy my work."

Alec sat down in a pile of straw. "Carnival is soon, are we going?" he asked, attempting to change the subject.

"Of course, I'll be leaving soon for town; this milk isn't going to take itself"

Alec chuckled. "I'm guessing you want me to stay here and watch the ranch…Just like last year?"

"Yes, I would bring you with me, but it's easier to go alone, better for the horse." Malon stated, patting on the horses neck gently. "You can come tomorrow; we just need people to watch over the cows for an extra day, to make sure they are fed and taken care of."

Alec sighed in disappointment. "Alright…" He got up out of the straw and brushed himself off and began to hitch up the horse to the cart.

"You're a great boy…I really appreciate your help you know…" Malon said jumping up onto the cart looking down to Alec. "It's a shame your father..."

"It's alright mom, I don't mind! And I'm sure he would be proud of the work we've done with the ranch." He smiled up at his mother. Alec's father wasn't exactly a favorite subject around these parts.

Malon sighed "I'll see you soon, keep watch over the place. And lock up before you leave tomorrow!" She gave the reigns a tug and the horse started out of the barn and down the path toward Castle Town.

Alec chuckled again. "Yeah, cya-later mom…" He fell back onto the pile of hay once more.

Settling himself in, he looked up through a hole in the thatched roof at the bright blue cloudless sky. With his mom gone he could enjoy a relaxing afternoon. No work, no cleaning, no nothing! He settled himself in for a nice long nap…


Hyrule Market

Terra walked into the market square, instantly she was bombarded with noise and commotion. Townsfolk were moving back and forth hurrying to set up their shops for the summer carnival. She entered the square without much notice from anyone. Dodging the huge carpenters and craftsmen, she moved in and out of the crowds looking for her parents. "Where could they be?" She mumbled to herself. Not looking where she was going she ran into a cloaked man. The man stared down at her, seemingly annoyed by the fact that he was just ran into by the small Hylian girl. "Sorry!" Terra apologized looking down away from the tall imposing man.

"Terra!" a female voice said calling from the distance, it was Zelda, her mother.

"Mom!" she yelled back and began to work her way through the thick crowds to her mother.

Arriving at Zelda, who was writing notes next to the Happy Mask Shop, Terra reached her family. "Mom, this place is crazy!" Terra panted. Zelda laughed "It always is, just more than usual this time of year…It's nice to see you're finally awake, sweet-heart."

"Oh, Mom…" Terra sighed "It was only by…a few minutes."

"A few minutes, it's almost noon!" Zelda replied and pointed up into the sky. The sun was almost at its peak in the blue heavens. The Queens eyes returned to her notes.

Terra took a seat on a bench shrugging off her mom's comment. "Where is dad?"

Zelda didn't say anything, but simply just pointed up at the roof of the Happy Mask Shop not even looking away from her mass of notes.

Link appeared on the wooden roof of the building. "I'm up here" he yelled, holding an iron hammer and some nails.

The mask salesmen slowly walked out of the old shop, turning up to Link and said "The roof looks wonderful, I can't thank you enough!"

Link jumped onto the ladder and slide down with ease. "It's not a problem" He said, walking over the man.

"Oh, But it is! After all you've done for me, and everyone else. I can't thank you enough." The mask salesmen insisted humbly, shaking Links hand vigorously.

Terra's eyes perked, "After all he did? He just fixed a roof." she thought. She quickly threw the thought out of her head.

Link laughed "Don't worry, it'll be fine." He patted the man on the shoulder and walked over to his wife and daughter.

Terra swayed on the bench as her father began to walk over. "Mom, what did that man mean by 'After all you've done?' Dad only fixed his roof?"

Zelda turned to Terra shooting her the 'Don't Ask' look. She sat down on the bench. "Maybe another time dear…" She mumbled silently.

"But…" Terra was cut off as Link arrived.

"How is my wonderful family doing" he said with a wide grin, setting his tools on the ground besides the bench.

"I'm fine." replied Zelda as she stood up and tenderly kissed Link on the cheek.

"Great!" Terra shouted. Link patted his beautiful daughter gently on the shoulder.

Zelda looked over her shoulder, and watched as a horse and cart rolled into the marketplace, the cart had the symbol of the Lon Lon Ranch painted on its side. It was the ranch owner and good friend of the Royal Family, Malon. "Excuse me Link, Malon's here; I'm going to help her un-pack." She leaned in and gave Link a brief kiss on the lips.

"Alright." He said grinning "Say hello for me! I'll join you guy in a minute!"

Nodding Zelda slid through the crowd in the square, cutting a path straight to Malon.

"Ugh, You two…" Terra groaned, referring to her parents little bit of romance that just occurred in front of her.

Link laughed, turning back to his daughter. "What?"

"Oh…Nothing…" Terra said, giggling. "It's just…I'm glad to see both of you so happy. It's like everyone says, you two really make a great pair."

"Well, if we didn't we wouldn't have our beautiful and wonderful daughter here, now would we?"

Terra smiled, "I guess…" swaying on the bench a bit more.

