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Weeks turned into months, the Princess visiting her lover in that dark dungeon almost nightly, as much as her frail body would allow her to break through the barrier. She brought him food and drink, she brought him small necessities, but most importantly, she brought him hope. When he need endure a difficult beating, all he need do was think of how, once it was all over, he would be able to look into those beautiful crystalline blue eyes, kiss those soft and succulent lips… He tried to be confident that they would find a way to allow him to escape from that accursed dungeon, but fear of the fate he knew would await him should they not find such a way--and find it soon--burned at the back of his mind.

The dungeon door slammed open. Link quickly squinted and turned his face as far away as he could from the light that suddenly blinded him as two armored guards approached him, bracing himself for yet another beating. The guards carelessly ripped open the shackles and let the soldier fall to the ground. One of them gave him a sharp kick in the side, “Get up…come on. Don't worry, little maggot, you won't have to do this much longer, the King has announced your execution to take place next week.”

A sick feeling shot through the soldier as he clutched his side and got to his feet. They had to hurry and figure out an escape plan if he was to survive. He would not leave his Zelda alone in this world, not with things the way they were. As he was led out into the freezing skies of the courtyard, his mind began to drift to his last wishes, not even noticing the icy weather as it pierced his bare chest. If he had to leave her, he wanted her to be happy…and he wanted her to remember that he would love her forever. He would not just protect her in life, he would watch her from the Heavens as a bit of a guardian angel…watching, loving from afar, blowing her kisses from the skies, playing her passionate love songs on the ocarina from atop a cloud, waiting for the day when they would be reunited once more…

His mind snapped back to the present as he heard the noise of the few people who were wandering about Castle Town in the frigid weather. He looked around for a moment until his eyes caught something. He could just make out a faint golden glint coming from a small pile of ruins and snow. The soldier didn't know why, but he felt that he had to go and get whatever it was that way lying there. Staring at it as the guards led the way to where he was to be beat, he gave into his senses. With one sudden jerk he managed to shake off the guards, sprinting as fast as he could to the pile and nearly slipping to the ground on the ice and snow.

He grabbed into the freezing snow with his bare hand, seizing the object into his grasp just as he felt the guards furiously grab his shoulders. He clenched the object hard in his fist as he was yanked to his feet. “You'll pay for that, boy!” The guard shouted in his ear. Link knew what he was saying was true; indeed he was aware that he would suffer for his actions, “But…” He thought, cautiously opened his red and numb fingers to look at the object, a smile forming upon his face as he saw the diamond ring he had placed upon his princess's finger so long ago sparkling in his palm, “…it will be all worthwhile.”

They approached the snowy, secluded grounds where his punishment was to be given. He took another deep breath, hardening his nerves for the upcoming scenario and began trying to visualize his sweet princess. He smiled at the thought of her shining face hiding itself in the crevice by his neck, where he could just smell the faint scent of lavender in her golden locks. He imagined running his fingers through that radiant waterfall, feeling her shiver as his fingers graced each silky golden strand.

After a moment she would look up at him, her sky-blue eyes and bright smile just begging him for a kiss…he would happily oblige, and they would soon find themselves in another world entirely… oh, he loved her smile…if only she knew that the moment he saw her lips quaintly forming a grin his stomach filled with butterflies like a small schoolboy. Holding himself back from immediately stealing the grin from her face with a kiss was always so difficult. Then he remembered how long it had been since he had seen that beautiful smile…he clenched the ring harder in his hand, “Yes, it will all be worth it soon.” He slyly mouthed the words, stepping into the frozen plain.

CRACK! The soldier's breath seethed through his teeth as the first swing of the whip sliced through his frozen skin like fire.

“Let me give it a shot,” He heard the voice of one of the guards who had taken him there.
“All right,” Another voice replied.

A few moments went by as the whip exchanged masters, and then he felt it lick at him again, furiously, about three times in quick succession. His teeth clenched as he felt warm blood beginning to drip from his back, staining the white snow.

He remained silent and still through the entire length of the torture, his princess unknowingly sustaining him through each and every lash. “He would do anything for her,” He decided on that cold winter's day, “He would endure anything to be by her side.”

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