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“Please, sweetheart…please…leave this place…the guards will be here soon.” The Hero was squeezing her hands, pleading to her as the room became dimly lit by the early morning light. He had not slept a wink, for he was afraid, and trying to convince his Princess that she mustn't stay with him…that she mustn't sacrifice her own life for his.

“No! If we cannot escape, than I will die with you!” Her face was tearstained, and she sounded hysterical.

The soldier gripped her fingers tighter, “Listen to me, Zelda: I love you, but you mustn't sacrifice yourself for me…think of all of the people in this kingdom who are counting on you to become their next ruler… and all of those who care about you and who took care of you when you needed them…like Impa, and your…father. How would they feel…?”

She blanched at the mention of her father, scoffing, “My father would probably be the one ordering me dead!”

Link grit his teeth for a moment, looking at the ground, “Impa…she's raised you since you were a small child, could you really lead yourself to such a fate after all she's done for you? There are many out there who care for you, who love you…you must live for them.”

She stared at him, tears welling up in her eyes, “But…Link…”

“It's alright …now, leave this place. There is nothing you can do for me… except…be happy.”
After a moment she nodded with a sob. “Ok…”

“Oh…” The soldier felt his voice breaking as he forced himself to gaze upon her, “good bye, my…Zelda. And…remember…” His fingers gently caressed the hand upon which was displayed the golden symbol of their love, “I'll love you…forever…and I'll be watching you from above, until the day comes…when we may meet again.”

And so it was with those last words that the Hero's lips carefully pressed to the delicate princess' for the final time, gently lacing the delicate fingers of the hand he held through his own…

He began to pull away slowly, sliding his fingers from her, his tongue licking at her lips as it slowly slid from her mouth.

“No!” She lunged forward upon him, wrapping her arms about his neck and pressing her head to his shoulder, tears of a desolate lover…tears from the depths of the soul were pouring from her like rain. Her heart was breaking, her body sick with terror. She could not bring herself to let him go…it would be like letting go of the breath of life…like letting go of all hope and security. “Please…Link…please…don't leave me!”

The soldier gritted his teeth, trying not to look at her as she lye sobbing in his arms. Every cell in his body was screaming for him to protect her, to comfort her, to somehow be able to look into her heavenly blue eyes and tell her that everything would be alright.

“Why was this horror happening to her? She had done nothing to deserve such pain. Her world was, in essence, gone. This beautiful princess should be behind the walls of a castle, in comfort, never having to bear witness to such terror…not crying into the chest of some insolent fool who thought the power of fate could be beaten!”

He hated himself. He hated his heart. He could feel it pulsating…every beat hot with passionate love for the woman in his arms, roaring like a river of lava throughout his body…the love that drove him to drag the Princess of Hyrule through so much pain.

“Don't…do this to me…” His fist was clenched, pressed to the floor as he spoke, feeling his own hot tears beginning to fall. He could feel some of her long, golden locks touching his fingers…beckoning him to stroke each silken strand, to let a loving hand caress and massage her until it somehow sucked away her pain…

Link perked up suddenly at the sound of footsteps nearing the door. “My God! Zelda, get out of here now!” His voice was a harsh whisper, and at his words he yanked them both to their feet.  



“What about you!?” She sounded hysterical.

“Listen,” He grabbed her shoulders, looking straight into her eyes. “Do not worry about me. Now, if you really do love me, than listen to me. LEAVE!”

She was silent for a moment.

 “…ok.” Green light began to engulf her as she spoke, Link's hands still grasping her. He looked one last time into her tearstained face as she shakily began to speak again. “I love you…my…hero.”

“Oh, how I love you too…my princess…” With that he watched her melt away from his grasp.            
It had been quite some time since then, and the hero shivered in the bitter cold as the guards led him through the castle gates and into the streets of Castle Town. “This is it,” He thought vaguely, “in less than an hour I will no longer be of this earth.”