"Listen." Link said grabbing a hold of Terra's hand; his hands were massive compared to his daughters. "Everything wasn't always this way; there was a time when this sort of event was un-heard of. Yes, we are happy because we love each other, but we also enjoy this peaceful land that we worked so hard to achieve."

Terra groaned. "Yes, I know father…" She had heard this speech countless times before.

Link grinned; he knew that he was preaching to a brick wall. "If you don't mind, I have an errand for you."

Terra jumped at the chance. "Sure, I'll do anything!" She replied eagerly, she didn't want to be stuck in town for the entire day helping her parents with their carnival stuff.

"Saria wishes to come to the carnival, would you be so kind to go get her, and accompany her to the castle for me? I know you know the way to the Kokiri Forest."

"Oh yes!" Terra exclaimed with glee. "Of course I will!" Besides the fact that she didn't want to be in town, Saria and she have been close friends, similar to the way Saria and Link once were.

"Great!" Link replied, "You best get a move on soon if you wish to be back before dark." giving his daughter a gentle nudge on the shoulder.

Terra gave a nod and moved in to hug her father, who returned the warm embrace. "I'll see you soon daddy!" Terra said, getting up of the stone bench and beginning to move through the massive crowd to the city gate.

Emerging from the crowd and heading to the castle drawbridge, Terra's eyes looked up at the massive grey stone walls that protected Hyrule Castle before the time of peace. Built of solid stone they were near impenetrable and then combined with the small moat that ran outside and surrounded the walls, it was a formidable defense. But in these days of peace there were rarely any guards stationed on them. But they still stood as a reminder of the might of this kingdom.

As she approached the gatehouse under the stone wall she was stopped by the armored guard. "Good afternoon your highness, Where are you off to?" The guard inquired kindly.

Terra sighed, she knew that the guard was doing his duty, but she grew annoyed when she was stopped every time she left the city for an errand…or recreation. "I'm heading into the Kokiri Forest; I have an errand to run for my father."

"Would you like a guard to accompany you?" offered the armored soldier.

"No thank you, Hyrule is a safe place, I'm sure I'll be fine." Terra persuaded, smiling sweetly at the young guard.

The guard nodded and proceeded to let the princess by. Exiting the shade of the city, Terra walked into a field of bright sunlight. Breathing in the fresh field air she turned to the direction of the forest.


Meanwhile, back in Castle Town.

Zelda lifted a bottle full of milk onto a shelf in a store. "It's wonderful you had invited me to this carnival Zelda, I wouldn't have even remembered it's in a few days! I've been so busy back at the ranch." Malon said removing a fully stocked crate from the cart.

"It's not a problem." Zelda replied "How have you been?"

Malon sighed. "It's been rough; I've had to raise Alec all by myself. It's hard to raise a child to the age of eighteen without a father, you know? It's a shame Trenton left when Alec was so young…They would have gotten along greatly…"

Zelda turned away momentarily. Trenton and Malon were married the same year as Link and she, and a few months after the wedding and Alec's birth, Trenton disappeared from the family. "How is Alec doing?" Zelda replied trying to change the subject off of Trenton.

Malon smirked. "He is a handful, I can't believe that he is eighteen now. He sure doesn't act his age."

"Terra is the same way. But it's good for them you know? They are only young once." Zelda explained cheerfully, making the mood lighter.

"I guess, just like us once, huh?" Malon agreed, a smile creeping across her face.

"Exactly!" Zelda also agreed.

"Hello Malon!" a voice said from behind them. It was Link. "How are you this fine summer afternoon?"

"Well, let's just say I'm going to make it." Malon said with a sigh.

"And your son, Alec?"

"Just…fine…" Malon replied. "…being a teenager I guess."

Link grabbed some bottles of milk and began to stock some of the wooden shop shelves. "I can't say I've seen him around often." Link said "Where is he all the time?"

Malon finished unpacking a crate. "Oh…Goofing off at the ranch usually, He stays there often…Sometimes it's just too busy to let him leave."

"He should come into town someday; I haven't seen him since he was a small lad!" Link replied happily, finishing up stocking a shelf.

"He is coming out tomorrow if you wish to meet him."

"Splendid!" Link said almost shouting. "I'll have to introduce him to Terra; I can't say they have met before…And if they have I don't think they were old enough to remember!"

"Oh, but he is so improper. He acts like a child!" Malon protested, her eyes lighting up at the words of her son and Link's daughter meeting.

Link laughed "Well…so does Terra, all she does is sleep in and sing." He smiled, even though sometimes he didn't like the way his daughter acted he still loved her. "I do have to admit she has quite the voice."

Malon agreed with a nodded. Terra had the most beautiful singing voice in Hyrule. It wasn't unusual for Terra to sing during one of her parents celebrations, or simply for pure fun.

"There! That's the last of them!" Zelda exclaimed putting the last glass bottle onto the shelf.

A voice from outside called into the shop "Your Highness! The sages of water and fire have arrived!"

Link turned to the two women with a raised eyebrow. "Well…Shall we?"


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