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By Mr. Watch

Chapter 6: Family Matters

The group standing next to the stone column in the castle main hall turned when they heard the loud 'gasp' coming from behind them. Alec turned around swiftly, still holding the Black Falcon sword still firmly in his hand. Locking eyes with his mother, the young man's facial expression turned from one of happiness and duty to one of surprise and shock. He neglected to think of what his mother would do and think if he was to become a Knight of Hyrule.

Link cleared his throat; he too looking at Malon's shocked expression from across the room. "I guess you should break the news to her." The hero of time chuckled, attempting to break the tense situation.

His reply was responded to by a playful elbow trust to the ribs from his wife, Zelda. "Come Alec…We'll tell her together, I'm sure I can help explain." The queen let go of Link's large hand and moved it to Alec's shoulder, a signal for the ranch boy to move forward.

Taking in a gulp of courage Alec fastened the sword over his shoulder and onto his back, bringing the metal buckles together with a metallic click. It was the first time he had a sword strapped onto his body, even though this particular blade was extremely light weight. Encouraged by Zelda's soft and commanding touch, Alec began to step forward toward his mother.

Malon had sense propped herself up against the knight who had accompanied her into the castle hall. The knight was slightly taller than Alec, standing before him in a lighter suit of Hylian armor, the kind that the knights wore on a usual basis instead of walking around in full shining battle gear. Attached to this man's back was a blue hilted sword that mimicked Alec's, two-handed and with the design of a falcon fastened to the hilt.

Slowly the two approached the newcomers; Alec slightly resistant to talk to his mother about his decision to become a Knight of Hyrule. Zelda grinned, sensing Alec's inner feelings by his resistant posture as he walked toward his mother. In no time the two groups met by the large wooden door in which Malon and the Knight had entered.

Alec stopped in front of Malon, his voice once again frozen like ice, not able to muster the words to explain to his mother.

"A-A-Alec!" Malon whispered erratically, almost leaping from the knight's side and latching on to her only son. Small tear's flowed from the ranch owner's eyes as she held tightly to her only child and only family member.

Wrapping his arms around his mother Alec attempted to calm her down, still unable to think of any words to say. The boy buried his face into his mother's shoulder in another try to calm the emotional woman.

Malon's hand slowly rose and touched the shining black metal hilt of the sword Alec had just received from the Royal Family, her hand running over the familiar surface. "You look so much like your father right now." She whispered softly into his ear, her voice sounding weak from all the emotion. "I-I'm so glad you're ok...I heard what happened last night!" Her hand switched from the sword to the back of Alec's head, gripping his dark brown hair tightly.

"I'm fine mom…I'm fine." The boy whispered back, still attempting to calm down his over emotional mother.

Moving her head back away from her child Malon's red tear covered face looked directly into her son's eyes. Slowly she unwrapped her arms, and took a step back, wiping some tears away as she did. Her eyes quickly darted back and forth between her boy and the black hilted sword which rested on his back, she knew what was about to be said.

"Mom…Listen I…" Alec began but was cut off when Malon raised her hand in front of his mouth, silencing the boy before he could finish what he wanted to say.

"I know…I know you want to become a knight." Malon stated bluntly a bit of emotion still evident in her voice.

"But…But how did you know?!" Alec stammered, somewhat surprised by his mother insight.

"I was talking to your…" Malon stopped, and restarted her explanation "…you have too much of your father in you…I knew that since the day you were born, I knew all the time you were growing up." The ranch owner spoke again, a bit more emotion coming into her voice. "I tried to keep you at the ranch, I wanted you to stay with me…But I knew, deep down, that you would have to leave one day…Everyone has their own path…And I guess this is yours…Just like your father's…"

"Mom I…" Alec's started, but was soon swiftly cut off once again when Malon continued her speech.

"…I knew one day that you would start off on your own path…your own life…But I guess, like all mothers, they have to let their child go…" Malon murmured and she stepped forward and hugged Alec tightly. "…If this is what you want…I'm not going to stop you."