He closed his eyes, looking at the ground as he felt the eyes of a thousand onlookers piercing him. He walked slowly and solemnly, however, paying them no mind…his thoughts were far, far away from that icy morning. He thought of the beautiful life he had imagined with his princess…they would rule the kingdom together, they would laugh and joke…no darkness ever finding its way into their hearts…and with no pain in his princess's soul, that beautiful smile would never fade again…it would always be there, brimming with all of its beauty and radiance, begging for the lips of a passionate lover to kiss it away…begging for him. They would love each other unconditionally with no one to tell them otherwise…and maybe, just maybe, they would start a family together…

The young soldier kept a face of stone as the sight of a noose atop a small platform came into view. It was cold, and the light drizzle brought a measure of relief to the hero's aching body. At least the rain has melted away most of the snow… his mind was drifty, though he was making every effort to keep his thoughts away from the present. He had only one regret besides getting his princess involved in this…

His first, last, and only love…his Zelda…his beautiful Princess Zelda. He wondered where she was now, and what would become of her…maybe she would find another to rule the Kingdom with. Oh, he believed the Princess's words that she would be his forever…but he actually hoped that she would find someone to share her love with…someone who would love her back with all of the flaming passion that he felt in his own heart. He was still confused as to the exact reason he had been blessed with the princess' heart…and had been so ever since that immense shock he felt up in the skies so many years back… when he had heard her soft voice nervously utter to him, “I…I love you…too.” How quickly that shock turned into the most indescribable joy he had ever felt. The soldier then completely let his mind fall away from reality…

I was afraid, afraid to the very depths of my soul. My heart was ceaseless as the winds of a hurricane…though I tried my best to maintain a calm composure. I was in the presence of a goddess…her gown was of silk and white as the whitest snowflake… her eyes were of the most beautiful blue I had ever seen, light and crystalline, reflecting the paralyzing beauty that engulfed her both inside and out…her hair fell longer than her back, and was of the most radiant gold I have ever seen.

There I was, garbed in a green tunic, hardly fit to be seen in front of my family let alone the most beautiful woman in all of Hyrule. What was worse, every cell, every pore in my body was begging to feel her snow white skin under my fingers, and I could no longer hold back. I shuffled my fingers by my side, swallowing my nerves, and raised my hand to her cheek.

She jumped and seemed a bit frightened at first, and I thought about pulling away. It was then that she smiled at me, and I felt her catch my gaze. I knew then that she was allowing my fingers to stay. Her skin was so soft, so delicate… and it felt as if some electrical power was radiating from it and into my body… it was amazing. She may not know it, but to this day I still feel that electric shock when I touch her, and I still savor it just the same.

She breathed out slowly as my fingers caressed her. I let my hand push carefully toward her ear…her golden locks slipped through my fingers like silk…like they were some kind of amazing, electrified, golden liquid. This was too much, my heart was aching with desire…I had to tell her. “Zelda…” my heart must've skipped a beat…I breathed quietly for a moment, readying myself to speak the three simple words that I knew I had to let escape from my soul…regardless of what the reply might be. I tried to keep my voice steady as I spoke… “I love you.”

She seemed frozen as the depths of space, and all was quiet for a moment-- the longest moment of my life. “Link…” Her voice was soft, like the whisper of the wind that surrounded us…she sounded like an angel as she spoke. “I…I love you…too.” I was overcome with a feeling of shock, followed by the most indescribable joy in the world. There is not a single better feeling…than hearing the one you love speak those words. There is no one word to describe or address this feeling…it is one that you can only understand through experience…it is one that was previously unknown to me until that very moment…

…All was quiet once more. I felt myself craving her, wanting more. My eyes flashed to her lips, they were red as blood, flawless…beautiful…just as the rest of her body. There was nothing that I would rather do than one simple thing, and my body seemed to shiver at the thought. I rigidly took her into my arms, feeling my breathing beginning to quicken as I pulled her closer to me, daring the unthinkable. Our noses could nearly touch, and as I looked into her face, I noticed that her breathing too was swift and labored. She was blushing slightly, and I seen her gulp, biting her lip just slightly. She was nervous too. I took a slow and deep breath, trying to calm my pounding heart, and I looked into her eyes, I guess asking her permission…her radiant eyes held my gaze, looking straight back at me…waiting…

