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...And so the beautiful Princess saved the Hero from his demise, and the two fled to the only place that they had left: Kokiri Forest.

Night had fallen when the young lovers neared Kokiri Forest. The soldier urged Epona forward slowly, nearly asleep. The only sounds that broke the calming quiet were the light crunch of the leaves beneath the horse's feet, the rustle of the wind through the trees, and the occasional fallen twig or broken branch.

He struggled to keep his eyes open and to keep a securing grip around the princess leaning back against his shoulder, who, he suspected, was already asleep. He let the slight scent of lavender from her golden locks engulf him for a moment, making him think of their heavenly nights together in Hyrule Castle. “Zelda…?” He whispered her name through a hoarse voice and shook her slightly.

After a moment, she stirred. “I'm awake…I'm sorry, I must've nodded off…” She lifted her head slowly from his warm chest, taking a look around. “We…we made it.” The young lovers took a moment to take in the calm surroundings. It was dark, and crisp leaves blew lightly in the treetops. There was a single candlelit window from one of the cabins in the distance, but all of the other windows were dark.

The young man nodded, speaking as he looked around. “Yes…shall we wake one of the children? It must be well after midnight…but I think we can find help.”

“I…I'll follow you, whatever you think is best.”

He nodded, slowing Epona to a halt behind a small grove of trees. “Let's dismount here, then. I think we'll be able to find help with a Kokiri girl I stayed with before.” He carefully lowered his feet to the ground, offering his exhausted lover a hand as soon as he dismounted, helping her off the horse.

“Oh!” She stumbled over a branch as they walked toward the cabins, being caught swiftly by powerful arms.

“Careful…! I know you're very tired…but hang in there, sanguinity…soon we will have help, and soon we will be asleep in bed.” The young soldier thought for a moment at how long it had been since he had actually slept in a bed, and the thought of holding his beloved close to him beneath the warm covers after such a long time was enough to drive him forward through any obstacle.

He slipped an arm around her to support her tired body, and they pressed on. The chilly night air brought a measure of relief to his aching body, and the slick feel of his princess' silken gown was sleek and cool against his skin. “Thank you, Zelda. Thank you… for what you did…” He turned to look at her as they walked, giving her a look that reflected both love and immense gratitude. “Your magic…you sacrificed it for me.”

“Don't mention it…I don't need special powers to keep me happy…all I need is…you.” They shared a long silence, until Zelda spoke again. “So…”  She looked up at him, a tired smile forming on her face, “So we're even now?”

He smiled back, nudging her playfully. “Hey…last time I checked you didn't have to fight any rogue pig-men during my rescue…”

“So? I still saved your life, didn't I?” She looked proudly into the sky, just as if she had won the Olympics, a telling smile on her face. Before she had a chance to react further, she felt swift and well practiced lips steal the smile from her face with a quick yet passionate kiss, bending her backward and making her nearly fall to the ground, stealthy fingers catching her firmly, leaving her helpless to escape.

He pulled away as quickly as he had begun, smacking his lips. “You know better than to act that way around me, ambrosial. Even if it's one o'clock in the morning and I've been running from my death all day, you know I can't resist stealing your smile.” He winked at her, looking victorious as they continued on their way.

“Well…” The young woman bit her lip, fighting back a grin out of spite. “At the very least you woke me up a bit. You just about gave me a heart attack!”

He raised his eyebrows, replacing his arm about her waist. “I'd think you'd be used to it by now.”

Before she could reply, they were upon the doorstep of the cabin with the lit windows, and before they could think of what to do next the door swung open to reveal the young, green-haired Kokiri girl who had helped the young soldier so long ago, garbed in a bathrobe. “I thought you might be coming. Quickly, get inside.” The young girl urged them into the small, dimly lit house, both the hero and princess looking confused.

“Thank you…for taking us in.” The young soldier was bewildered, but his lover could tell that he was choosing his words carefully, feeling him slide his fingers from her waist.

“No problem, buddy. You two go ahead and have a seat.” She led them to a small bed in the next room and gestured for them to sit down, the twosome eagerly doing so. “So…” The young lovers were taken aback, turning to look at each other with mystified expressions as the girl examined them. “So, buddy, is this the girl you've told me so much about?” She scrutinized Zelda for a moment. “Is this Cecilia?”

“Oh,” He discreetly took Zelda's hand, giving it a light squeeze which told her to play along.

“Yes, it is.” He could see the princess nod subtly through the corner of his eye, telling him that she understood.

“Oh, hello, Cecilia.” She smiled, shaking Zelda's hand. “This guy's told me a lot about you. Let me tell you, he is one madly in love guy. You're very lucky. I have so many questions to ask you.” She quieted for a moment, inspecting them. “…oh, I can wait until morning. You two look pretty tuckered out. You can sleep here in this room, if you like, I don't mind.”

The young man spoke tiredly, “Thank you…that'd be great.”

Hara nodded, quickly springing to her feet, seeming quite excited to have houseguests. “Do you need any extra blankets or anything? Or…do you two not feel comfortable sleeping together? I just assumed that you would be…from what I know you guys are lovers, or at least from what this guy has told me.”

This time Zelda spoke, “He told you correctly. I'd be more-than-happy to stay with him tonight. Please don't trouble yourself.”

“Yes,” the young soldier joined in, yawning as he spoke, “I'd love to stay with her. Please get some sleep, you've already done enough.”

Hara nodded after a moment, “Suit yourselves,” and then smiled, taking herself and the candle to the other room. Both hero and princess could not wait to lie with one another under the warmth of a bed for the first time in ages.

Link yawned once more, undoing the covers as Zelda stood. The soldier spoke through his yawn, “Oh, captivating, I can't wait to finally get some sleep…”

“I wholeheartedly agree…” She spoke in a soft and tired voice, slowly sliding the ashen slippers from her dainty feet as the young soldier crawled beneath the covers. She approached him after a moment, unable to hide her eagerness to crawl in bed with her gallant soldier once more. She lifted away the off-white covers carefully, slowly sliding in next to him.

“Please, Zelda, come here.” He looked longingly at her, holding out a hand, “It has been so long.” She nodded, taking his fingers and snuggling herself against the familiar contours of his body, burrowing her head in the crevice by his neck, just as she had done so many times before.

“I…” She let out a small yet contented sigh as gentle fingers crept about her, stroking her delicate frame with tender caresses.


“I just…I've missed this so much…”

“As have I…” He smiled lovingly at her, looking deep into her sleepy eyes. “Just let me kiss you, and then I promise I'll let you sleep.”

“Alright…Link. But…hold me…hold me until the light of one thousand years has past, hold me and never let go.” He could hear the faint tears in her voice, and he remembered, upon the night it all began, a request just as this.

“Forever, Zelda…I'll hold you close to me forever, and this time I won't let go.”

“Do you promise?” She looked into his eyes, feeling his warm breath against her as he neared her lips in the darkness.

“I promise.” The princess shivered as familiar lips pressed to hers. Oh, she knew them well…they would touch to hers, slowly and carefully. Gradually pressing more firmly, but all the while treating her as a delicate rose, touching her body with only utmost care. After a moment he would gently slip his tongue on through, and she could feel him listening to the soft moaning that she would allow only him to hear. His exploration would be deep and thorough, though he knew the contours of her mouth better than those of his own hand…

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