Alec tightened his grip on his mother. "T-Thank you…" He whispered, almost on the verge of tears. "…And I'll next be too far away. Whenever you need me…I'll be there."

A soft hand grabbed a hold of Malon's shoulder, the queen's. She stared in between the two loving family members, waiting for them to cease their warm loving embrace. Malon was the first to back away from Alec. The room fell into a small silence; no one said a word but just stared at the two.

Zelda spoke up, breaking harsh silence. "Here…" She gave a slight soft tug on Malon's tender shoulder. "…Let's go Malon, We can talk to Alec a bit more later…After all, you have the entire carnival to spend together…Link and I would love to talk to you a bit more about everything…I also think someone else would like to have a word with Alec"

The blonde queen began to take Malon away toward the other group of people across the grand hall. She turned and gave Alec a comforting smirk, helping to release some of the pressure the young knight was under. The queen finished smiling and flicked her head slightly, giving the signal for Alec to turn back around.

Alec turned his head back around, his shaggy brown hair changing positions as if it was being blown by wind. In front of the new warrior stood the knight he had watched his mother enter the room with. The man stood with his arms at his waist, resting upon his brown belt. An almost imposing figure the man looked down at Alec with a smirk.

Besides his brown belt the man wore a black set of clothing under his armor, much like the clothing Alec himself was presently wearing. But on top of that he wore a shining ring mail armor shirt, almost silver looking, which was covered by a large blue tunic with the symbol of the Hylian Knights sewed into the tough fabric. Resting on his shoulders were two glimmering spaulders, serving as light upper arm protection. Finally the knight wore an identical set of boot to the one's Alec himself wore.

"You're Alec?" The knight said, with a loud commanding tone.

The knight's voice sent shivers down Alec's spine, but yet sounded somewhat oddly familiar. He continued to watch Alec for a response.

Alec cleared his throat, wanting to speak clearly to his new superior. "Yes sir." The ranch boy stated, attempting to sound as stately as he could in front of the older knight.

"Come with me." He said back with a smirk, turning toward the large wooden door, pushing both halves open and then passing through the middle.

Alec nodded and proceeded to follow the older knight through the large wooden doorway and out of Hyrule Castle's grand hall.


Up in a castle Balcony

Terra sat on one of the sunny balconies overlooking the back portion of Hyrule Castle. She sat on a smooth stone bench, the gentle rays of sun flowing out from the golden orb in the heavens and lightly touching the grey masonry. Below her sat a small area of the Hyrule Knights training ground, a sandy circle which was used for sword sparing or fencing. The fine tan sand seemed to absorb the heat coming off the sun, keeping it like a blanket held the heat in during the cold snowy winters.

The young woman wore a form fitting purple dress that highlighted her feminine curves; the shiny nature of the particular fabric seemed to highlight her beauty and features even more. Sleeveless the dress showed off Terra's smooth upper arms, exposing them to the warm gentle rays of the mid-morning sun. Her bare feet dangled out of the balcony stone railings, her body facing outward looking out over the area below it. The girl's arms rested on the smooth railings, the princess's body lying lazily forward. Her hands hand a long pair of white gloves pulled over them, reaching to just above her elbow, similar to the ones her mother wore many years ago. Although smaller than the rest of her family, Terra's heavenly looks made up for everything.

Flowing in the mid-morning breeze Terra's silky smooth blonde hair seemed to glow with its own mysterious power, the golden light the reflected off each strand made an angelic halo about the young Hylian woman.

The sweet scent of the morning summer air, combine with the fresh baked smells of treats and bread coming from the castle marketplace and the flowers from the castle garden made this certain balcony one of Terra's favorites to look out over the land. Shifting her gaze she looked over to the market place that was still bustling with activity getting ready to the celebration that was to take place during the entirety of the next day. The small outlines of townsfolk running about between buildings, each carrying some items of food for the following day.