…I closed my eyes…I was nervous as could be as I slowly let our lips touch. It was awkward at first, but it quickly became natural as rain. I truly believe I touched Heaven at that moment, whatever electricity I felt when I touched her was now at least quadrupled. I let my tongue touch at her lips for a moment, and she opened her mouth a bit more, allowing me to slip inside. Our kiss quickly and nearly unconsciously became deep and passionate. After a moment I felt myself gently rocking her back and forth as I kissed her, for the first time becoming conscious of her soft moaning. The cool and gentle breeze seemed to be encouraging us to go further…I could hear nothing but it and the faint moaning of the woman I held in my arms.

As suddenly as it had all began, I felt her tilt her head back, tentatively breaking her lips away from mine. She stood silently, her beautiful eyes fixed firmly on the ground and her fair cheeks still slightly reddened with both nerves and pleasure. I stood silent with her, my fingers still wrapped firmly about her and my gaze fixed upon her…I wondered if I had done something wrong, if I had let my emotions get out of control and gone too far. “Now…” Her voice made my heart jump, but it was soft and she seemed out of breath. “Give me the Ocarina…with it, I can send you back to your own time…where you'll be happy…”

A shock greater than the greatest lightning bolt swept through me at that moment, and my mind drew a blank. I could feel myself inhale softly at her words, unsure how to respond. I could still taste her succulent lips, and I had yet to register what had just happened a moment earlier, let alone comprehend this new and unexpected arrow that had somehow found its way into my heart. “Send me back…?

He shook himself from his thoughts, not wanting to relive making the promise he knew that he was breaking.

 “I promised her that I would be with her forever…I promised her that she would be mine for eternity.” His thoughts were solemn as he stepped upon the platform, his bare feet cold against the stone…memories of his beautiful lover still clouding his thoughts even more than the clouds in the sky covered the sun.

He could hear the guards stepping up beside him, the feeling of the noose being secured around his neck sending a sickening feeling throughout his entire body. Still he did not struggle; he did not fight his fate. Allowing the guards to do as they wished, he lost himself deeply in his thoughts. For a moment he swore that he could almost feel her golden hair between his fingers…and just smell that faint scent of lavender that emanated from it, he could look right into her shimmering blue eyes. Good bye…Zelda…

Amongst the crowd, almost hidden by one of the buildings, was a young woman in a light blue bathrobe. I have to do something! She racked her mind, trying to think of some way to save the young man.

Then, it came to her. She put the hood of her robe up over her head and took a deep breath, her fingers beginning to glow with blue magic. She knew the consequences of what she was about to do, but she didn't care. She flung her hand forward and a wave of magic shot from it, smashing into the buildings on the other side of the street. There was a mass of people screaming, suddenly beginning to scramble.

She ran into the street, trying her best to keep her face hidden as the people scurried around her.

The soldier's eyes snapped to the woman. Was it…her? It couldn't be…if it was, what was she doing! She was coming towards him. The woman stopped in front of him, and just slightly looked up, partially showing him her face.

“A wizrobe!” Someone from the crowd yelled and the people began to run from the scene.
Zelda could see in Link's eyes that he was confused and burning with questions, but he simply remained silent. The princess quickly slipped the noose away from him and grabbed him by the arm, dragging him from the pedestal so swiftly that he nearly fell.

They remained completely silent as they ran from the scene.

Once they were a short way away from the castle, the princess fell to her knees. Link immediately stopped and quickly knelt beside her, gripping her shoulders. Her body began to glow with a golden light as he touched her. “What's happening!” The misty rain was chilling and there were storm clouds in the distance. The wet grass dampened her gown and the fingers of her gloves, and there was an ominous breeze that was steadily growing swifter.

“I can't…my magic…you cannot use the power of the goddesses against…a fellow human being. It's leaving me…the goddesses are taking it away…I defied them…”


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