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The following Oracle of Ages Boss Guide gives detailed strategies on how to defeat every boss in the game.

Oracle of Ages Boss Guide

Pumpkin Head

For this fight you will need to equip your sword and Power Bracelet. Hit Pumpkin Head's torso until its body disappears. Then using your Power Bracelet, pick up the pumpkin to expose the ghost that is hidden in the jack-o'-lantern. Now toss the head across the room, then slash the ghost before it can rejoin with its head. Repeat to defeat this boss.

Head Thwomp

For this fight you will need to equip your Roc's Feather and bombs. Now hop onto one of the floating platforms that orbit around Head Thwomp. Take out a bomb as you travel around and release it just as you pass over the top of the Thwomp's head. When the bomb explodes, the blockhead will spin, revealing its many faces. After the fourth time it stops on the red face you will win.

Shadow Hag

For this fight you will need to equip your sword and Scent Seeds. At first she will break into four shadows that fly around the room. They will then reunited and she will spew forth some dangerous moths. Kill all the moths and she will behind you and charge. Now if you turn to face her, she will disappear. So what you have to do is wait for her to materialize behind you and then fire a Scent Seed at the wall you are facing. The seed will bounce off the wall and strike her. Repeat this five times to defeat this hag.


For this fight you will need to equip your sword and Switch Hook. This boss has several small, winged eyeballs surrounding it. Hit them when they stop moving, then use the Switch Hook on the Eyesoar. Now run up to the temporarily dazed creature and hit it with your sword repeatedly. Repeat this a few times to defeat this boss.


For this fight you will need to equip your sword and Cane of Somaria. The basic strategy of this fight is to make each smaller cloud collide to form the larger cloud and then attack it with your sword.

Smog Round 1 Round 1 - All you must do to form the larger cloud in this round is to use your Cane of Somaria to place a block at location 1 when the top cloud travels along the red path. Once you get the two smaller clouds to collide, you must use your sword to attack the larger one.
Smog Round 2 Round 2 - For this round, you must place a block at location 2 so that the left cloud will collide with the middle cloud as it travels down the red path. Now just place a block at location 3 so that the newly formed cloud will collide with the right cloud. Once you get the three smaller clouds to collide, you must use your sword to attack the larger one.
Smog Round 3 Round 3 - Now you must push block 4 to the left and block 5 to the right. After that, place a block at location 6 and, just before the left cloud goes through the gap, place a block at location 7. Once you get the two smaller clouds to collide, you must use your sword to attack the larger one.
Smog Round 4 Round 4 - This is the final round of the fight. Just make the left and right clouds travel along the walls by placing blocks at locations 8 and 9. Now at location 10, place a block so that the middle cloud will collide when the newly formed cloud is traveling along the red path. Once you get the three smaller clouds to collide, you must use your sword one more time to attack the larger one to defeat this boss.


For this fight you will need to use multiple items including: Roc's Feather, Sword, and Seed Shooter with Scent Seeds. So this fight will take place both at the water's surface and underwater. Use the Scent Seeds to sink the creature. Now Aim for his small mouth on its red side as the paler side takes no damage. When it chases you underwater, just use the walls to bounce a Scent Seed at it without having to turn around. You can also hit its red side whenever it surfaces. You can use Roc's Feather to access parts of the platform at the water's surface easier to get extra seeds from the jars.


The only item you need for this fight is the Long Hook. Equip it to your A Button because since your underwater the B Button is reserved solely for diving and surfacing. What you need to do to defeat this jellyfish is to hook it after it shoots its projectile and when you trade places it will land on its own projectile. Just keep in mind that it alternates between blue and red every time you switch places. It shoots when it's blue and with electrify itself when it's red.


For this fight you will need to use your sword, bombs, the seed shooter, and the power gloves. Ramrock fight comes in four stages:

Stage 1 For the first stage, you only need the sword, so equip it and go to work. This stage is simple, Ramrock will fire his fists at you, and all you have to do is strike them with the sword and reflect them back to hit Ramrock. A helpful technique is to stay close to Ramrock while still trying to avoid his punches. Do this three times and you're on to stage two.
Stage 2 For this stage, you will only need bombs. Ramrock now has fists that will crush you if you get too close. For this stage equip the bombs and simply throw them in between the two fists. Be careful though, this is not as easy as it seems since you must attack before he pounds his fists together and also attack from the front. Timing is everything. Three times total, and you advance to stage three.
Stage 3 For this stage, you will only need the seed shooter. Ramrock's fists have now become shields. Equip the seed shooter and be tactful. The best method for this fight is to shoot the Mystical Seeds off of the North and side walls, so that they ricochets and hit Ramrock behind his shields.Be careful here, since his fists are now defensive items, he will use multiple laser attacks as offense. These are easy to avoid, but if you don't pay attention, it will be your death. Again, three times, and on to stage four.
Final Stage For this you will need the dungeon item, the Power Gloves. Ramrock's fists are now flails (Ball and Chains). The only way to finally defeat Ramrock is to equip the power gloves and wait for him to shoot one of his fists at you. As he reels in the freshly shot flail, run to the inactive one, then pull it back as far as it will go, then release it so that it flies back and hits him. Do this three times, and Ramrock is defeated!


For this battle you will need the seed shooter, the long shot, bombs, and your sword. This is a three stage battle, and may take a few minutes, so make sure you have enough supplies and health.

Stage 1
(Queen Ambi)
In this stage Veran possesses the body of Queen Ambi. The problem with this is that if you harm Ambi, then you could alter the future. So to work around this all you need is the seed shooter, the longshot, and of course, your sword.

First all you need to do is hit Ambi's possessed body with the Mysterious Seed from the seed shooter, which will stun her.While she is on the ground, use the longshot to extract Veran, and strike the spirit with you sword. Veran may send out spiders to attack you, a simple sword slash will take care of these.

Extract the spirit three times and move onto stage two.

Stage 2
(Moth Form)
Now Veran has transformed into a moth. All you need for this part of the fight is your sword.

After Veran transforms, she summons four Dark Links. They mimic your moves, but cannot harm you, unless you touch them. If during this part of the battle you need health, slash away at the Dark Links for recovery hearts. The basic strategy is to stay in the center of the room, and charge up your sword, making it very easy to hit Veran as she flies by. She will use fireballs to defend herself, so avoid these as much as possible. Hit her seven times and this stage is over.

The cutscene shows that the tower starts to crumble, and you've been taken to a new chamber by a wallmaster.

Final Stage
(Monster Form)
Veran will transform at random through this stage into a beetle, a spider, and a bee. All you will need for this final fight is your sword, and some bombs.

For the first form, the beetle, Veran will try to jump and crush you. Just move around a lot and you'll be fine. Attack her with your sword only when her face comes out of the shell.

For the spider form you will need the bombs. She moves very fast, and the only way to stop her is with bombs. This proves to be somewhat difficult, but when you finally hit her, move in fast and slash away. Be careful when she is in this form, because she has an arsenal of webs she can use to attack you with, or she can hang from the ceiling and try to crush you.

For the bee form you will only need the sword. Avoid the stingers she will shoot at you, and slash the smaller bees she sends your way. All you have to do when she is in this form is slash her when she comes within range. Follow these patterns until Veran is defeated, and then Labrynna will be safe once again!


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