Looking below she saw the small group of old Hylian Knight conversing with each other. During the years of peace the numbers of Hylian Knights began to decrease, the need for them becoming less and less. Now only a few older and middle-age knights remained, the numbers beginning to dwindle below twenty, many going their separate ways to continue or begin lives of their own. But even so, these few knights were still the best of the best, much different and better trained than the ordinary Hylian soldier or castle guard, whose numbers were also beginning to decrease due to the many peace years.

"Terra, are you here?" A familiar voice peeped from behind her, it was Impa her royal attendant.

Terra turned her upper body and sang out. "Yes…I'm over here Impa! I'm on the balcony!" Terra chirped happily, turning back around, attempting to guide Impa to her using her elegant song bird voice.

Impa rounded a corner within the castle, arriving at the bright sunny balcony where Terra was sitting. "Are you doing alright my dear?" The aid questioned with a slightly worried look on her face, clearly mentioning to the events that had occurred the night before.

Terra giggled happily. "Well of course Impa…Why do you look so concerned?" biting her bottom lip in worry for her attendant.

The maid leaned her tall body against the smooth stone railing of the balcony, the sun hitting the woman's grey hair. "It's not every day when someone goes through a kidnapping, Terra…Aren't you the least bit overwhelmed?"

Shaking her head the princess answered. "I was…For a bit…" Terra started, her voice becoming less chipper as she recalled the horrifying events of the previous night, but as she went on the beautiful young woman became happier again. "… But everything is alright now. I'm back at home, safe and sound, and no one got hurt." The princess waved her index finger indicating her point.

Impa cocked her head in surprise at how quickly Princess Terra had recovered from the shock of the pervious nights events. "Has your father talked to you about it?" She asked again, attempting to get more information from young Terra.

Terra raised an eyebrow, attempting to remember. "A little bit…He never mentioned much after I told him what had happened…Actually…After I explained to him the events; he kind of just…wandered off." Finishing her sentence the girl gave a shrug; she was just as confused as others were.

"Strange…" Impa mumbled, turning her head to look out over the small sandy training area below them.

The young woman's head pivoted be to where it was before, looking out over the castle training area. For a moment she sat in thought about what he father's actions the previous night might have meant.


Back inside the castle halls

"Your mother is right…You do look a lot like your father." The Knight stated as he led Alec through the large stone halls of Hyrule Castle.

"T-Thank you." Alec stammered nervously, not exactly sure what to say to this new person who he blindly was following through the halls.

Laughing, the knight turned his head back to Alec as he walked. "My name is Ordon…Or Captain Ordon, or simply captain…if you prefer to call me by my rank…I'm the current captain of the guard and the leader of the remaining Hylian knights…A position once held by your father I must add."

Frowning slightly from having no memories of his own father Alec continued to walk side-by-side with Ordon. "I'm afraid I never knew that…Never got to know him." the ranch boy said solemnly.

"Your father was a good man…And an even better friend…" Captain Ordon began "…One of the best swordsmen in Hyrule, second only to Link himself. I have to say that I doubt there would be any knight better than he."

Alec's head began to hang low; the subject of his father was weighing heavy on his heart. "I-I guess." He looked back up at Ordon, examining the man's facial features.

Captain Ordon had shaggy dark brown hair, much like Alec's, but much longer, covering his ears. In addition across his face was a brown beard, well trimming and clean cut. Across the older knight's face were tiny scars, evidence of battles long ago. Something about the man seemed familiar, but yet vaguely distant, maybe he was one of the knights whom he had seen last night.

"May I ask where are we going?" Alec blurted out as politely as he could.

"You'll see…" Ordon replied, almost sounding evil.

The two passed through a set of large wooden doors and out into the bright mid-morning sun. The knights entered a small circular tan sand covered area, the small grains almost like powder beneath Alec's feet. Winching at the mass amounts of new light Alec's vision focused and the world around him came back into view.

