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The following Four Swords Boss Guide will provide details on every boss in the game and will provide several tips and tricks on how to defeat each boss. There are a total of 4 bosses in the game – Big Manhandla, Delu Zol, Great Flame, and Vaati – and each will need to be defeated at least one time in order to complete the story of the game.

Big Manhandla

Four Swords Big ManhandlaThe Big Manhandla is the boss of the Sea of Trees stage. It uses several attacks to try to defeat you and your comrades.  The battle will start out with several heads circling around the body. Every couple of seconds they will open up, displaying a color matching of the player's tunics. Simply have the player hit the open flower of the same color that their tunic is, so the red player will hit the red flowers. After several hits, the flowers will be destroyed leaving behind some rupees. After the last flower is destroyed, the next phase of the battle will begin.

Big Manhandla will now choose from several attacks. One attack will have one head circling around the body and two levers will appear on the left and right sides of the Big Manhandla. You must pull out both levers at the same time. This is easiest done by pulling the switch the instance the head passes you. Once both levers have been fully extended, the head will display a flower near the body. Just follow the same tactic used previously where the player whose tunic matches the flower will attack it.

One other attack that the Big Manhandla will use is having two heads appear and follow the players around spitting stuff at them. There will once again be two levers that need to be pulled on both sides of the boss. One way to do this is by having one Link distract the heads by attacking them and having the others pull the levers. Once the levers are pulled, both heads should be displaying flowers near the center of the body. Just have the appropriate Link attack the flowers. Repeat several times and the Big Manhandla will be defeated.

Delu Zol

Four Swords Delu Zol The Delu Zol is the boss of the Talus Cave stage. When the battle starts, the Delu Zol will be frozen up against an icy wall. Do not touch this wall or you will be frozen. In order to unfreeze the Delu Zol and begin the fight, simply attack the frozen creature several times. He will become unfrozen and start bouncing around the room. In order to defeat him, you must equip a pair of Pegasus Boots, which can be found in the immediate area. After grabbing a the boots, the player must use them to run into the Delu Zol and knock him back into the icy wall in which he was originally frozen against.

One technique that is helpful when trying to accomplish this task is to watch where the boss is going and run down the path that he is moving towards. A successful attack will cause rupees to fall from him. Disregard the rupees and keep running into him until he becomes frozen. Now just hit him with your sword. Repeat this several times and he will change form into a smaller creature with balloon-like parts surrounding him.

In order to successfully attack him during this phase of the battle, the player must figure out which part is the color of his tunic by using his comrade's screen. Now just keep attacking your part and he will eventually be defeated, leaving behind lots of rupees and fairies. One thing to note is that every bush in this area will contain a fairy.

Great Flame

Four Swords Great Flame The Great Flame is the boss of the Death Mountain stage and is rather straight forward. All you need to beat the Great Flame is your sword and a bit of tag-team action. This boss will try several attacks that will catch the player on fire. Simply hit that player that is on fire with your sword and he will go out. The fight starts out with the boss throwing different color balls around the room. Have the play that is the color of the ball hit it and it will be reflected and change to a different color.

Now just repeat by having the player of the new color hit the ball with their sword. After a few hits, you will be able to stun the Great Flame with the ball. After being hit, the boss will fall into many small patches of fire. Now the player has to run around and hit all the small patches until they find one that does not vanish upon impact. This is the main one you need to attack. Just repeat this entire process again and after a few times, the boss will be defeated.

Some things to take into consideration are to never let the Great Flame touch you or get touched by one of the patches of fire he spawns. If you are in need of any hearts, simply attack the small patches of fire with your sword and they will turn into hearts. A way to get a fairy is to attack the spinning ring that the Great Flame throws out with your sword.


Four Swords Vaati The last boss is called Vaati and he is located in Vaati's Palace. This boss takes on several different forms throughout the fight. At the beginning, Vaati will fly around on top of a cyclone. The player must get some bombs from one of the pedestals. Now toss a bomb at Vaati, making sure it gets sucked up into the cyclone. When it gets to the top, press Y and the bomb will explode stunning Vaati for a time. With the creature stunned, throw another bomb into the cyclone and press Y when the bomb gets to the top. This will cause Vaati to fall down a notch. Repeat and before long, Vaati will fall to the ground. Run up and attack him with the sword.

Repeat this process a time or two and he will be defeated, but really, it was that easy?!? Nope, the Wind Mage returns right when you think it is over. This time, he will be a bit tougher to beat. He will use several different methods and forms to try to beat you. The boss will start off in what will be form 1.

Form 1
In form 1, the Wind Mage will float around the room and stop in the center. While in the center of the room, he will use one of two attacks, one where he just shoots out energy balls and the second where he will throw out a colored ball. Whenever he uses the second attack, have the Link that is the color of the ball run up and attack it with their sword.

The ball will change color and fly in the direction of the person who must hit it. Have the next person who is the color of the ball attack it. Repeat this process a few times, which will make the ball turn into multiple colors at the same times. If you are lucky, the multi-colored ball will hit him, stunning him. Now run up and attack him with your sword. The Wind Mage will now either keep the same form or switch to a different one.

Form 2
In form 2, he will appear similar to form 1 but this time will produce many balls that will circle around him. Now the player will notice that one or several of the balls are the color of their Link. Dodge these balls and try to hit the others towards the Wind Mage, or he will stop and throw them in all directions. If you are successful in hurting the creature, he will drop some rupees just like usual. Now he will either keep this form or switch to a different one.

Form 3
In form 3, he will grow a pair of arms. He will start rotating them around and moving about the room. Before he does this, the Wind Mage will open up one of his flowers and show two colors. Remember this because when he makes it back to the top of the room, he will open the same flower on the same arm. Simply have the two Link's the color of the flower attack the corresponding sides. If playing in single player mode, have both Link's stand in front of the boss and attack him. Rupees will fly out of him in increasing amounts the more times you hit him. After a few seconds, he will shoot something out. This can be fire, ice, or lightning.

So after successfully hurting Vaati, he will be defeated and you will have just beat the last boss in Four Swords and no one even has to know you used our Four Swords Boss Guide. It can be our secret, unless, of course, you want to mention us! Congratulations!

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