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This is a complete Oracle of Ages Item Guide. It describes each item, where to find them, and how to attain them.

Oracle of Ages Items


A classic Zelda weapon and exploration tool. The bombs are first received when link gives Queen Ambi the Mystery Seeds.

Bomb Bag

In the past, place a seed on the west side of the Restoration Wall. When you come back in the present, climb the vines and throw a bomb into the pond to receive the Bomb Bag, which allows you to carry 30 Bombs.

Bomb Flower

As a reward for defeating the Great Moblin, Link will receive the Bomb Flower so that he may tackle the giant boulder on the Goron Elder.

Book of Seals

In the present, talk to the man in the second room of the library and he will give you the Book of Seals.

Brother Emblem

This allows for fellowship with the Gorons, and to earn it all you have to do is win the Goron Dancing Game.

Cheval Rope

This item can be found under Cheval's Tomb, just simply use the Flippers to swim to the north side of the tomb. This item aids in the making of a raft.

Crown Key

This item allows Link entry into the Crown Dungeon. It is given to him after he gives the Gorons the Bomb Flower in the past.

Fairy Powder

In the past, go to the same area you found the Book of Seals and use it on the other books to find the safe path around this area. At the end of this short journey you will find the Fairy Powder, which aids Link in curing the Fairy.

Ricky's Flute

This Flute allows you to take use of the Kangaroo, Ricky. Ricky has the ability to jump over gaps and punch enemies. This flute is one of the prizes in the target practice mini-game in Lynna Village.

Dimitri's Flute

This Flute allows you to take use of the Dinosaur, Dimitri. Dimitri has the ability to swim across deep waters, and chomp enemies on the way. To get this flute, simply purchase it from the Lynna Village shop, in present time.

Moosh's Flute

This flute allows you to take use of the Bear, Moosh. Moosh has wings and the ability to hover over a decent amount of distance, and pound the ground from midair, which can really harm enemies. You will run into Moosh in the Fairies' Woods, and earn the flute soon after.

Gasha Nut

These are the produce of Gasha Seeds that you plant. They hang from trees, and if you hit them with your sword, all sorts of items come from them.

Gasha Seed

These are found in many locations, and they are used for planting, and will later produce a Gasha Nut, which hold many useful items.


Link recieves this when he gives the Goron Vase to the Goron guarding the doorway to the stairs inside the Goron Cave in the past. This allows Link for some further trading.

Goron Vase

Link recieves the vase when he gives the Rock Brisket to the Goron guarding the doorway to the stairs inside the Goron Cave in the present. This allows Link for further trading.

Graveyard Key

This key allows Link entry into the Graveyard and the Spirit's Cave. To find it, go to the Spirit Cave and burn the tree on the left side of the barrier with Ember Seeds.

Harp of Ages

Link receives this time traveling item after he earns the Power Bracelet and enters Nyru's house.

Huge Maku Seed

Link receives this from the Maku Tree when he rescues all eight essences. This item allows Link to find the correct path in the Black Tower.

Island Chart

This allows Link to sail the seas with his raft. To obtain it, just slash Tingle's balloon.

Lava Juice

This is won at the Goron Target Game. Link can use this for further trading.

Letter of Introduction

This is found by trading the Lava Juice with the Goron in the North-East area.

Library Key

This is used to open the Library. To earn this item, Link must save King Zora with the Medicine.

Long Switch

This is the upgraded version of the Switch Hook. This is found inside of Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly.

Mermaid Key

Link can earn this by giving the Letter of Introduction to the Goron who runs the Goron Dancing Game in the present time. This allows Link entry into the Mermaid's Cave in present time.

Old Mermaid Key

If link helps the Goron who is too tired to run his mini-game shop by giving him the Goronade, then he will receive the Old Mermaid Key. This allows Link entry into the Mermaid's Cave in past time.

Mermaid Suit

This is found simply inside the Mermaid Cave. It allows Link to swim in deep water, and dive down very far.

