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Location One: Near the entrance of the Myserious Woods, slash the bushes and go inside the hole.

Location Two: Go to the north of Mabe to the Fishing Pond and fish for the largest fish below you to receive a heart piece.

Location Three: Inside the Mysterious Woods,go through the log tunnel and remove the stones/skulls to reveal a heart piece.

Location Four: Near the exit of the Mysterious Woods, jump over the gaps with Roc’s Feather.

Location Five: Go North of the warp in Ukuku Prairie and look for a bombable wall. Equip the Pegasus Boots to make your way through the crystals for a heart piece.

Location Six: Inside the graveyard, push the tombstone on the south west corner and go up the stairs. Use the Hookshot on the stones to collect another heart piece.

Location Seven: Jump in the moat around Kanalet Castle from the north side and near the holes by the drawbridge, dive down to receive your prize.

Location Eight: North of the Raft Shop, jump into the water and swim up to the cave in the cliffside. Dive in the hidden lake and you will receive your prize.

Location Nine: Just Before you reach the walrus blocking the Yarna Desert, go and bomb the wall. Hookshot your way through the cave to receive a piece of a heart.

Location Ten: In the Yarna Desert after you fight Lanmola, follow the quicksand down the drain and bomb the northern wall. Inside is a piece of a heart.

Location Eleven: When you reach the Tal Tal Moutains, save Marin and in the following moutain, cut the bush and go down stairs. Inside bomb the indent in the wall.

Location Twelve: Inside the Turtle Rock, just before the boss room, take the stairs outside. Go up and collect a heart piece and activate the warp on the next screen.

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