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The Wind Waker HD Bosses guide below covers all aspect of each boss from The Wind Waker HD. Multiple strategies will be given when available as well as the easiest way to beat the boss. The Wind Waker HD boss guide covers both dungeon mini-bosses and main bosses.

The Wind Waker HD Boss Guide

Dragon Roost Cavern Boss: Gohma

In order to defeat Gohma you need to use the Grappling Hook to swing from Valoo's tail hanging from the center of the room to make a chunk of rock fall onto Gohma. After doing such 3 times Gohma's shell will break. Now use the Grappling Hook on Gohma's eye to pull it near Link. Attack the eye with the sword and repeat several times to defeat Gohma - boss of Dragon Roost Cavern.

Forbidden Woods Boss: Kalle Demos

Kalle Demos is a plant that will attach itself to the ceiling. You will need to use the boomerang on the tentacles in order to knock Kalle Demos down. The method that is easiest will be taking out the boomerang while running around the edge of the room - target the tentacles and throw the boomerang.Repeat that process until Kalle Demos falls down. Now use the sword to attack the center of the plant - spin attacks make the battle much quicker.

Tower of the Gods Boss: Gohdan

Gohdan is rather similar to Bongo-Bongo from Ocarina of Time in a sense. The player needs to shoot the hands with arrows in order to stun them. Once the hands are stunned - shoot the red eyes of the head. This will cause the head to lower and open its mouth. Toss a bomb inside to damage it. Repeat this process several times in order to beat the boss.

Forsaken Fortress Boss: Helmaroc King

The Helmaroc King is the boss of the Forsaken Fortress. Dodge the Helmaroc King's attack until he tries to peak you - getting his beak stuck into the ground. Smash the beak with the Skull Hammer. After five times the armor will break off. Now wait for the Helmaroc King to once again try to peak you and get its beak stuck in the ground. Attack it with the sword several times to defeat it.

Earth Temple Boss: Jalhalla

Jalhalla is a large poe formed by many smaller ones. In order to defeat Jalhalla you must use the Mirror Shield whenever a light beam is available to shine light onto the large poe in order to stun him. Pick up Jalhalla and throw him into the large spikes on the corners of the room to split it into many smaller poes. Now attack and kill all of the smaller ones you can before Jalhalla reforms. Repeat until all of the smaller poes are defeated and Jalhalla will be no more.

Wind Temple Boss: Molgera

To defeat Molgera be sure to stand a safe distance away and target the creatures blue tongue once it appears. Use the Hookshot to pull it towards Link and then attack it with the sword. Eventually Molgera will start flying around the room - just dodge the creature until it digs back into the sand. Now wait for Molgera's tongue to appear once more and use the Hookshot on it. Attack it with the sword to damage the boss. Repeat this process several times to defeat the boss of the Wind Temple.

Ganon's Tower Mini-Boss: Puppet Ganon

The fight with Pupper Ganon is split up into several forms - puppet, spider, and Moldorm. The basic premise of each fight is to shoot the blue orb with the Light Arrows; however, the technique that has to be used varies from form to form.

Puppet Ganon Form 1: Puppet

Use the Boomerang to break the string holding up Puppet Ganon's tail. Now use the Bow to shoot the blue orb on the tail to cause damage. Repeat this process 2 more times in order to defeat this form of Puppet Ganon. If you have difficulties then be sure to break a few other strings as well but be sure not to break all of them because they will be restrung.

Puppet Ganon Form 2: Spider

This form is perhaps the easiest out of the three. Puppet Ganon will lift up into the air and fall back down trying to land on Link. Change the camera angle so that you can see where the creature is falling and simply try to be near the blue orb. After Puppet Ganon falls - shoot the blue orb with the Light Arrows. Repeat this process 2 more times to defeat this form.

Puppet Ganon Form 3: Moldorm

This form is likely the hardest out of the three. Puppet Ganon will slither around the room like Moldorm from previous Zelda games. You can either attack the head - stunning the creature shortly - and then shoot a Light Arrow at the blue orb or just try to properly time the shot to hit the blue orb. Either way, after three shots in the blue orb - Puppet Ganon will be defeated.

Final Battle: Ganondorf

The battle with Ganondorf is a simple one. In the first part of the fight make sure to keep Ganondorf between you and Princess Zelda - she will shoot him with Light Arrows and you need to run up to attack him with the Master Sword. Repeat this several times and Ganondorf will knock down Zelda. Now the fight will be one on one - simply dodge all of Ganondorfs attack until he jumps toward you. At this point Link must parry his attack by pressing A.

After a short while, Princess Zelda will awaken. Continue fighting Ganondorf and Princess Zelda will eventually say to hold out the shield. Target Ganondorf and use the shield - Zelda will shoot it with a Light Arrow. Run up to Ganondorf and press the parry button in order to defeat the final battle of the game.

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