Power Bracelet

Link can earn this item inside of the Spirit's Cave. It allows him to lift and move heavy objects.

Power Glove

With this enhanced version of the Power Bracelet, Link can now lift much heavier objects. This item can be earned in the Ancient Tomb.

Ricky's Gloves

Link can give the Kangaroo, Ricky, his gloves back in return for location of the Island Chart. To find the gloves, from Ricky go: south, west, south, south, west, west. Once on this screen, use the shovel to clear the boulders to find Ricky's Gloves.

Ring Box

Link first receives the Ring Box inside Vassu's Shop. This is used to hold rings found throughout the game.

Rock Brisket

This is won by winning the Goron Cart Game. Link can use this item for further trading.

Roc's Feather

This item gives Link the ability to hop over small gaps and can be found in the Wing Dungeon.

Seed Sachel

This item holds all the different variety of seeds that Link collects through the game. The Sachel is a gift from the Maku Tree after being saved in the past time. This Sachel can be upgraded by visiting Tingle after defeating the Third Dungeon.

Seed Shooter

Link finds the Seed Shooter in the Moonlit Grotto. This item allows him to all the different variety of seeds at enemies and other obstacles to progress through the game.


There are various seeds scatted through out the game. There are a total of 5 types, with each having their own attributes. Below is a list detailing the effects of each type:

Ember Seeds

Allow Link to burn things and light torches.

Gale Seeds

Allow Link to transport across the land or throw gusts at enemies.

Mystery Seeds

When given to the proper objects or people, they will give you hints to help throughout your gameplay.

Pegasus Seeds

Allow Link to run at an accelerated rate, and also allows him to jump further using Roc's Feather.

Scent Seeds

Allow Link to attract certain enemies.

Wooden Shield

There are several areas where Link can purchase this generic Shield. Link can use it to defend himself in times of harsh battle.

Iron Shield

After you have gotten the Mermaid Suit, go visit Tokey's cave (From the Ember Tree in the past: go south, dive in the water, then go south, south, south, east, south, south). Talk to Tokey and you will receive this upgraded Shield.

Mirror Shield

This can be received only through a linked game using the "Smith Secret". This is the best shield available in the game, and well worth the time it takes to get.


This is gifted to Link by a worker in the Black Tower. This item allows Link to dig up soft earth which can lead to finding many profitable items.

Switch Hook

This item can be found inside the Skull Dungeon. It allows Link to switch places with an enemy or an object, proving very helpful in the exploration of certain areas.

Wooden Sword

This is given to Link by Impa in the beginning of the game. It's the basic and most used weapon of the game.

Noble Sword

This sword is somewhat difficult to earn, and annoying to get to, but well worth it. To get to the sword, in the past, climb the Restoration Wall until you reach the top, and speak to the man in the cave. You must participate in his Ceremony Game in order for him to repair the broken sword. The Noble Sword is much stronger than its wooden counterpart.

Biggoron Sword

This can be received only through a linked game using the "Elder Secret". The Biggoron Sword is wider and more powerful, but also slower and takes up both equipment slots.

Tokey Eyeball

If Link trades the Zora Scale to the Captain of the Pirate Ship, he will receive the Tokey Eyeball. This will enable Link to gain access to the eighth dungeon, the Ancient Tomb.

Broken Tuni Nut

This is found by talking to the man in the house at the northeast corner of Symmetry Village. This is an item Link needs to get repaired.

Fixed Tuni Nut

The man in the cave at the top of the Restoration Wall will fix your Broken Tuni Nut if you play the Ceremony Game. Once placed back in Symmetry Village, Link can now enter the fourth dungeon.

Zora Flippers

These flippers allow Link to swim in all water but deep water. These fins can be found in Cheval's Tomb.

Zora Scale

After Link has defeated the enemies in Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly, a grateful Zora will give him the Zora Scale. It allows entrance into certain areas of the game, and toward the end of the game, will be traded for the Tokey Eye to gain entrance to the Ancient Tomb.

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