He was standing in the center of the circle of sand, Ordon only a few feet away from him staring at the young ranch boy. Other older knights began to gather around the circle, some folded their arms as if waiting for something to start, like a play or a dance. To Alec there were very few knights, only slightly more than he had seen the night before. Finishing his look Alec turned back to the Captain.

Up in the castle balcony.

Terra leaned over the stone railings of the balcony, noticing the small amount of commotion below her. She saw the numerous knights gathering around two figures standing in the center of the sandy fencing arena. One older and in a full knights uniform, while the other, a young man, wearing a matching set of black clothing, a long two-handed sword strapped to his back, in the usual Hylian fashion.

Impa let out a small chuckle as she looked down. "Look like they are training the new boy earlier than we all thought."

"New boy?" Terra questioned, eagerly. As she looked the young man seemed oddly familiar.

The aid pivoted her head to the young princess. "Alec…The handsome young man you had the good fortune to meet last night!"

"What!" Terra exclaimed, almost shouting loud enough for the knights to hear her down below form where they sat. Her fingers gripped the railing tightly. "What's he doing down there!?" The princess stood up and leaned over the smooth stone railing even more, seemingly worried for the young man in the center of the sandy ring. Her silky blonde hair flowing over her shoulders as she gazed below.

Impa let out another chuckle and crossed her arms. "It seems that Captain Ordon wants to see what this new guy is made of."

Terra nervously bit her bottom lip, even though she had only spoken to Alec the night before. She knew that she was about watch something ugly, and she could do nothing to help the young man.

Back in the training arena.

Alec looked around nervously, something was up, and something was out of the norm.

"While you may be your father's son…" Ordon began in a low voice, slowly starting to circle the young ranch boy standing in the center of the warm sandy arena. "…It means nothing here."

Locking his eyes on the circling man, a shocked look came across the boy's face. "Wait…What is going on?"

Other old knights began to surround the circle, all their eyes locked on both Ordon and Alec, a few with stern faces and others with slight smirks. It seemed that their bodies created a fleshy cage around the sandy arena in which the two knights stood.

"None of us here have ever just 'become a knight' we all had to earn it." Ordon growled, reaching onto his back, touching his large hand against his own two-handed blade. "And I think this is a good time to see if you can earn your place amongst us as well!"

"Oh…This isn't good." Alec murmured softly to himself, his eyes darting from placed to place as if looking for a way out.

"Boy!" Ordon called out loudly as he drew his own shimmering blade out from its sheath. The sun beaming down on the polished and sharpened edges of the sword. "Draw your weapon!"

"Wait!" Alec cried out, attempting to halt the process. "I-I-don't even know how to fight, I'm not ready for something like this!" The ranch boy flung his arms out to his sides, nervously and in a stricken panic.

With a smirk Ordon leapt forward, both of his hands holding his sword out to the side, charging the worried Alec head first. Fine grains of tan sand jumped up into the air as the Captain charged his newest knight.

In a panic Alec leapt to the side dodging Ordon charge. Losing his balance the young knight toppled over. Falling head fist into the sand, the ranch boy rolled over to face the Knight Captain, who had since easily turned around from his charge to face the young novice Hylian warrior who was laying in the sun warmed earth.

"Lesson number one…A knight must always be ready for battle, no matter what the odds or situation!" He began to circle Alec once again. "Now stand up, and draw your weapon!"

Gritting his teeth Alec brought himself up onto his feet, the fine grains of tan sand easily falling off of his smooth black clothing. Standing now at full height he reached to his back, gripping the handle of his Black Falcon sword tightly with one hand. With one strong swift pull Alec brought the lightweight two-handed sword to bear. Gripping the sharp blade with his other hand, Alec sloppily brought the sword into a fighting posture, attempting to mimic the way Ordon held his weapon. The golden rays of sun reflected off the elegant weapon's polished surface.

"Now let see if you truly have some of your father in you!" And with those words Ordon once again swiftly charged at the young knight, this time bringing his sword in at a wide sideways swing, the air being cut like warm butter.

