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My name is Link, and I have seen so much.
I have seen this world at its darkest
And I know we're out of touch.

The world needs to learn,
To learn not to scoff and turn,
When someone needs a hand to hold,

A kind heart, outstretched arms
So hard to find today
Oh, I look at those innocent children at play,

And I wonder if the world,
Will continue to move this way,
If, in this time, true help is so rare,

Will anyone, anyone in there time even care?
Will they have a single answer,
Outside of a hopeless prayer?

I wonder this solemnly,
Breathing the cool night air,
My fingers running through my sleek and golden hair,

Won't someone please look this problem in the face,
And not hold someone away because of sex or of race?
Will someone give help to the child without food?

No, he'll keep it all, selfishly, for his own overfed brood.
I see slaughter, I see hatred
Bleeding across the land.

I've seen hearts broken, smashed into grains of sand.
I've seen parents crying,
Their children snatched from their hands.

I see a world of ignorance,
Full of suffering and woe,
I have no idea what to do or where to go.

A tear falls from my eye
And I mourn for all the souls
Who cry desperately for a hand

That won't be given without a toll.
I have journeyed across this world
Only to have my heart hurled

Against a cold wall of stone,
Apathy, they call it, this force against which my heart slammed,
Nothing more than a fancy word,

For “I don't give a damn.”
I sit here on this rock,
In the cool night breeze,

Listening to the whistle of the wind through the trees,
I sit here, crying, wishing it would all change,
Wishing that the world would just get up and rearrange.

No more hatred, no more violence,
Or we'll all be in a bloody silence.
Let me tell you this, please listen to me:

I have seen the fires of war,
And they are not where you would like to be.
My journey through the world—

What has it taught me?
That the wondrous world I imagined as I child,
Before I left, before my mind was defiled,

Does not exist, and nor has it ever,
And it's not going to be fixed with just the pull of a lever.
I feel so helpless; I want this to go away,

But it looks like this horrid world is here to stay.
My name is Link, and I have seen so much,
This world, this damned world, is so out of touch.

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