Seeing the powerful side-swipe Alec straightened his blade vertical to the ground, and placed it in the path of Ordon's swing. A move which caused chuckles to erupt from the surrounding knights.

As the two blades collided with one another a loud and powerful sound of metal impacting metal echoed about the training area. Alec was sent hobbling backward, knocked back by the force of Ordon side-swing. Ordon stood perfectly still, watching an Alec wobble backward from the strong impact. He watched as Alec struggled to bring himself to a stop on the uneven sandy ground.

"Focus Boy! Focus!" The older knight called out. "Think of that sword as an extension of yourself!"

Nodding Alec once again straightened himself out, this time focusing more on himself and his blade, then on his surroundings. Breathing deeply Alec calmed his jittering nerves, and in his mind he began to block out everything except Ordon, Himself, and the two swords. As the young man began to focus the wobbling sword began to grow still, Alec's stance improving by extremes. And soon Alec held the blade out before him, as still as stone, almost exactly mimicking Ordon's own stance, blade out before him, the sharp tip facing up to the sky at an angle.

Ordon smirked as he watched the young boy learn. From behind him he heard two knights mumble about how it took them days to learn how to properly hand such a large weapon and how it only took this new kid on a few minutes, the two obviously impressed at the boy's learning speed.

"Well…Looks like you may have some of your dad in you after all…Let's just see how much!" And with those words Ordon once again took a few steps forward.

Watching the incoming attack Alec pulled the light weight sword to his side and then swung it outward in the direction of the Captain as soon as he had come into range.

The captain also brought his sword in from the side, mirroring Alec's move easily. Sailing toward each other the two shining blades reflected sunlight about the sandy training ground, and as they impacted another harsh sound of metal impacting metal echoed about the stone castle walls. Sliding down each other's edge the hilts of the swords impacted bringing the faces of both Alec and Ordon close together.

Up in the castle balcony.

Leaning over the edge Terra watched as the two knights below her continued to spar. She watched as the two came face to face, their sword hilts seemingly locking them into place. Biting her bottom lip nervously she turned to her attendant, Impa, who was having quiet the time chuckling to herself about the fight going on below. The attendant must have thought it funny about how novice boy was fighting.

"W-Why are they doing that to him!" Terra grumbled nervously, removing her hands from the railing and crossing them in front of her chest, leaning back to look at Impa.

Impa laughed happily and turned her head to look at the young princess. "Now you're the one seeming worried! Why are you so concerned?" The maid let a sly grin cross her face.

"They're going to hurt him! Alec's not like the Captain, he's going to get clobbered!" the princess exclaimed, attempting to make her point known to the attendant, who began to walk in her direction.

Impa placed her hand on Terra's shoulder. "I don't think that's the point Terra…" Impa began softly, whispering her response in the princess ear. "…Just keep watching." Nodding her head forward toward the sandy circler she motioned for Terra to do the same.

"But!" Princess Terra protested.

"Terra…Just watch…" And with a wink of an eye the aid convinced the young woman.

As Terra's gaze returned to the small sandy training pit below the older of the two sparing knight used his superior strength and still to push the younger one away. Terra watched once again as Alec hobbled backward, but this time regaining his stance much fast then before. She bit her lip in anticipation for the rest of the match.

Back in the training arena.

Alec slowly began to circle the Knight Captain, attempting to copy him as much as he could, seeing that it would be the best strategy knowing the he didn't have any sword-wielding experience of his own. Slowly the ranch boy began to notice that this was more of a test rather than some sort of Knighthood hazing.

The older knights standing around the arena began to grow more active. They began talking out loud to each other, no longer whispering so the young knight couldn't hear. Only a few comments coming from the older gentlemen were cynical, the rest seemed like word of praise, congratulating Alec on his learning speed.

Captain Ordon locked his eye with his young sparring partner. "Good! Good!" He praised, agreeing with some of the older knights. "Think of it as a complex dance, one move followed close by another…Keep your focus on me now, when I attack you parry, and then respond with an attack of your own!"  And with those words Ordon began to take slow steps forward in Alec's direction, bringing his sword directly above his head readying it for a downward swing. The sunlight reflected of the tip of the sharp blade, shining onto the tan ground beneath them.

Taking a step forward as Ordon's blade began to come down Alec brought his own blade to bear. Swiping it across the downward path of his opponents blade Alec successfully parried Ordon's blow, knocking the large sword to the side. Soon Alec followed up with an attack of his own, bring his blade back in from the recent block and toward Ordon's chest in an attempt to finish the fencing match. Though Alec's attack was also blocked, the captain's blade coming back in from the side to meet the young knight's sword with a parry of his own.

"Better?" Alec asked eagerly, blocking the responding attack of Captain Ordon, the harsh sound of metal impacting metal bounced off the castle stone.

"Much!" Ordon replied, taking a step backward, disengaging from Alec's momentarily. "It seems that you have more of your father in you then I thought, you're advancing at an even faster rate than he, I'm impressed!"

A smirk ran across Alec's face, he could feel the Black Falcon sword becoming a natural feeling in his hands. "Thank you!" he called out, taking a step back from the captain, giving him room to move when the next series of attacks came.

"Now if you please…Let us continue this dance, until a victor is decided. Remember that you must focus, parry then attack, and remember you still have a lot to learn!"

With a nod the young knight straightened his blade, holding the lightweight piece of armament tightly with both hands, keeping it incredibly still. Digging his boots into the ground he readied himself for whatever Ordon had in store.

And with a quick step forward Knight Captain Ordon began the fencing match again.

Up in the castle balcony.

"Impressive!" Impa howled happily, clearly impressed by the boys knack for learning the basics of swordsmanship so swiftly.

Princess Terra couldn't help but agree, she too was impressed by the fact the Alec had learned so quickly, on the other hand see couldn't remember the last time she saw such a young knight learning how to wield a sword properly for the first time. "Well…I guess…" were the only words the beautiful young woman could come up with, almost entranced by the fencing match.

For a time the two women sat in silence, simply watching the two men exchanging sword strikes. The sound clashing metal echoed throughout the halls of the castle, emitted from the sandy circle below, the shining blade reflecting sun like shimmering fish in a shallow pool of clear water. While Ordon was the more experienced Alec was learning massively with each exchange of clashing metal, his form and stance improving almost every hit and exchange of blows. Some of the surrounding knight even began to clap and cheer for the younger man, entertained by the spectacle.

"You know…" Impa whispered with an evil grin. "…The Alec boy, he is about your age, right?"

"I-I think so…" Terra began, caught off guard by her aids sudden question. "…why do you ask?"

Impa cleared her throat, attempting to sound as calm as possible. "Well…Since he is becoming a knight, I'm assuming that he will be around the castle quiet a lot."
The princess raised an eyebrow. "Uhm…Yeah…I assume so…" a bit of curiosity in the young woman's voice.

"I think you two…I think you should become friends…It's been so long since you've had anyone your age around. I think it would be good for you, finally someone to spend some time with instead of wasting your time looking out over everything from these balconies…" Impa turned to Terra with a sly grin. "…And I'm sure your parents wouldn't mind if you had someone to escort you to wherever you needed to go, considering the event of last night."

Terra had a feeling she knew what Impa was getting at a replied only with a comedic smile. Although she had to admit that it would be nice to have someone to spend time with as a friend instead of cooping herself up in the castle all the time. The elegant young woman turned back toward the fencing match that was taking place below her, seemingly locking her eyes onto Alec who she watched very closely.

With one final chuckle Impa pulled herself away from the stone railing of the balcony. She decided to leave Terra there; obviously she had taken to thought her suggestion about her and the young knight to become friends. Slowly she moved away keeping one eye on the beautiful young princess until she rounded a corner within the castle.

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